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perhaps someone could hire new writers for this show, 23 January 2013

I sat down last night to watch my favourite show on TV. I discovered that superman, batman, robin, the avengers and bugs bunny were all rolled into one character namely "Christoper Pelant" or should I say GODs right hand man. Now we the viewers all know that machine pistols do not have 3000 round magazines, and cars do not explode like a 50 gallon drum of napalm, but come one guys! Who the hell is writing this insipid crap?

It appears that they have kids doing the screen play and they are obsessed with the make believe. He can superimpose his name on a secure card for a building with military personnel, he not only owns a drone but he controls it via robot, he is now a new guy instead of Abdul yata yata, he can penetrate any security via the internet, and never do a search on the WWW because he is monitoring it all. And now he has been shot in the head and has fixed himself so I guess he is also a surgeon. I am not sure why this guys does not own the entire world as he appears to control it. Where the hell are the main actors in this? Why would they even think this is entertaining? But then who cares anymore. I have Castle to watch so good riddance Bones.

This sadly was my last time watching this garbage which used to be a wonderful show and very entertaining. I sincerely look forward to the day they return the writing to sane people and forget the damn soap opera projects. Personally I do not have time to be in front of my TV every week so I would like a show started and finished in the same segment.

Bye bye Bones !!!!

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I think all the judges were very good overall, 18 August 2006

I disagree with the comment that Piers Morgan was a Simon Cowall wannabe. Morgan was simply telling the people performing that in his opinion there were things they could do to improve for the next time around. I think as the guest judge (not from the USA) he was often branded as the non US, no real talent involved person. Let us remember that the MAJORITY of even todays bands originated in England. Make it there and you are almost guaranteed to make it in the US.

I really didn't appreciate Brandy at all. She sniped at Morgan throughout the whole 10 episodes. David did not he was far more controlled and he often differed in opinions but he held his tongue and made nice comments. And really who is BRANDY? Middle of the road talent and even if she knew something about talent regarding singers what did she know about the variety of acts that came across.

I am glad Bianca won as she was clearly the best but so many more were so so talented. I think it was a wonderful show with one complaint only. There were far too many commercial breaks and they were far too long. Often the shows dragged on and on.