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An adult film, in the best sense, 19 January 2013

This is probably a poor time to post, since I saw this film yesterday and it still hasn't left me. When you've been watching films for nearly 60 years, you think you've seen everything, but no, you haven't seen this; a film that brings together immobility, sex, religion and vulnerability. The cast play the piece with delicacy and charm, only it doesn't feel like a piece; it feels real. The characters are no throw back to people you've met before; they are fresh; there's a documentary feel. Not a wasted scene and no attention can wander. To talk about the acting is hard because no-one appeared to be acting. It is a memorable experience; one of those cinematic experiences you are grateful to be alive to experience. Yes, it's that good.

Elles (2011)
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Glacially slow and depressing, 6 August 2012

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Why do 'art' films have to be slow? It appears some film makers forget their actors' faces are many times life size and a discriminating audience are attentive ... like this one. When a point has been made, move on. This seems unfamiliar to this film maker. That's the first point. Point two : yes, the two girls are having paid sex with married men; yes, they are doing things the men's wives possibly don't care to do, but where is the love? There's a conventional assumption that paid sex is gloomy,glum and unreciprocated. Pity. Final point : There's a possible film here : three stories in parallel- each echoing and counter pointing each other. But this didn't happen, except in a superficial way. A serious pity.