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The News has never been this amusing!, 22 December 2002

Michael Bertelsen has for a number of years choked the Danes with new entertaintment-shows, each time weirder and weirder.

The newest thing from the genius and his fellowship consisting of Oliver Zahle and others is the TV-show "De Uaktuelle Nyheder" - in english "The Unrelevant News".

With the impossible name the show says a bit about what it contains. All the way trough the 30 minutes it last, Bertelsen makes us cry of laughter with funny jokes, weird phone-calls and hysterical interviews.

I can deffinetly recommend this show and Michael Bertelsen in general. This is really worth spending your time on!

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Amazing entertainment!, 4 October 2001

Casper Christensen has always been there to experience new and odd humor for the plesure of tons of danes. We first saw him in the TV-show "Husk Lige Tandbørsten" ("Remember the Toothbrush") with his co-host Anette, who was soon to become his wife.

Now he's buisy with programmes like "Langt fra Las Vegas" ("Far from Las Vegas") and the radio-programme "Alfabetridderne" ("Knights of the Alphabet"). But I most say, that nothing will ever come near "Casper & Mandril Aftalen"! It's a programme with so low humor, that it makes it even funnier! It's so out there, that you sometimes can's stop laughing, only of the reason, that it makes no sence at all! I can clearly recommend this show for every one with a different kind of humor! Thumbs Up!

Maverick (1994)
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Mel Gibson is as charming as ever!, 14 July 2001

I have seen this movie 10 times ore more and I still love it! The main reason must be Mel Gibsons charming acting! I have always loved Mel Gibson, but in this movie he's better than ever! Jodie Foster is also great as Annie, not to mention James Garner! And the way you get more an more confused about what's happening and finally finds out that... No, I better not write that! Some of you might not have seen this movie! But if you have not, then there's only one thing to say; See it!