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One of the great all-time musicals, 13 June 2002

"Calamity Jane" and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" are two of the great over-looked musicals of all time.

If one knows anything about musical theatre, the score for "Calamity Jane" is brilliant in its reverential homage to "Oklahoma" and other Broadway war horses. Each of the film's original songs is a clever clone which makes the score so delicious.

This is the type of movie you can see again and again and it always remains fresh - like "Seven Brides". Perhaps one day these two films will get the respect they deserve, particularly for their delightful original songs, wonderful production numbers, and snappy dialogue.

And while we're on the subject, let's raise a glass in tribute to the great Howard Keel whose manly presence makes these movies work. Keel was a true he-man without every being macho obnoxious.

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One of the great unheralded movies of all time, 13 June 2002

I saw this film at the Toronto International Film Festival and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I screeched with laughter, and cried real tears. The audience reception was rapturous, one of the most responsive I've ever witnessed at the festival. Director Peter Chelsom was reduced to tears, and when Ned Beatty made a surprise appearance in his Joseph Locke fedora and cloak the crowd went crazy. Since then, I make a point of watching this wonderful film in the dark days of February, the dreariest part of a Toronto winter. It never fails to restore my spirit.

As a final note, I think Chelsom is a very talented director. Who can ever forget the image of those Irish lady owners crammed onto one couch? The film is filled with glorious visuals like this one. I've liked every movie Chelsom has made since, but he seems to get a bum rap from the press. Nonetheless, he will always be remembered for giving us this treasure.