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"Z Nation" (2014)
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Great show - Zombie show with a mission, 20 October 2014

This is a great show! This show has plenty of action, episodes have good plot lines. I like that it does not take itself too seriously, in fact the corny humor is a nice change of pace.

I like the two running plots where DJ Qualls is radio narrator "citizen Z" while the rag tag of survivors is trying to get a science experiment from the east coast to the West coast.

The special effects are pretty good for a TV show. In fact some of the best zombies I have seen in low budget shows and movies. Some of the episodes are quite creative and every now and then give a proper hello to other SyFy shows and movies. And the set producers are doing a great job of finding new locations for each show.

Now I must say, yes I love Walking Dead but that does not mean I am not allowed to like other shows. So give this show a chance, Z nation has a different feel.

The Town (2010)
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WOW...awesome movie...will be re-watched, 21 December 2011

Wow...I mean really wow, this movie is one of the best character driven action films in a long time. This is right up there with Young Guns, Public Enemies and Heat as far as excellent cop vs bank robbers. If you liked The Departed or Public will love this movie.

First a warning, mild nudity, violence and Lots of F bombs. Not that I am complaining in fact the way this part of the world (Massachusets) uses the F word is almost an art by itself.

Props must be given to Ben Affleck here, He Wrote this movie, Directed this movie and Stared in this movie. Jeremy Renner fits perfectly into his role as "pain in the A$$ always in trouble best friend". And Jon Hamm is brilliant as the FBI guy out to get Affleck. Even the smaller parts Pete Postlethwaite and Chris Cooper are outstanding.

The plot is flawless, moves at a nice pace while not giving itself away. The prep and shooting of this movie shows off the greater Boston Area in a great way including giving props to Fenway Park. The action is outstanding without being ridiculous (hard to do with today's action hungry audiences).

Faster (2010)
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The Rock, Fast cars, big Guns...great storyline, 9 September 2011

Awesome. Mix Fast cars, big guns and tough guys…throw in a simple but outstanding story line, you got one bad A$$ movie. I saw this movie in Red Box and said…ahh what the heck, give the Rock a chance. Whoa buddy fun movie to watch. As a bonus the rock drives one wicked early 70s chevelle.

I do not want to give too much away but simply put Dwayne Johnson "The Driver" gets out of prison and goes on a hunt for people. You do not know what is going on until the "cop" played by Billy Bob Thorton pops into the picture. I love the little extra touch that most of the characters have no name they are simply known as their role: "Warden" played by Tom Berenger, "Killer" played by Cohen, "Uniform" played by Clark and "Cicero" played by the lovely Carla Gugino. There are not a lot of lines in the story but all the actors absorbed their roles. You could smell the anger and fury of Johnson's character.

George Tillman did a great job directing this movie, he gave the movie a great "get the hell out of my way" flow which I have not seen since some great 70s movies. (like Bullitt or Gone in 60 seconds). The Gayton bros ( Tony and Joe) wrote a fast action packed lone gunman script that shows some of their best work since The Salton Sea. Another great example of their work is Murder by Numbers.

This movie is a must own guy movie. Chicks may like it also. Not appropriate for kids under 17.

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My all time favorite Bill Murray movie, 5 August 2011

When I first saw this movie in the theater, it just made me laugh. Bill Murray is his regular smart mouth slightly obnoxious self...and he is brilliant at it. If you have not yet seen this movie you owe it to yourself to watch it. Harold Ramis could have just written this about any day, but by centering it around Ground Hog Day Feb 2 he has ensured we all get to watch this great movie every year on some cable channel.

While humorous this movie has a serious side of a man who is stuck in a endless loop (dilema or decide) tries to find a purpose and cause to better himself.

After you watch this movie, you can't help but think what would you do in this situation.

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Great fun and awesome blend of sci fi and western, 5 August 2011

This was a fantastic adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg's comic book. This movie used a perfect combination of old west cowboy setting and aliens shock factor. The western theme of the story is so good it could stand on its own. The sci-fi addition of the aliens was not overdone yet they spared no expense making the aliens. (This is NOT some cheap low budget low light syfy TV movie) All the actors involved were great. Story was solid. Action is continuous and special effects are brilliant. This movie is safe to take younger kids if they are not afraid of monsters or too much violence.

I like the twist of Aliens visiting 1800s USA, kind of reminds me of Predator and FireFly. The actors all did a great job Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, Keith Carradine, Adam Beach, Paul Dano and Olivia Wilde. Each brought their A game. Cinematography and set design was outstanding; like I said even the little details sold me on the western.

This movie deserves to be seen on the big screen due to the great action scenes and special effects. Not worth IMAX or 3D, so you can save a few bucks there.

All in all Great movie worth watching in the theater and buying on Blue Ray.

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Destinies collide, 14 March 2011

Pretty good movie. If you liked Crash, Babel and Grand Canyon then you will like this movie. I do not want to tell you too much. There is some violence and nudity so not appropriate for under 18.

First of all Jieho Lee wrote and directed this movie and did a brilliant job especially considering that it was his first full movie. He must have been very persuasive, or the screenplay did, because he scored some top notch actors. Andy Garcia does a brilliant job of being a bad guy Brendan Fraser has a emotional character even with minimal lines. Forest Whitaker as always reels in a dramatic performance. Toss in Kevin Bacon, beautiful Julie Delpy and it is a movie that draws you in and keeps you there.

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Much more than a wrestling movie, 14 March 2011

This is a must see movie for teenage boys in their guiding years. It is geared more for boys than girls. There is a bit of bad language and sex innuendos but not a big deal by todays standards. So much more than a wrestling movie.

Story revolves around a teenager who is fairly independent. He keeps his grades up, has a part time job, lives with a single parent and has decided to make his mark by dropping weight to wrestle another kid who is considered unbeatable.

Modine does a great job of being a low key teenager (a lesson for kids that you can be great without loudly bragging like so many kids do) in one of his early movie roles. Fiorentino was at the peak of her attractiveness, not sure why she was in this movie...the movie was so good that she was not needed, but the eye candy helped sell tickets.

Ponicsan did a great job of adapting the book by Terry Davis. Harold Becker directed with fluidity and patience. Add on top of that a Awesome soundtrack. You get one of the greatest movies ever to showcase a individual young mans desire to better himself in a positive way.

RED (2010)
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Funny, clever action movie with excellent actors, 18 November 2010

Ohh yeah this was good fun. Take a action adventure, comedy, conspiracy and sprinkle top tier actors with a brilliant script…a classic in the making. Bruce Willis pulled a "Whole 9 yards" performance, ML Parker looked as good as she does on Weeds, John Malkovich is always a standout, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox and even Ernest Borgnine all had parts that blended yet still allowed their screen personalities to shine through. I love how the aging actor reflects into the aging assassin…well done. The story has plenty of violence to please the action fans, lets say safe for 13 and older. There are many things I liked about this movie, but the stand out is the visual and audio special effects, they were great without being too "aww come on" as done in many over the top movies. This is a movie I will definitely add to my collection.

Le Mans (1971)
movie for racecar lovers, 8 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A movie for racecar lovers, with astounding cinematography of live LeMans racing.

I recently went on a Steve McQueen binge and this is one of the lesser known, yet brilliant works. Think of it as the original version of "Days of Thunder" except this movie is just one race and is much lower key and does not have the fake drama. A warning to non-race fans, this movie is short on dialogue and long on scenes with cars in them. In fact I doubt the dialogue would fill two pages. The main star in this movie is the race itself set to simple background music. The movie is family friendly with only auto accident violence, which may serve as a warning for teens to drive carefully.

For those willing to give this movie a shot, enjoy. For today the cinematography is great…for 1971 when this movie was filmed the cinematography is outstanding! The scenes at driver level and ground level with cars moving toward you are almost IMAX good. To avoid spoiler stop here.

McQueen does a great job acting with so few lines. And the supporting cast do such a good job that the movie almost feels like a documentary. A small quibble of the accuracy of the history, Porsche did not take the torch directly from Ferrari. Ferrari dominated from 1960-1965, but then FORD dominated from 1966-1969, including the pivotal 1966 where FORD GT40 (aka Pantera) took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Porsche won half of the races in the 70s and 80s. But I guess the movie was made for the euro audience…still a good movie.

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Focus features "action" film, 22 September 2010

The American is one of those few "action" movies that you can take chicks to. The ladies will like it because it has Clooney (even if he is getting a bit grey). It has enough lovey dovey drama to keep the skirts in their seats, and BARELY enough action to keep the dudes from getting up for raisinets. It is like Focus Features version of an assassin movie…ohh wait that is exactly what it is. A good date movie, but not for kids due to obvious violence and nudity.

I do not want to give away any of the good stuff but I will press a few points. I think it is a Focus Features thing to make quiet movies, which compared to most movies are almost like silent movies. There are lots of scenes where Clooney says nothing and lots of scenes where his character says as little as possible to keep his low profile. This movie gets close to being annoying with the dramatic pauses and extended silence. I really did like Clooney's character, he seemed to channel 60's era Steve McQueen, into his quietly tough persona, I just wish they would have given him more lines. And the gun building craft was a cool addition. The story line is solid; I just wish it had a little more action.

Worth paying for a date movie, or rent for home.

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