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Guldregn (1988)
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A great crime movie for the whole family!, 9 November 2006

The Danish movie "Guldregn" from 1988 is just about the best Danish family movie ever made. The story is good and both children and adults can relate to it.

Four very different children find 800.000 Danish crowns (120.000$) buried in the forest. The money is from a recent robbery at the local post office. But when the robbers discover the location of the money the children are thrown into a dangerous web and have to find a way to escape.

The movie has an awesome atmosphere, the music is superior, the children and especially the grown-up actors give great performances. And Søren Kragh-Jakobsen has done a fine job directing the movie.

I love the fact that the movie portrays Denmark in the 1980's - before every child had a mobile phone and before Danish movies had to be filled with action and special effects all the time. This is a good Danish movie which takes its time to tell an exciting story using the necessary means. The movie contains both humor, suspense and lots of atmosphere. Furthermore, it's one of the few Danish crime movies made for the whole family.

The DVD-release features great picture quality - the colors are bright and the picture is clear and crisp despite the fact that the movie is 18 years old. The bonus material is really good. There's both an interview and a feature-length commentary by script writer Anders Bodelsen and director Søren Kragh-Jakobsen who tell about the making of the movie. This is both entertaining and interesting.

I can only give this DVD-release my best recommendations to all Danish movie-lovers, adults as well as children. "Guldregn" is an amazing movie for everybody. It's a movie you won't forget once you've seen it.

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Awesome series!!, 19 October 2006

"Paradise"/"Guns Of Paradise" aired on Danish television around 1990. I remember it clearly. I was about 10 years old back then and I loved to watch the series. I think the main reasons why it is so memorable are the characters (especially Ethan Cord), the atmosphere, the music and the fact that the series deals with basic human spirit - general topics like love, hate, responsibility, challenge, adventure, etc. All those things that every person can relate to.

There was just something very special about the whole thing. I was never much into westerns, but this one just touched me deeply. I regret to say that all I have on tape are four episodes from the final season and part of one episode from season two. I used to have more episodes on tape, but I must have erased them when I was younger. I remember the episode "The Plague" - I remember something about a violent fight between Tiny and Ethan in that episode. Am I right? I also slightly remember the character of Johnny Ryan...

I would love for the series to be released on DVD someday. I dunno if it'll ever happen, but it would be great. It was for sure the best series I ever caught. I watch the four episodes I have on tape occasionally. It's a tremendous joy. :-)

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A piece of crap!, 26 September 2001

This movie is nothing but a complete waste of time. There is absolutely no logic in the story, the characters are boring and everything is mixed together and that makes the movie very confusing and extremely boring.

Five stupid men are the main characters, and all they do is talk about stupid things in a boring way. Occasionally the director puts in a little stupid action which makes no particular sense.

Overall: A very clumsy attempt to make a crime movie. And I'm sorry that it isn't possible to vote less than 1 for this movie failure. It's a disgrace to the whole movie industry.

If you want to see a brilliant crime movie you should try "Seven" or "The Silence Of The Lambs". True classics!

Sleepers (1996)
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Probably the best movie ever!!, 29 May 2001

One day my brother came to me and said that he had borrowed this movie "Sleepers" on video from a friend. He wanted to know if I wanted to watch the movie with them. I said no when I heard that the cast contained Brad Pitt - I wasn't fond of him at that time. About two hours later my brother said to me: "You just HAVE to see this movie - it will blow you away." And I said O.K. since Kevin Bacon (whom I knew from "Footloose") was also in the film.

My brother was right - I was totally amazed by the movie. I lost any sense of time and all through the film I was dying to know what would happen next. That movie touched me so deeply - it reached far into me and touched something special like nothing else has ever done. Knowing that it was a true story only made the experience stronger. A fantastic story about three boys who have to suffer so bad at the hands of evil adults and still manage to muster up their strength to fight back.

It is a perfect movie - one of the best movies ever made. Unfortunately it didn't get the credit it deserved back in the mid-90's. Everything in this movie is perfect, there is NOTHING bad about it. Nothing!

There is only one thing to say: if you still haven't seen this movie - SEE IT!! You won't regret it - it's an absolute masterpiece.

Resident Evil 2 (1998) (VG)
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Best game ever!!!, 29 May 2001

"Resident Evil 2" is simply the best computer game ever. It surpasses every other game in every genre in every possible way. It was one of the first games I bought for my PlayStation and when I started playing it that night I thought: "I'm just going to play for a few hours and then go to bed". - because it was rather late. Several hours later in the middle of the night I was still sitting in front of my TV having lost any sense of time - I just played on and on. I just couldn't stop.

Never before have I been sucked into a game like with "RE2". It was fantastic. I just HAD to go on. I didn't stop until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. At that time I guess it was five in the morning or so.

This game has it all. It's great to run around in old buildings and scary corridors searching for clues and keys, fighting dogs and zombies.

And the scenarios are so perfectly made. The graphics are spectacular. When you run around in those corridors it's like you're really there.

Of course this has something (or everything) to do with the music which is more than just great - I would say that the music is probably the best thing about the game. It creates the scary atmosphere - and believe me it's REALLY scary. And that's the great thing, that the game works perfectly.

The gameplay is also great. The story is great and the game is long and not too easy to complete - that's good. "Resident Evil 2" offers hours and hours of fabulous entertainment. Go out and buy it, then play it - if you dare face the terror...

A fantastic adventure!, 20 May 2001

"Raiders Of The Lost Ark" is one of a kind. There has never been a movie like it and there never will be. The movie closest to it is "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade". It is an absolute masterpiece. It has everything: love, action, excitement, adventure and so on. This movie can be seen a thousand times - it NEVER gets boring. Every time you start watching you just get sucked into the world of Indiana Jones for two hours. You feel the adrenaline pumping when he fights against nazis, big men with swords, indians, snakes and a thousand other things. It is a true adventure, Indy is the perfect example of a masculine hero. Director Steven Spielberg is an absolute genius - he has managed to make a movie where every second is thrilling! I can only give it my warmest recommendations.

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A rather boring movie., 20 May 2001

I don't like this movie. I think it's extremely boring. The first time I saw it I just kept on thinking "When is something actually going to happen?" Most of the movie they just talk and talk. The ending is fine, but the rest of the movie cannot at all stand up to it. I guess the director and scriptwriters had a very bad day when they decided to make this movie. That day they made a mistake - the movie should never have been made. My recommendation: don't see Usual Suspects, it's a complete waste of time.