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Artful handling of intense subject matter, 3 March 2003

This movie is amazing. It is a meticulous, multi-layered study of honest human emotion being pressed down by the societal masks that the characters are forced to wear. The contraditions in the behavior of the characters are so real that they create a wonderful tension against the artificiality of the the film's visual style. I was not alive during the 1950's but from the stories that I've heard from those who were, Far From Heaven captures the mood perfectly. It is like a filmed theater piece which is very much like most early film and television. Although I've seen many films dealing with homophobia and racism, this film's approach is fresh because it puts in the middle of the story instead of allowing you the just stand back and observe. Most of the scenes are set in intimate space of the the main characters' home. Many structures (physical and mental) are set up that we as an audience are as blown away as the characters when they all comes crashing down.

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Some brilliant moment in a sea of aimless destruction, 3 March 2003

If you've read Catcher In the Rye and seen Harold and Maude, there is no reason to see Igby Goes Down. It was a nice attempt at dealing with the angst of a young born into a family(and world)of lunatics, but this film gave me no one to root for. None of the characters seem to be trying very hard to make a life for themselves so I often found myself wondering, "Why should I sit here and watch behavior that is not only destructive but aimless?" At least Harold and Maude had a sense of humor. At least Holden Caufield had some balls. There are brilliant moment from Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman and Susan Sarandon but the younger actors are wasted (only Claire Dane manages to get her head above the swill).

Fallen (1998)
Inventive Supernatural thriller, 1 February 2003

It is a pleasure to Denzel Washington not playing a character who is so

self-righteous and squeaky clean. With the exception of Training Day,

this is one of his most interesting projects. The use of the Rolling Stones song, Time Is On My Side is brilliant in

that it's not just background noise but has to do with the plot. The acting device used to show the that the demon travels from host to

host is the most creative thing I've seen in any genre of film. Good

Movie all ar

Hush (1998)
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A Creative U-turn for two Oscar winners(spoiler within), 17 January 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this movie there is a scene in the bathroom where Ms. Lange's character, the possessive mother-in-law sponges down her pouty daughter-in-law's(Ms. Paltrow) back as she languishes in a tub filled suds. This is movie-of-the-week material for two academy award winning actresses. But it is a testimony to why these two beauties are stars. Even when appearing in inferior material they are captivating to watch.

A misunderstood film / worth further examination, 15 January 2003

People who berate this film and not digging deep enough to to see its

true meaning. Aniston gives a wonderfully performance in her role as the

moral drifter, Justine Last. Her behavior is irresponsible and her

choice are haphazard but her intentions are genuine. She wants to escape

her boring life but like all potential escapees, she thinks that she can

use her old negative behavior to spark the fire for her new beginnings.

She eventually escapes in the most unlikely way. This film cannot be

commented on by judging the characters harshly. Beneath the sorry

facades of these peoples lives lies the heart and soul of anybody who

has tried to better themselves without first finding out what would

truly be

CQ (2001)
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Brilliant Multi-layered Cinema, 15 January 2003

This film is entertaining, thoughtful and beautifully photographed, It cleverly mixes documentary with the real lives of it's characters giving a new twist to the "story within a story" genre. Every actor gives an honest performance in a story that could have easily slipped into the same old tortured artist crap that seems so popular in film today. The soundtrack is very much a part of the story in that it represents the era in which the film is set and the style in which the film within the film is set. Roman Coppola may be Francis' son but he is not a copycat.

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Bittersweet and One of a Kind, 18 December 2002

This film is very real. Nicole Holofcener did a bang-on job creating these head strong albeit troubled women. I lived in the neighborhood where they did alot of the filming and as a person who worked in trendy W3rd St. shops I recognized many of the characters. This is also the first film that I've ever seen depict the trials and triumphs of interracial adoption with honesty and a sense of humor.

Brenda Blethyn is a brilliant and versatile actor (as she has shown in Pumpkin and Little Voice). Catherine Keener is also good in her role as a person who I didn't know whether to love or hate. And as an actor, I totally understood the dilema that befell Emily Mortimer's character.

The child actor Raven Goodwin is very talented(are child actors getting better or is it that Ms. Holofcener is just very in tone with what chidren think or both). Aunjanue Ellis is one of the most underrated African-American females on the screen today (she needs to have bigger parts to show off what she can do). I highly recommend.

A wonderful Coming-of-Age film, 12 December 2002

This film is a perfect meditation on male-male relationships,

male-female relationship and what is mean to hop in a car and just

drive. All of the characters are so exposed that at times I felt guilty

that I was easedropping on their lives. This is also the first film that

I've seen in ages where the sex in the story(and there is plenty)

actually propels the tale instead of being there for the audiences'

titillation. All of the sexual encounters are realistic and actually

have an impact on the lives of the people involved. There is none of

that glossy, air-brushed, MTV, bumping and grinding in this film. As in

lfe there are many surprises in the film. It is well worth

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Lili Taylor is Amazing!!!, 12 December 2002

Lili Taylor is amazing in this dark, real and violent film about

existiental vampires in NYC. Lili carries the whole film on her back and

does it with a tremendous amount of grace and intensity. She is an

incredibly sincere actress who is always believeble and never boring.

She even gives Chistopher Walken a run for his money in a scene where

his character is suppossed to be the dominant one. There is also a scene

in the film where Ms. Taylor goes ballistic in her attempt to fight the

demons that are inside of her. It is the most intense improvisation of

anger and dread that has ever been committed to film. Edie Falco,

Kathryn Erbe and Annabella Sciorra also give performances and the subtly

of the sexuality between the women is also makes this film a sight t

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Fun in the tradition of Rocky Horror, 12 December 2002

This is a kitschy, sexy and funny movie. Ken Russel(the director of Whore and Track 29)is at his best. Taboos are endless. Scottish rock, demon worship, S&M and the defiling of Christian icons. Amanda Donohoe is luscious as the blood-sucking, dildo wielding Priestess of the Worm.

Catherine Oxenberg is a perfect blonde damsel in distress and Hugh Grant is at his sexy, bored playboy of the manor born. The production value is not the greatest but there are moments when the not-so-special effects lend an aire of underground theater to the proceedings. I highly recommend this film.

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