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Witch Hunt (1994) (TV)
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Wonderfully Weird w/ a Message, 27 November 2004

This film was a pleasant surprise. The mixture of historical set design, good plot and political satire was refreshing in an age where everything political is

hammered home in a pedantic monotone. Sheryl Lee Ralph was excellent and

her dynamic presence begs the questions as to why aren't there more black

females playing prominent roles in movies that have nothing to do with gangs

and drugs. Dennis Hopper was actually playing a character instead of playing

himself as he usually does. Julian sands was his slick and sinister self. I don't know why he wasn't chosen for the role of Lestat instead of Tom Cruise. Eric

Bogosian was awesome as the corrupt politician. The special effects were great in that they were not like the CGI crap of recent films. They were old fashioned special effects in that they were not added to make the unreal look real but to make the unreal look...well, unreal. I recommend this film for all fans of

Hollywood nostalgia, costume-period pieces and political commentary.

Slo-Mo (2001)
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hip, funny, clever and deep, 27 November 2004

This film is a perfect mixture of reality and fantasy. It's smart in its treatment of the life of an artist. I hope that this director gets a chance to make a longer version of this piece. It was very concise. There was not a word or visual wasted. No "fat", no filler. Raven Snook was sexy and sharp-witted. The lead actor had the same physical chops as any of the big stars like Jim Carrey and was, unlike Mr.

Carrey, actually likable and believable. Usually films about artist are whiney. This was addressed the problem then dealt with it. If the director gets a bigger budget, I hope that the big stars that are thrown at him by his producer don't muck up the clarity of the piece. The last thing that this film needs is a bunch of mugging and product placement. Raven Snook should be brought back. I can't

think of a bigger star that has her individuality. Maybe Melinda Clarke. The lead could easily be played by Kiernan Culkin.

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Finally!!! A Rapper who can act!, 12 October 2004

With the exception of Queen Latifah, Mos Def is the only rapper who should be allowed to act in movies or television. His small part in Monster's Ball proved that. Now he is in this wonderful bio-pic which (I'm ashamed to admit) is a bit of African-American history that I knew nothing about. Alan Rickman was his usual, wonderfully posh self. Mary Stuart Masterson's performance made me wish that she was in front of the camera more. She's so sexy. She has that same masculine/feminine mix that Holly Hunter, Frances McDormand and Jodie Foster have. Gabrielle Union's character needed more to say and do. She's (along with most black females) is woefully underrated and underused. This director has an artist's eye. There was obviously some research done in Art History because some of the scene(especially the the scenes in the O. R.) were taken directly from the famous medical paintings from the late 1800's(by the painter whose name escapes me now). GOOD FLICK.

Heavy (1995)
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Easy paced, small town, slice of Life tale, 30 August 2004

Witha quirky cast of actors playing misfits Mangold succeeds in telling an honest story about people in a small town who are having trouble escaping the

emotional holes that they have dug for themselves. All the characters have redeemable qualities despite their obvious short- comings. Liv Tyler has always fascinated me with her ability to be beauty,

sensitive and truthful in spite of character's perdicament. Pruitt Vance is at his best doing what he does best as the 'lovable loser' trapped between his

obligations to his mother and his job. Mom is played by Shelley Winters whose talent is still sharp. Joe Grafasi is ablaze with drunken chivalry with the hopes of connecting with Deborah Harry's character. Deborah Harry is excellent as the

vemonous, sexy and fatigued waitress with a checkered past. Her conflict with Winter's character is deep although mostly unspokened. Everyone is in need and they desperately try to be happy. They fall on their

faces and get back up. In the end, things work out but not as expected.

In the Cut (2003)
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Clever, Interesting but No one to root for, 5 August 2004

This is not the kind of movie that I would've expected from J.

Campion. This is good. I'm happy to see directors stretch. The film

has an interesting visual style in that it was shot very much like a

slow-pace, episode of NYPD BLUE in soft-focus. The performances were god but actions and motives of the characters

were negative and no one seemed to thriving for anything.

Everyone seemed to be wallowing in their own egos and I couldn't

find anything I liked about any of them so why should I care if they

lived or died. Lots of whining and psuedo-new-age, Mamet-like

psycho-babble. I couldn't even enjoy seeing Ms. Ryan naked for all

the moping and dreariness. The young man that played Ms.

Ryan's pupil was interesting but just seemed to be a plot

distraction. The climax was interesting but such bold behavior

would have been useful earlier in the film to keep my interest.

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M. Night: Inventive, Fun and Smart, 22 July 2004

M. Night Shyamalan has obviously taken a few notes from the play book of

famed director Alfred Hitchcock when it comes to promoting his work. "The

Buried Secret..." is a funny, transparent and, at the same time, serious look at the work of an artist and his in-depth understanding of "show business". There is wit even in the title. Am I the only who interprets the first letters of the words "buried secrets" as a joke on two other words that start with the same letters. Mr. Shyamamlan has not made a bad move yet when it comes to writing,

directing or publicity. I like his style. He will go down in history as one of the few director that has made going to the movies "fun" again. Like most of his movies, "Buried Secrets" had me guessing until the very end. Is it a Documentary? Is he being scammed by Nathaniel Kahn? Is he scamming Nathaniel? Is there a

difference between a liar and a person with a vivid imagination? No one can

hold a candle to M. Night. Not even that Speilberg guy whom he was compared

to in a Newsweek cover story a few years ago. I hope that guy continues to

make films for decades.

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Jon Stewart meets Jiminy Glick, 22 June 2004

This show is awesome! It's funny, irreverent and entertaining. I think that the Brits have a better sense of humor than we Americans. It has a more international flavor. It almost doesn't matter who appears on the show. The host has such a commanding personality that it is obviously 'his house'. He 'owns' the show like a good host should. The set design is also a intregal part of the show. It's like the Today Show meets Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Comedy Central has done an awesome job of putting together the best programing of all the cable networks. Tough Crowd, The Chapelle Show and now Graham Norton. Way to go guys!!!

In America (2002)
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At last! A writer/director with Vision, 14 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jim sheridan is a true artist. He was able to write an engaging and

unapologetic story and also bring it to the screen (no small feat).

His casting was brilliant. I totally believed that this was a real

family (although th connection between mother and the older girl

was not explored until the very end). I would have never believed

that the whole "immigrant in NYC" story could be reinvented but

here it is. Paddy Considine's character was a perfect mixture of

machismo and sensitivity while Samantha Morton was sexy,

vulnerable and dangerous all at the same time. I find it hard to

believe that the Academy awarded a CGI-driven fantasy over this

real story about real poeple. SPOILER ALERT!!! The scene wher S.

Morton's character looks directly into the camera and says "This is

not real" was as brilliant as film gets.

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Good movie in need of trimming/focus, 14 June 2004

The British do Romantic Comedies so much better than we

Americans do them that I was disappointed in this film's structure. It would have to the advantage of the filmmaker to concentrate on

just a few of the tales. The sotry lines involving the characters of

Laura Linney, Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant's would have

been sufficient. Liam Neeson, Keira Knightly and the bloke who

goes to the U.S. to get laid were a waste of obviviously good talent.

there were at least six different movies here. Maybe the director

could take a tip from Mr. Tarantino and do a Vol. I and II. I do

reccomend this film nonetheless. Excellent music and the "aging

rock star" coupled w/ the cameo by Rowan Atchison were brilliant.

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Cool Flick/Overdue for a Remake, 2 June 2004

I just took a job at a small movie theater in Hendersonville, NC

which has just got its license to show DVDs in its small screening

room. The first DVD to be shown was Thunder Road(1958). What

an awesome old movie. Movies of that era are wonderfully creative

because of the restrictions that were placed on them. There's no

profanity, so the actors have show their rage in other ways. There

is no graphic sex, so the passion and lust must be implied. The

violence is still there of course. The two Mitchums do a great job

as does Sandra Knight and Keely Smith. Gene Barry seemed a

little stiff. Hats off to Jacques Aubuchon as the chubby, blonde

gangster who., despite his "insurance salesman" look, still

manages to give off a tough, slimey and dangerous vibe. His

henchman, played by Peter hornsby, is also priceless. I wish a

remake could be done with scenes that explore some of the racial

tensions that were present during this time in the history of the


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