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Who doesn't love a great/awful television movie? Tell the truth and shame the devil. Lifetime/Broadcast Networks/HBO/Disney.*Updated weekly, Monthly & Yearly* *Own* Means I own it.
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Guilty Pleasures. Everyone has them.
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If I forget anything. I didn't remember it at the moment. I didn't see it or I didn't like it. "The Sound of Music" will never make this list! I despise that film. Updated daily, weekly and monthly.
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In other words, that horror film was terrible. The list may seem short(even when it makes to a 100 titles) but I cannot remember everything. Also some of the stuff you think is bad maybe good to me.
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There's nothing like a great horror film. Not all the films on the list are critically acclaimed, but I think they're great. Okay, some are not even that great, but I enjoyed them anyway. They are not in order. Numbers don't determine how I feel about the films. They are not ranked based on how much I love it. Sequels, remakes, direct to dvd, television and non traditional horror will all appear. If a film does not make the list. I either didn't like it, haven't seen it or didn't remember it at the moment. I'm not a big fan of the zombie genre, so not too many zombie films will make the list. I will keep updating the list. No, not everything under sun is going to make the list.
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Don't surprised if this list is short because sadly my memory is not that good.

I keep the movie tickets. I collect them.