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A competent piece of work., 6 June 2001

Little women has a well wrought script, a spectacular first-rate cast and delicate performances, but it still fails to transfer the original sense of the book completely. Since no novel has ever been one hundred percent faithfully adapted onto the screen, I had been fully prepared for any expected disappointment before I sat back and watched. Comparatively speaking, the script is indeed one of the successful adaptations I have ever seen, although there are some other touching scenes are cut off and some are added into the movie. Personally, I can't understand why Jo refused Theodore his sincere proposal since they both loved each other and traveled all the way to search her new life of writing supported by her future husband Fritz. The success of the movie mostly comes from the great performances of the cast, including Winona Ryder(Jo), Susan Sarandon(Marmee March) Kirsten Dunst(Younger Amy March), Gabriel Byrne(Fritz), Christian Bale(Theodore).They helps to elevate the whole movie to the highest level of Oscar nomination for best picture in 1994.

Winona Ryder(the one I have adored very much) is perfect for Jo , whose passion and enthusiasm for writing is completely displayed by her natural acting. Susan Sarandon, who is one of the masterful actress in Hollywood, successfully acts out Marmee March,who is responsible for the whole family and considerate and liberal towards her daughters and encourages them to find the world of their own. She is their mother as well as their guide in their lives. Kirsten Dunst, after her shocking performance in interview with the vampire, again demonstrates her marvelous acting skill as the youngest sister, who is so naughty and jealousy. If there is any weakness in the cast, that is Christian Bale(Theodore). I enjoy watching him doing the killing in American psycho but here he does not quiet well match up with these women with distinctive characters. By the way,Gabriel Byrne(Fritz) is surprisingly good with his well mocked German accent and his candid respect and support for women,for which he wins Winona Ryder's love.

Fight Club (1999)
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The new¡born bible for the 21st century and even beyond!!!, 6 June 2001

It is another landmark in the movie history!!! David Fincher did a wonder by uncovering one of the deepest and the most basic human natures and enlightened us by putting it onto the screen with startling visual and sound effect. He obviously does not have a touch of faith in human nature, which has been displayed in Seven. Fight club begins with Jack's monologue showing the evolution of Fight club until his encounter with Tyler, a soap maker, on a plane.As the movie goes on, we audience gradually are engaged in Tyler's world, where every member of fight club finds a new relief and themselves in a revolutionary way. As the end draws on, the whole intriguing plot reveals. As usual, David never gives us a happy ending. An inevitable total destruction ensues after Jack shot himself. Besides the delicately--plotted story line, the editing is also smashing enough to make John Woo flush.Furthermore,the cast is quiet suitable. Edward Norton again proves his versatile acting skill for various characters by playing Jack, a mentally suffering person suffering who are deeply involved in the illusion to set himself free and then tries to save the world from terror organized by himself. Helena Bonham,despite her delicious performances in many British films, delivers a quiet good job as Marla Singer, a crazy and wanton woman.

Finally,There is no denying that it is controversial for people now, but it is bound to be a masterpiece which deserves a permanent place in the human history!!!

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Al pacino shines in scent of women!!!, 30 May 2001

A blind ex-officer Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) goes on a trip to New York city to end his miserable life with a top student Charlie Simms (Chris O'Donnell) who serves as a baby sitter. Their Friendship and affinity are brewing on such a soul- searching trip. Having gone through all the twists and turns, they both find their renewed lives back. The simple plot has nothing to do with the eye-catching title, but Al pacino¡¯s performance really inspiring. Judging from its script, this movie might be nothing but a tedious and even repellent one, but The two protagonists Al pacino and Chris O'Donnell amazingly elevate this low-budget and silly-plotted movie on to one of the classic Al¡¯s masterpieces. Al Pacino again brings his artistic talents into full play by playing the blind officer, who enjoys flirting with girls, tends to speak sentimentally and possesses such an ability to see through others with his sharp eyes that nothing can escape his notice. Al, in this movie, talks Charlie into joining him on the trip, then manages to keep him in company. There are many delicious moments of the movie , among which Tango is no doubt an excellent scene, in which Al shocks me with his fantastic and masterful dancing skill!!! In contrast,Chris O'Donnell gives a fine and competent performance although he by no means matches up well to Al. He is a student with full scholarship. He goes to Al in response to an advertisement for a baby sitter, but only to find Al is the one he needs to care for. At first, Al is knotty and troublesome, but as movie goes on, Al¡¯s true life and past reveals, he becomes aware of the real purpose of his trip.While experiencing ups and downs together, his curiosity about Al grows as his compassion for him develops. He prevents Al from committing a suicide which Al thinks himself is a glorious end. In a sense, he helps Al recollect faith and courage which used to be suffocated by his blindness by an accident in war. In the meantime Chris O'Donnell is caught in trouble back in his school. He is being used as a scapegoat for the trouble made by his wicked fellow classmates. In the end of the movie, he is put on a trial in school. When he is faced with a bitter choice between being expelled and retaining his seat in the prestigious school at the expense of his integrity, Al saves him by showing up and giving a inspirational speech on truth of friendship and importance of life choice. I think car-driving and suicide attempt deserve a second viewing. As a blind car driver, Al shows excitement and calmness about driving in contrast with Chris O'Donnell nervousness. Although in my opinion this suicide attempt seems a little contrived , Al still captures Lieutenant's mentality exactly. The only flaw in the movie is Chris O'Donnell, who could have delivered a much better performance if given a more intelligent script and more room to act emotionally. Finally, the speech by Al in the end is full of wisdom and inspiration. Faced with choice between betrayal and integrity, Charlie hesitates but eventually chooses integrity instead of selling friends. Al defends and protects him by defying the absurd accusations by school authority and convinces them of the truth of friendship and importance of life choice.¡°He has come to the crossroad , he made a choice and he choosed the right path, this boy¡¯s future lies in yours hands, it is a bright future, embrace it , not destroy it, believe me, one day you will be proud of it.¡± Al¡¯s voice is always so real, so convincing, and so reasonably aggressive!! I just enjoy watching and listening to him !!! the movie earns Al an Oscar award for best actor in 1992!!!

a touching and inspiring movie!, 18 May 2001

October sky is one of the best movies i have ever seen. It really speaks to my heart. All the boys in the movie demonstrate their distinctive characters through their efforts to defy their doomed fates by winning the top scholarship.The other two major characters are their teacher and the father. It is the teacher who constantly encourages them to strive on in spite of the difficulties, such as the fatal injury of the dad. They would never have accomplished so much without her. The father, who at first disregarded his son's efforts, eventually showed his support for his son by showing up at the launching of their rocket in the end. The movie is acclaimed by the natural acting of characters and the touching story itself. October sky is absolutely worth watching!!