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Here's my all time favorite films.
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These are all what I consider a Must See. This list include many great movies, some better than others but all worthy to watch! I will update the list with some notes or if I see more good movies.

I'm always looking for new movies to see, doesn't matter where or when it's from so please leave suggestions!

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Update October 21st - 'The Kid With A Bike' - I love the Dardennes brothers style of directing films! In this one I saw one of the best perfomances by a kid actor since I can remember. Very gripping story that will catch your attention right from the start and it'll never let you go. Thomas Doret deserves some kind of reward for this one! I really need to find 'L'enfant' ... 9 stars.

Update August 16th - Castaway On The Moon - Really great! Very original story with great directing and beautiful shots. It's like a mix between drama and a romantic comedy. And I usually don't like romantic comedies but this one is something special. I was laughing so much at certain points in this movie - hilarious - but it also has that serious side to it which completes it. 9 stars.

Also added Confessions which I thought was good but in the end nothing more than 7 stars for me.

Update June 3rd 2011 - Added 13 Assassins to the list, very nicely made samurai movie by Takashi Miike. 8 stars.

Update May 19th 2011 - Adding The Edge Of Heaven to the list. Great drama film with lovely direction. Makes me want to see Head-On! 8 stars.

Update May 17th 2011 - Just watched Turtles Can Fly - Wow, it is truly a haunting, powerful & amazing film. I'm really glad I got a chance to see it, everyone definitely should. 9 stars.

Update May 9th 2011 - Watched Incendies which is a very powerful anti-war film, if not one of the most powerful. cinematography is outstanding, the acting too. The ending is really something else and took me by surprise. Add it to your watchlist now! 9 stars.

I felt it was better to rate them individually instead of placing them in categories. The rating will be 1-10 but since this is a Must-See only list I won't go below 7.
10 stars -★★★★★★★★★★ - Truly love it!
9 stars - ★★★★★★★★★☆ - Amazing!
8 stars - ★★★★★★★★☆☆ - Great!
7 stars - ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ - Good, but still a Must-See!
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This is a list containing my personal favorite drama movies. In no particular order. I hope you'll enjoy it!
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The ten absolute best romances in my opinion of course!
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Personal favorites. True geniuses.
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Here's my list of what I consider the greatest films from year 2000 to present day. I'm thinking of order them by year, starting with 2000 - 2011. But right now there's no particular order.
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My favorite TV-Shows.
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My favorite crime movies! In no particular order at the moment.
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My favorite sci-fi movies. In no particular order.
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My personal favorite fantasy movies. In no particular order.
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My favorite comedies. In no particular order.
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Quite hard list to make, a lot of mysteries got that thriller feeling to it. In this list I've tried not to include the movies where I think the thriller genre is bigger than the mystery. In no particular order.
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These are my favorite thrillers, enjoy! In no particular order.
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This list contain my favorite war movies. In no particular order.
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My personal thirty greatest movies from the 90's. Enjoy! In no particular order.
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My top 20 favorite movies right now. In no particular order.