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It was so sweet!, 14 August 2006

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I loved the episode "The Miracle" for Roseanne. It was very sweet,yet made you as upset and worried as Roseanne, Dan, David or Darlene but still adorable. David is a perfect husband for Darlene and a father for the baby, so I was so happy when the baby turned out okay. Plus Mark was being a terrific brother in the episode, and D.J. and Becky being extremely supportive. Even though like a lot of people I didn't enjoy the 9th season nearly as much as any of the other eight seasons,this one was different. Extremely loving and unlike all the other episodes, this one covered all the aspects of life and death for a newly married couple and their premature baby id recommend it to almost every one. In my opinion definitely one of the best episodes of the 9th season.