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Bacchus & Coles?, 12 November 2017

Having been a fan of this series throughout its run, the finish was a disappointment. But not one without tears. However, what it begs is the potential for a Bacchus & Coles 'next generation' series akin to Inspector Lewis on the heels of Inspector Morse. Lee Ingleby and Lisa McGrillis have a solid chemistry, one that is refreshingly free of the archetypal sexual tension between male and female leads in a cop drama.

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A Master of the Craft, 16 July 2007

I know I'd seen this show on PBS in the past, but tonight I happened to flip over to NHPTV with the laptop on my lap and John Denver on the TV. An earlier post here said it best that Denver was at his pinnacle with this performance.

He demonstrated a true respect for the original arrangements but managed to make them into something he'd not done in the earlier recordings some 20 years prior. It brought forth my memories of working the hay on the farm in the early-mid 70s, so thankful to have music that actually helped enhance my appreciation of the country roads with the sunshine on my shoulders.

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It still works, 2 April 2005

We were with friends and family viewing this Lassie movie at a restored theater in Vermont. With two intermissions, the movie was a wonderful family experience that can't be replicated with entertainment aimed at children today.

Corny? Yes. Did some of the adults laugh when a wonderful "raft" appears, replete with nicely cut edges? Absolutely. Just as many who teared-up when Lassie collapsed after being gored by the wild boar. And "Lurch" played a great deaf-mute-good guy.

I can only hope that there will be a new generation of Lassie films; one can only hope that they will take the ultimate risk and go "retro" with the respect and dedication to message as the original. Kids need this today, now more than ever.

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It's still a hit, 13 January 2004

Just watched Pride of the Yankees last night. Gary Cooper's acting was phenomenal. What a scene when he meets an older "Billy" later in the film. We witness the humble nature that Coop depicted, coupled with the genuine feel of the film and a more innocent age - of both films and the game.

Charade (1963)
A+, 7 July 2003

Just caught Charade on AMC tonight. Been way too long since viewing this classic. The timing and chemistry between Hepburn and Grant is flawless. And the all-star supporting cast earned high praise, as well.

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Lansbury at 78 rpm, 9 May 2003

Just checked out this latest issue of Murder, She Wrote. As it was airing, I clicked over to IMDB to clarify Lansbury's age of 78. She's an amazing actress and it is clear that she is doing what she enjoys. The setting was okay, but the plot was formulaic and predictable enough for the franchise. Nonetheless, great to see Angela Lansbury is still making great TV that even my kids can watch.

Two for the Money (1972) (TV)
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Mercedes is a great "crazy", 30 November 2002

I was a teenager watching this great TV flick in the 70s. McCambridge's performance as a crazed killer was a memorable balance of restraint, intensity, passion and timing. Wish I could find this on tape.