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Has such a deep and beautiful message for depressive people, 22 January 2016

This beautiful film is a piece of art and it relates to your feeling and some deep part inside the mind. It is not driven by plot or action or CG effects, it is a message that you have to drink in like absorbing something from a painting or an experience. I would rather say that if you don't like art film with shaking camera and very slow pace, if you watch movie for entertaining, don't watch this. But if you are deeply depressed and really want to leave this world, this film is perfect and it would be like a healing balm.

I was deeply depressed and suicidal during the time that I rented this movie. And when I watched it, I felt that I wasn't alone. Someone does understand what is like to be so deep in that blue world with an unseen barrier that keep you isolated from others around. Kirsten Dunst was excellent in delivering her performance. Lars Von Trier was excellent to create this film and show to the world what is like to have this planet "Melancholia" inside you. And in my opinion, this is the most beautiful end-of-the world movie that I've ever seen. It's far different than anything you can imagine and the ending was very powerful.

(A bit spoiler below)

In Part One, you'll see the world that is full of junk, full of illusive materialistic things, full of social masks and how much Justine suffer from it. She really had a hard time coping with life. But in Part Two, closer to the ending, you'll see that Justine is more ready to face death than Claire, her sister, who has so much to cling to the world. No matter what, life as you know it will one day fall apart and you can't do nothing about it. Forget about the things that are unreal and meaningless. Embrace the truth that the world is transient and temporary. I totally love the ending.

Beautiful and Touching, 19 January 2016

I watched this film with my mom and she was so drawn in. She and the main character comes from the same generation. I think that while watching this movie, my mom and people her age understand a lot more than I know how it feels to live a hard life and to build up your family from nothing. Although my mom isn't a Korean, she can relates to those days when the oldest child of the family have to sacrifice happiness in his or her life for the younger ones. I think this is a film with a big heart and I'm glad that it was created because younger people can learn to appreciate and understand their parents or grandparents more. It is beautifully filmed, well-acted, and contain a story that is somehow feel "real" to me although many scenes are too intentionally sentimental. It makes you feel what is like to be someone who live in that generation. It makes you appreciate and understand older people in your family much more. The story goes through a whole life of a person but I don't feel that it's too long. There are moments of tears and moments of laughter, you can both cry and smile while watching it. I highly recommend this film for both the older and the younger generation in your family.

Inside Out (2015/I)
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Interesting but not deep enough, 12 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not a film for little kids. I would recommend it for 10 years old up with a lot of guidance from parents on what this film is about. It would be a good lesson for 10+ kids about human emotions and what they can do to us. But you got to watch the film first, and explain to them, before they watch it or while they're watching it.

As an animation, I think this film is average on the quality to entertain. Yes, it's fun to watch and I enjoyed it alright, but it didn't leave much impression on me. Just average fun like a fine animation film should be. I wouldn't say it's boring, but I wouldn't say it's extremely entertaining, either.

As for the theme or the message of the story, or what it tries to communicate to the audience. I would say that the film has both good and bad points.

I really appreciate the effort of trying to put these abstract psychological ideas of human emotion into something fun and tangible. It's refreshing to see something new and it's good for people to learn how their emotion can take control of them and how experience of life can affect our memory. It's good to see how they portray good memory of early childhood and how loving parents can create that for their child.

There are many ideas that I like in this film. I particularly like the idea that "Sadness" can actually make us turn some happy memory into sad memory, but sometimes it is important to express our sadness so that we can understand ourselves and other people understand us. I agree that sometimes anger, sadness, and fear can have positive use if you know when to use them. I agree that it is absolutely scary when we are blocked from our emotions, when we are numb and can't feel a thing at all. (like in that scene when the control center stops working)

However, when you make such a deep subject into a movie, I'd rather suggest that you have to be careful and make sure that you deliver the right message. Are people totally controlled by emotions alone? Where is our "free will"? We do have our higher self that can rise above emotion and make good use of them. I think it's important that a film like this to communicate this point, otherwise it would be like telling people that "Oh well, we are under control of our emotions. We can't help it. We can do nothing about it. This is how human is." In my opinion, human is capable of choosing right or wrong, although our emotions can have a lot of influence on that. Reiley doesn't have to act like a little brat if she steps out of herself and see that her parents have it harder than her. Do imaginations and dreams have to be so pointless and illusive all the time? Sometimes they can contain something beyond what our brain is capable of. But this film makes it all look like they are all nonsense stuff.

In other words, if we get stuck to only what psychology books tell us, and we don't go deeper into spiritual side of our psycho, then it is very shallow. I wish that they will try to make Inside Out 2 or Inside Out 3 that will deal with all the deeper stuff, not just basic emotion psychology.

Anyway, I really appreciate that they create such a film, I just hope that they will somehow go deeper and deliver a more correct message.

Well-crafted but too dark and violent, 31 January 2015

I regret watching this film. Not because it is of low quality but because its message is nothing but "you should return evil with evil" and there are some scenes in the film that were so violent that I could hardly watch.

OK. I must say that the film is well-directed, well-paced, thrilling, it is a high quality suspense film if you are talking about it in terms of movie making. People can be glued to the screen because of the film made them feel excited.

Well, but if you are a person who believes in love and hope and the power of love and forgiveness, you shouldn't watch this film. Because there is little of that. The whole thing, beside investigation and mystery, is about revenge and how you should return violence with violence. It depicts evil and the fruits of evil and no real or true message about how you should deal with evil in this world beside violence. The film implicitly tell us that it's OK to kill, it's OK to beat and torture someone, if that person is already evil. It's OK to kill your father if your father abuses you. It is OK to stand and watch someone die although you can help, because that person is evil. These kinds of things are understandable but they are wrong messages to be sent into this world already full with too much evil and violence.

The main character of the film is presented as a woman hero, someone who is very strong, very smart, with a dark and hurtful past. I don't know what's the big deal about the tattoo dragon on her back either. It looks scary to me.

The Help (2011)
One entertaining film with gentle message, 31 January 2015

I and my family enjoyed watching this film. It's a delicious blend of laughter and tears, hope and fear, and ended with a good message. Just like everyone else, I agree that this is a great cast, many of them delivering subtle and powerful performances. Although there are sad moments, heartbreaking moments, there are also very funny moments too. You can feel humanity resonating here and there. The story is not dark. There is hope, there is a trust in the good side of people, a warm feeling from friendship and humanity that comfort your heart a whisper that says "love will conquer in the end." The villain, Hilly, was an excellent example of the pharisees and their hypocrisy.She presents herself as the most godly woman in the community but actually she is the most godless person among them. Hilly is presented in contrast with Celia, who is a little crazy and unmannered, but very sincere and sweet. This film shows us love, hatred, patience, honesty, courage, and after your enemy. :)

Lucy (2014/I)
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Entertaining, thought-provoking, but distorting some truth, 28 January 2015

I think, as an action movie, it's an entertaining film. It is exciting and thrilling with some fantastic visualization, and also refreshing to see Scarlett Johannson in this kind of character. Adding to that, it has a thought-provoking message about how it would be like if human can evolve so far as to use a 100% of our brain. It talks about how we would no longer see trivial things of life as a big deal, how we would use our psycho power so effectively, how we could remember far back into our birth moment, remember far back into the beginning of human evolution and understand the whole journey of humanity as a whole and then we no longer need to be in this world because in the end we will transcend it.

Yes, I believe these are truthful and it's nice to have such food for thoughts, something reminding us that we don't have to forever be this way.

However, I completely disagree with a few things that the film convey: - Once she is transformed to use more of her brain, Lucy was very cruel and merciless, she killed and killed. If we evolve higher and higher, I believer there is no way that we will be more violent toward each other! No way! We would have so much sensitivity and so much knowledge and wisdom to have deep awareness of how much life is precious and how much we all are connected to one another. It is bad to present Lucy in a form of heartless killer, although she only kills the bad guys.

-I think in reality there is no medicine that could make this kind of evolution happen to us and we shouldn't try to produce anything like that. Meditation of the right kind can make some people use their will power and travel back and forth through time just as fine. It is a matter of mind, spirit and soul, not much of brain.

But anyway, I'm glad they present something thoughtful and new in an entertaining way. At least it gets many people to think far beyond this body, far beyond our current level of existence.

Beautiful, Thoughtful, and Fun, 28 January 2015

I think this is like a good work of an artist. The film conveys a serious message through children love story and facts about landscape and weather. It's like an art film yet it is not too complicated to understand. There are many funny moments as well, so overall is entertaining all right. All the cast did good job. The story is told in a stylish way. The right kind of music is used just as the right moment.

Superficially it might look like a children story or a comedy, but actually the film communicates to us some serious themes. A lack of love inside a family, a sense of loneliness, unacceptance from peers, and ignorance from other adults around them can lead children to violence, runaway, and too-early romantic relationship, for they have strong pull toward each other to compensate what they miss in their life. However, the film also gives us hope that with love and understanding and acceptance, we can stop them from getting lost. I think one of the best thing about this film is the way it makes me feel that the love between this girl and this boy and their runaway effort is like the big storm and the terrible flood that happened to this land, you can't stop it. You have to accept it as it is. It might do some damages, but in a long term, the plants grow much better on the land. It also shows us how we judge others base on what we are taught, but this movie ask questions like...does a scout leader who loses his whole troop really have to be an irresponsible leader? Does a police who loses two children under his protection is a lousy police? We adults often blame one another based on these superficial things when blaming doesn't help make anything better at all.

I'm not a Wes Anderson Fan, but I like this movie.

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Good as entertainment, but nothing more, 3 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In my opinion, this is a fast-pace thrilling action movie that keeps you glued to the seat. The plot and the special effect keep you excited and entertained. The plot makes the viewers curious to see how White House can be captured under terrorists within less than an hour. And most scenes are filled with action, with only a few breaks. However, it's just good for a one-time watch and didn't really give anything more than that. Just another Hollywood entertainment. If you're bored, then this can be a good choice. If you look for deeper meaning, this is almost zero.

A few things annoyed me, though. Why did the President and the Minister had to look so fiercely and hateful and keep throwing spiteful words at the enemy all the time? They are people that suppose to know how to calm oneself under stressful circumstance, but from what this movie present you, they look really cheap and have no inner power. Another thing is...the whole country is saved by only one hero, instead of everyone working together. In this movie, the military, the Seal, the President, and everybody else are powerless and did all things wrong all the time, only our hero was the one who did all the right things and save the day.

The only idea that I like was the speech at the end of the film. America can fall, it admits that it has fallen, but then it is the opportunity to get back up and start all over again. That's the tiny bit of good meaning I could find in this movie.

Gravity (2013)
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A Perfect Combination of Thrill Ride and Meaningful Message, 23 May 2014

I can't understand why so many people rate this movie so low. This is a precious film. I don't care if it's not accurate in terms of facts in physics or spacecraft knowledge. But while I was watching it, I felt like I was being put into the space and experience how it feels and how difficulty life can be for human when we are without "gravity," how the earth is beautiful and created just perfectly to be our home. I don't think the point of the movie is to make a perfect scientific film. It has a much deeper meaning about human being and our place in the universe. It also has a theme about not giving up, stop dwelling in the despair and give life everything you have although you don't know if you will make it to the destination. Not matter how it turns out, life "is one hell of a ride!" It is a film with a spiritual message, particularly that scene that makes the main character get back her courage and her will to live. (Some people think that the scene is ridiculous but to me it's so beautiful and carries a very good meaning. I love it.) And I also love the way they put the belief about afterlife into it, not much but just enough to make this film precious and worth more than the whole crap of non-sense scientific film from Hollywood today. Watching this film...I gain back my courage and the will to live, and I'll try to be thankful for every moment of life, and for the earth that we are living in.

Besides, I think it is smart that the film uses only a very small cast and put most effort into special effect, creating a fascinating picture of what is like to be out in the space and be without gravity, making it look so real. The storyline is good. I enjoy the thrill ride from the beginning to the end. It was a very entertaining film to me as well. I give it a score of ten just to balance out those who give it one.

One Of the Best Film Ever Made, 6 January 2014

I have watched this film many times and I never feel bored. It is a kind of film that make you feel that human has the potential to go through all kinds of suffering. It makes you feel the strength within human spirit and hope that never dies. After you see what the main character did, you come and look at your life and find that it is not that hard, we can keep on trying a little more. Impossible things can be possible. Spirit doesn't have to be broken by cruelty or hardship.

When I watched it, I would think "look at him, for all those years of being imprisoned without doing wrong, for all those times of going through evil people that treat him harshly, this man never gives up fighting, never give up hoping and trying to find his freedom, and he made it, and his strength even brought back the life and hope of another person" Then, I would think...why don't I be more patient and keep trying with my life, keep trying for my dream. Just do it again and again, and one day I will get to where I want to be.

Excellent film in every element of it. It's exciting, touching, and moving. Highly recommended for all who have not watched. It's a must-see for everyone.

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