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Every now and then you get a great adaptation from a highly acclaimed source material. It's true some things won't translate well and a pragmatic adaptation is the safest bet. But often then not you get hardly recognizable adaptations. Here's my theory as to why this is. 1) You have a studio trying to capitalize on a recognizable brand name intellectual property, and that's all they're interested in. So essentially a cheap cash in. 2) They chickened out at the last minute and decided to go a different route creatively. 3) Executive meddling from the studios which in turn leads to the next explanation 4) People trying to justify their jobs, and or thinking they have better ideas than the source material. 5) The studio is completely ignorant to what the source material is actually about. And just know that it's popular, not realizing they may have bit off more than they can chew when they see how big the scope is of the source material. 6) they didn't like the tone of the source material, so they changed the set up, circumstances, or outcome to be less dark than it was in the source material. 7) too many people of color and not enough white (or at the very least ambiguously brown) leads for the studios liking. 8) it's too smart for the mainstream so they cut out all of the intelligent subtext, and sub-plots. usually ruining the point of the story.

This list is about how these adaptations weren't even pragmatic, but in fact just bastardized adaptations that gutted the characters, story or even the premise. Some of these films turn out to be great films in their own right, but even then they just prove to be exceptions to the rule.
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I consider myself a supernatural/Horror enthusiast, and over the years i have watched alot of creepy shows that eventually would stay with me years after the fact. Here's a list of the ones that haunts me to this day.
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Dark endings are not as common as contrived happy endings. That's not to say dark endings aren't contrived either, but either way test audiences, movie goers and tv watchers seems to prefer happy ending regardless of how contrived it is. This is the list of some of the most depressing, and shockingly dark endings i have ever seen. I cheated on some of these, some don't have dark endings so much as a shocking revelation or twist/death in the middle of the story. Also keep in mind that while i try to be vague there still might be spoilers. Hell listing the movies/shows/games on this list is spoilerish in itself. So be warned.
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List of hot actresses who have gone full frontal nudity in movies (excluding porn). Any suggestion would be welcomed. List will be on going.
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The hottest black women within entertainment..In no particular order. I'm a woman who's secure in her sexuality and can safely say..these women give me a female boner.
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As promised this list would concentrate only on the Black, Asian, Latino/Hispanic porn dodgers. Dodgers are basically porn stars who refuse to do scenes with black people, specifically black men. The reason for them dodging is usually no different from their white counterparts. The irony here (especially concerning black female porn stars) is that they're NOT dodging white men but BLACK men. Some only do this cause they have no choice due to the politics of the industry. Others seem to have a over inflated sense of self worth compared to black men.

dishonorable mention to Natasha McCollum aka Scarlett Mei Dior aka Miley Mei Dior

and Tiffany Tailor (the black one)
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Outsiders who have a passing casual interest in porn believe it to be this very progressive, open minded, inclusive industry where nobody cares about race.......frankly that's not true. most are oblivious to the racial industry politics in the business. there's a thing called "dodging". it refers to porn stars who refuses to do scenes with other performers. but specifically it means dodging black males. this is a controversial topic within the industry and the porn fan community. Interracial porn on the surface appears to be a favorite niche with porn consumers. but despite this, underneath the surface it's actually very taboo within the industry depending on the studio, agent, star etc.

the reasons for the dodging has been linked to a plethora of reasons and excuses. The primary excuses are people blaming all the gate keepers in the industry (film studios, managers etc), others say it's the racist tone of IR-porn (which is plausible but take it with a grain of salt), or the actresses themselves are flat out racist. some have said they avoid IR because they didn't want to lose their large white fan base. others do it as a last resort when their careers are on the decline (that should tell you alot right there).

the reality of the situation is likely a combination of all the above. but when people blame the racist tone of the IR-genre it's met with skepticism. it's also insulting to see a women do all kinds of disgusting degrading things but draws the line at interracial scenes , unless it's with a black female (which isn't very common either). at a convention a popular pornstar (whom i won't mention) told me it was the higher ups who dislike IR porn and tries to stop women from "ruining their market value" with IR.

it should be noted that the industry only considers BM/WW and BW/WM to be interracial. this list will contain mostly veterans and popular actresses that's been in the industry for a while. i'm holding off on young stars since they have been in the industry for a short amount of time and they could still end up doing IR.. i also plan to make a separate list for ethnic dodgers. yes they exist...but the twist is that they too dodge black men. this list will be ongoing.

before i start the list here's a post from lesbian pornstar/director nica noelle---

A few different things are going on with respect to race - and racism - in porn.
First of all, the adult industry is inherently and repulsively racist. I always call it the last bastion of blatant, old school racism in western culture. It's disgusting, period.

And because of the way interracial relationships are often depicted in porn, some girls give their agents a "no interracial" blanket policy. This is so they're not booked for scenes where both races are depicted as vulgar stereotypes to be made fun of, and where the sex is orchestrated in the most demeaning way possible.

There are several girls with a "no interracial" policy who have made it clear to me that they'll shoot interracial scenes for my studio anytime. Zoe Voss is one of those girls. She just wants to make sure agents aren't booking her for scenes she doesn't feel good about being in. And yes, she has already done an interracial scene for me, with Mickey Mod.

That issue aside, there are many white performers who won't work with black men or women in ANY type of production. Part of this stems from the "conventional wisdom" perpetrated by white men in porn that "If you do interracial you'll never get signed to a contract" or "you'll lose fans" or "you'll stop getting work with the best companies." None of that is true, but many girls still buy into it, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

But of course some performers refuse to perform interracial strictly for personal reasons. "I'm just not attracted," they explain (suggesting that they're "always" attracted to their white costars -- highly unlikely!!!)

As with all racism, I think it's just a product of ignorance and fear. And I've seen it on both sides of the camera. For instance, many white girl/girl fans openly expressed a preference for white, girl next door types to be cast. As a result, for years you really didn't see any black women cast in g/g scenes. But early in my g/g career I started casting Nyomi Banxxx, Ms. Platinum and Sincere Lemmore in multiple scenes, and once the fans "got to know" these women, they were requesting them like crazy.

And it's the same thing with many white performers who "get to know" a black performer and suddenly say "I don't do interracial but I want to do a scene with (Mr. Marcus)" or whomever.

When you get to know someone you stop seeing their color as a defining characteristic. And that's what we should be working on in porn, on both sides of the camera.

Also Diana Price posted this on ADT :

I also did my first interracial scene (which happened to also be a DP when I was still sick…Why can’t people ever let me fully heal before they shoot these things?? ). This has long been a sore subject for me. When I first started in the biz, my agent told me to never do IR. I was actually shocked to learn it was considered taboo. I just assumed that white/black/Hispanic/Asian/Klingon/whatever was all the same in the world of porn. Of course, though, now I realize I was very, very wrong (unfortunately). So, due to Mr. Agent Man’s advice, I put off doing it, and turned down a lot of IR work (even though it really did hurt me every time. (. I’ve also been told that there are certain companies that won’t hire you if you do IR, and clubs in “certain areas” that won’t let you feature if you shoot it. (And being from those “certain areas” I can see where that might very well be true.) But I’ve felt so much guilt over this for so long, that I finally just decided it was time to evolve, and let the chips fall where they may. If certain people don’t like me and don’t want to work with me any longer bc of the color of some of my co-stars’ skin, that’s really sad, pathetic, and not something I want to condone, any way. (Side note: I know some people hold off doing IR or anal or whatever else it is they don’t really want to do until they get really desperate and start trying to extend their career. This is sooooooo not my case. I never do anything -including porn in the first place- just for the $$. )"

so basically according to noelle, and price the industry is rampant with institutionalized racism. What also happens to a lot of chicks is that they personally have no problem with banging black men. They enter the porn game thru a small agent. Small agents don't care who the girls work with because the agent just wants to keep the girls working. But, the problem with small agents is that they generally don't get the girls enough work. So, the girls (if they are hot enough) move on to a bigger agency. The most of bigger agencies want the girls to do IR as a last resort only (if that). It's the final taboo / wow factor card. The longer they can sustain a career with out doing IR the more money they will get for their first IR scene. It's a stupid game. One agent, considered "the biggest and busiest" agency is simply a pompous, racist, snob who doesn't want them doing IR at all. Most of the girls mentioned below are represented by his agency. A few girls have the self-awareness to know that the agent works for them and do who ever they please. But, the majority of girls never understand that concept so they simply go along with their agents advice. To be fair though; it's not always the agents but the studio that's the problem. Also some performers possibly harbor no ill will and are just doing what they are told will help their careers.
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This list is for women who may have a interest in other women. specifically straight or bi-curious women. i'm not talking about "girl crushes" but perverse sexual lust. here's a list of women i think might be easy on your eyes. so frankly...these women will makes your clit tingle. they definitely make mine tingle lol.
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For whatever reason black female nudity is very scarce in Hollywood. There's just not alot of black nudity in movies (at least not since the Blaxploitation era). Even in low budget indie/b-movies they are rare, and i don't know why. But then again black female roles in media is kinda rare to begin with, so maybe i answered my own question. A part of me can't help but believe that the marginalization is a combination of social taboo among black women, and the standard of beauty being blond hair and blue eyes in the western world. But i digress.

Here's a list of those rare occasion where a black actress has a nude scene.