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Clueless (1995)
Rollin with da Homies, 25 July 2003

"EHH, AS IF!!" How many times was that line quoted??? I too am guilty of that. I still love this movie, loved it when I saw it back in 1995 and it's still quirky and intelligent today. A great satire. Every generation has their teen flicks; Clueless is a major one for those who grew up in the nineties. I can't quite relate to spoiled rich kids, but making fun of them is half the fun with this flick. Oh yeh and I can't forget the presence of some major cuties; Breckin Meyer, Jeremy Sisto and Paul Rudd!!! Perfect movie to watch with friends, and make fun of high school!!! And has some cool music too..."Rollin with da homies..."

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Awesome 80s, 8 May 2003

AHHH the 80s, what can I say? Kidd Video was just a blast to watch and to listen to. The music videos at the end of every episode, were a bonus. How can a kid growing up in the 80s ask for more?? This was the quintessential cartoon for the MTV generation, along with JEM ofcourse! For those interested, the music that appeared on the show are available to download online on their website Kidd Video Flipside. It would be great to see the stars of this show on VH1 "where are they now?" or at least to see the show again on TV; love those songs and Kidd (Bryan Scott) was damn cute too as I remember!!! Wonder if Kidd, Carla, Whiz and Ash are still traveling in the Flipside....a good dose of 80s nostalgia "from my radio to my video"....

Rockwell Rocked the Show, 2 March 2003

I honestly do not care what bad critics have said about this film, since I truly believe that everyone has the right to an educated opinion. This movie left me speechless after I saw it, and if that sounds pretentious then TOO BAD, I loved this movie, every aspect of it. For a first time director George Clooney really seemed to give it his all. In describing his directing style/technique I'll use the words, 'innovative,' and 'fearless' for a first timer, and believe me there are so many more good things to say about this film. And it was damn funny too! Now whether Chuck Barris' affiliation with the CIA is true or not, it doesn't matter because it makes for an interesting story (Barris' memoirs are really worth the read). Casting Sam Rockwell for the lead hit the mark completely. I've seen him in other films, mostly as secondary characters, but man, when it comes down to it, this guy has proved he can hold his own. Drew Barrymore as Penny Pacino, also memorable. I feel Barrymore is underrated as an actress, but she's more than meets the eye, one of the best of her generation. I actually gave a damn about these characters, I wanted them to get peace of mind or the redemption they so wanted. It's really the chemistry between Barrymore and Rockwell that amazed me, it transcended; I've never seen anything like that on screen (makes me think these two are a real couple!) a real bummer that the film didn't get the recognition it deserved, but on the positive side, this is the kind of film that will be sought out in years to come, as film students, film enthusiasts in general etc., will still be talking about this film long after many 'blockbusters' have faded into oblivion. Right on! Bottom line, the best I've seen in a long while, can't wait for the DVD.

"Jem" (1985)
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truly outrageous!, 28 August 2002

If you're an 80s child like me, Jem played a big part in being a kid. Jem had it all; action, adventure, romance, and best of all, music videos to sing along to and pretend you're a rock star!-(the dolls even came with a music tape which featured these songs. Jem totally kicked Barbie's butt!!!). Jem and the Holograms, The Misfits, The Stingers could well have been real 80s bands on their own; they had catchy songs, big hair and a glam/punk sense of style. Tuning in every episode was an absolute must. Jem was the perfect cartoon for the MTV era (another 80s cartoon Kid Video had some cool tunes too). Unfortunately, the show was cancelled in 1988, and we never got to see if Jerrica told Rio the truth about her secret identity!

I will never forget the thrill and sheer happiness this show brought into my life. It was a constant topic of conversation for me and my friends and it even turned me into the music fan I am today. It would be great to see Jem on TV again someday or on DVD (who knows), to bring back some of that great 80s nostalgia...Jem will always be truly outrageous!!!

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Great Show, 26 May 2002

What a blast it would've been going to school on a cruise ship and traveling the world...As a teen show Breaker High really was a breath of fresh air-it was funny, had quirky characters (Ryan Gosling's portrayal of Sean rocked da boat!), and it didn't take itself too seriously. It's well worth the watch if you ever get the chance to catch it. FYI: those of you living in Canada, YTV is presently re-airing episodes on weeknights.

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Would make a very interesting novel..., 26 May 2002

This film is definitely more interesting than most Hollywood crime dramas in recent years, and despite what many negative critics have said about it's leading lady, I still admire Sandra Bullock and I think it was a great role for her, but that's completely besides the point here... What really gets this film going are the performances by Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt. If only their story was the center of the film, the character development could have been even more phenomenal, and there would have been more of an opportunity for the audience to get to know the two "partners in crime." Partners indeed; There was so much tension between Richard and Justin you could cut it with a knife. The two are polar opposites, yin and yang who seemed to find some sort of twisted solace in committing a crime together, since they couldn't seem to hold on to anything else. I also appreciated the references to the great poet Rimbaud-"the derangement of the senses," and the film also raises some good questions on human nature and freedom... All this would make a very interesting novel and a hot topic for debate... Above all, Gosling's screen presence and charisma are more than evident. He's unbelievable to watch on screen. If you're still not convinced watch him in The Believer.

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Memories mightier than the Sword, 19 May 2001

(May contain spoilers) This film is definitely no typical martial arts film. Dealing more with a warrior's psyche rather than physical prowess (although there are plenty of interesting action scenes for those interested). The beautiful desert scenery made me think of an hour glass where the sand is time. The characters in the film all symbolically slip through Leslie Cheung's fingers like sand because they all fail to connect with one another and isolation and loneliness prevail.The film shows how memories can be used as weapons, to manipulate, empower or weaken. Great camera work and performances, (Tony Leung Chiu Wai at his most tortured as a blind swordsman, Brigitte Lin gives a powerful voice to all our inner duels with our Yin and Yangs) Wong KAr Wai-as always, has produced a real work of art. The themes of memory and loss can also been seen in (the amazing) Chungking Express, which KAr Wai shot and completed while editing Ashes of Time.The many story lines may be hard to follow, however Ashes of Time is still definitely well worth the watch.