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Monster (2003)
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AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL., 19 February 2004

I'm guessing critics have "Lord of the Rings syndrome." This is where a film comes out that is really bad, but no one wants to be the first person to say how bad it is. So, everyone just copies. I love crime-dramas and true crime, but this movie was so bad, I wanted to walk out. And not just once, almost a dozen times. The only real star in this movie is the make-up applied to Charlize Theron. Is she good? Eh. Alright at best. I think she peaked in 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY. She has mannerisms and voice down, but doesn't remain consistent. Her narrative voice-over appears to be her own voice, separating it from the rest of the film. Not much even seems to happen in this film. For a movie about a serial killer, there is miniscule violence. Maybe the director was just trying to push the gay angle. Who knows. All I know is that's 100+ minutes of my life, I wish I could have back.

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possibly the worst movie ever, 15 July 2003

this is one of the worst movies ever made. it is nothing more than a cheap rip-off of The Hidden, made by New Line, trying to make money off another Jason Voorhees film. I wasn't sure it was possible to make a worse movie than Jason TAKES Manhattan, but they proved me wrong....twice. I can only Freddy vs. Jason will not suck so hard.

Jason X (2001)
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what is this god-awful mess?, 15 July 2003

I love Friday the 13th. The first three are amazing. It seems like after that, the producers tried to suck harder with each subsequent film. The last three films (parts 8,9 and 10) are beyond awful in description. What's amazing is you didnt think they could make a film worse than Jason takes Manhattan, and they did. You watch Jason Goes to Hell and your first thought is "That is such a blatant rip-off of The Hidden, it should be called plagarism." and then you think "Well, they couldn't possibly make a movie worse than part 9." then Jason X comes out. Not only is this one of the worst movies ever made, the crew touted it has the best script ever. I would like to see what script they were reading, because someone must have pulled the switcheroo on them when they started filming. This film is not only horrible on every single possible level, it is pointless and has no redeeming values. This isnt even a film thats so bad, you can laugh and enjoy it. This film is so bad, when you're done you want to physically harm those who wrote, directed, and produced. i haven't seen this much harm done to a franchise since Batman & Robin....and this is actually worse, if you can believe it. At least Batman & Robin was just one film....we Friday the 13th fans have dealt with three atrocities in a row. I have hope for Freddy vs. Jason...and I really don't think you can make a worse film than Jason X, but I'm sure the producers will surprise me with the next Jason-only friday film.

Respiro (2002)
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An unexpected treat., 1 May 2003

This is a wonderful movie. I had originally only gone to a screening because Valeria Golino was going to be answering questions after the film. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't heard anything about this film before I saw it. All I knew was that it was in Italian with subtitles. There is a very naturalistic quality to this movie. It doesn't even seem like you are watching people act, more like just watching these characters interact in daily life. The lovely Miss Golino informed us after the film that she was the only real actor on the island where it was filmed. There is some beautiful scenery in this movie. It was shot on the southern most island in Italy, I believe the name is Lampadura. The story revolves around the troubles facing Grazia in her village due to her being a free-spirit. While it isn't as straight-forward as some American films, it still has a good pace and keeps you entertained for the duration. Fine performances by a cast of people considering they had never acted before. While the average movie-goer may not like this flick, I recommend it to any fan of indy-films.

ZOMBIE DELIVERS!, 12 April 2003

All hail Zombie. Let me start out by saying that I don't think I've ever waited this long to see a movie. I remember in April 99 when Universal had first announced it. I remember when they were shooting for Halloween release. I remember the battles of what needed to be cut. I remember when the trailer first appeared on the Pitch Black rental video in October of 2000. I remember the supposed release dates in January, April and October of 2001. I remember the track "House of 1000 corpses" on his Sinister Urge cd. I remember him showing a clip at the Merry Mayhem tour that December. I even remember jumping for joy when I heard in June 2002 that MGM might be picking it up. I was still optimistic when Zombie introduced his set at Ozzfest 02 with a trailer followed by "COMING THIS FALL." I was ecstatic when Lions Gate finally picked it up. That being said....I made sure I went to see it the first day it was out. Sadly, this film will not be a huge success. It is a film for true horror fans. I was so sick of the state of horror movies the past 3 years. Everything that came out was so watered down in order for it to be marketed to teen audiences. This movie is dark, disturbing, gory and depraved....and I loved every second of it. Sheri Moon is so fun to watch on screen. Karen Black, as true horror fans know from the TRILOGY OF TERROR, is great in her role. Bill Moseley has a great role. All the other actors do great in their roles. I can't wait to dress up as Captain Spaulding for Halloween. I love the way Zombie shot this movie. As soon as you start watching it, you know Zombie wrote and directed it. I'm also amazed at what he did with the sets considering he only had a reported $7 mil for a budget. I hope that he builds an actual "Captain Spaulding's museum of mayhem and murder." I also love the way he scored the movie. Zombie worked with Scott Humphrey, the producer of his two solo albums and it helps move the movie along, rather than just serving as background music. Zombie does everything right giving us a film that serves as a throwback to the golden age of horror, the pre-slasher era of the 1970s. This is the best horror film to come out since The Mothman Prophecies and easily one of the best horror films to come out in the past ten years.

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The best film that will come out in 2003., 22 March 2003

Barring some truly amazing film, and I fail to see none on the horizon, this is will be the best film of the year. Noe's camerawork is some of the best I've ever seen in a feature. Noe brings you straight into the action. The first half hour is shown at such a frantic, obsessive pace. The music is filled with anger and an impending sense of doom. As anyone who followed this movie knows, half the crowd at Cannes walked out after the screening started. I was further intrigued when I saw Monica Belucci defending the film while doing press for Tears of the Sun, saying "It is a difficult film to watch, but its important." The film really isn't all too violent, you're just assaulted with such graphic brutality at the beginning. If you can get past all the violence in the beginning, you should be fine. There is an amazing flow to this movie. A lot of the scenes are all one-take, one shot. Dialogue is entirely improvised. There was no shooting script. It's refreshing to see a film where you don't have a cut everytime a different character speaks. In other films, jumping coverage shots of each character in scene can take you out of the movie. The segues from scene-to-scene are ingenious. Noe keeps the music going throught the segues. This helps the film flow so well, it feels as if you're watching it almost in real-time. Great performances are turned on by Belluci and Cassels. You feel more empathetic for them as the movie goes on. A strong soundtrack also helps drive the narrative. The end shot is one of the most beautiful I've seen in a film in a long time. A must-see for all movie fans. A landmark in innovation and a gem of cinema.

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A waste of celluloid., 22 March 2003

this movie is god-awful. im a huge horror movie fan. and i had high hopes seeing as plenty of other horror buffs told me to check it out. how bad this is movie? i dont even know where to start. its a blatant rip-off of last house on the left. almost entirely. the entire movie is basically told on the back cover. there is no suspense at all. poor acting, poorly shot. when you're done with this movie, you want your money back. it should be banished to a far-away realm where no one should have to see it ever again. just go rent Last House On The Left...its obvious the director, writer, producer and rest of the crew did.

Possession (1981)
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One horrible mess of celluloid., 21 February 2003

This is awful. I bought this movie a long time ago, after hearing that the original U.S. version was cut by 40 minutes. Sounds good, right? Europeans are more open with sexuality, so it doesn't really come under harsh censorship. I finally watched it last night. One can't even describe how bad this movie is. I know that European horror movies don't always have a completely linear plot structure. I rather enjoyed The Blood-Spattered Bride. This is an entirely different realm. Possession is just a big two hour mess with no real point. Can someone please explain what the hell happened in this movie? I can't even remember the last time i was so disappointed in a movie...I love the work of Sam Neill. I liked everything else I had seen with him in it. This could possibly be the worst movie I have ever seen.

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HILARIOUS!, 7 February 2003

I'm a big fan of stand-up comedy, and this has to be one of the funniest I've ever seen. I must have seen this 50 times. And that is no exaggeration. Every time, I still laugh my ass. It's a toss-up, but I'd say that this is funnier than his first stand-up special, Bring the Pain. Please, Chris, do more stand-up.

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My favorite movie to come out this year., 1 November 2002

Let me start of by saying that when I first heard about The Rules of Attraction, it was the only movie scheduled to come out on October 11th. In fact, it is my opinion that if the market wasn't flooded with new movies coming out on the same day then this film would have been more successful. I heard about Avary's troubles with the MPAA over the content of this film and the more I heard the more I needed to see this movie. I loved this movie, and am eagerly awaiting its release on dvd. Not only, I will still have to see this at least one more time before it leaves theatres. It's rare to find a film actually worth the $9 for admission. Rumor has it the original cut was around 150 minutes. For the people who didn't like this movie, there are two reasons why. One, being you heard "American Psycho" and assumed this would be the same and two, you don't understand the concept of satire. I almost died laughing while watching this film. It opens up disturbingly, but there aren't more than 2 or 3 truly disturbing moments in the film. The rest of the movie is laugh-out-loud funny. I also thought the film was done very stylishly. I loved the way Roger Avary used the narrative and where he chose to put his camera. Avary has a difficult task telling the story with essentially three narrators and three different viewpoints. He pulls it off without a hitch using motion-capture and an innovative use of split screen. The music is also a strong point in the film. The narration combined with the music help make the movie play seamlessly. He also gets strong performances from his cast. James Van Der Beek is so good his role as Sean that you forget this is the same person who has been Dawson on the Wb for the past few tears. Jessica Biel also does good to shed her wholesome image from 7th heaven. Shannyn Sossamon and Ian Somerhalder also turn in great performances. I haven't seen any of their other work, but for me I will always draw them back to their roles as Lauren and Paul. The other roles in the movie are mostly cameos. Although only in it for a few minutes, I loved Kate Bosworth's part in the film. Thomas Ian Nicholas is also great in the role. At first, I hadn't even recognized him. I'd place this movie in the top 3 for the best movies of the year (right with Insomnia and Mothman Prophecies) and put it right up with my favorite movies of all time. When you see it, just allow yourself to get caught up in the story. And get ready to laugh.

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