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Brilliant Soap. The only one there is, 1 September 2008

Emmerdale is by far the best soap on TV. The story lines are not far fetched and ridiculous but not weak and boring. All the characters have their own uniqueness and the whole show oozes charm and cosiness. The recent storyline of Katey and Grays baby had me captivated all the time it was running.

I think this show is often pushed aside when bigger soaps operas like Eastenders and Coronation Street are thrown into the picture. But really Eastenders has dried up and is pity full to watch, And Coronation Street never really captured my attention.

Emmerdale is a cheerful, sweet, easy going soap opera and should be around for a long time to come. God willing.

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Brilliant! Better than brilliant!, 8 December 2007

This movie has affected me deeply. I saw this with high expectations and was NOT disappointed. I feel incredibly lucky that the war didn't affect me and i know that sounds very selfish. Spielberg shows us what a debt we owe to those brave heroes who gave their lives for us so horrifically. The D-Day landing scene at the start made me cry. I couldn't help it. This movie shows such feeling and pain and love it is unbelievable.

Im so glad i watched this film because it has made me feel emotions i haven't felt whilst watching a film since Band Of Brothers, another powerful war film/TV show. Steven Spielberg is a legend and Tom Hanks is superb. A must see. More than ten stars! I would give it a million!

Stardust (2007)
Amazing! I was surprised, 7 December 2007

This film i have just finished watching for the first time and i felt i had to sing its praises. It is a wonderful movie. I thought this was going to be a low budget, trashy flik designed for kids who didn't even really know what they were watching but wow! i was proved wrong. It takes a while to get going but when it did i was hooked.

I had no idea of what happened as i hadn't read any reviews or heard anyone talk about it so i just let it take me wherever it went. The music is very good and the special effects are impressive. My favourite has got to be Michelle Pfieter as the evil witch. Both eyes were narrowed to perfection and her mouth was precisely twisted into an evil smile.

Dude!!! I love this film!!!, 13 January 2007

Dude! This is such an amazing film! From the start i was laughing. Jesse was funny and Chester is stupidly amusing. I like the plot and everything is so neatly fitted. Well written, well acted and well worth watching!

I love the way you can just sit back and let yourself get confused and dumbfounded as the film unravels. Everything carries something else on. I think that Jesse and Chester are the best double for a stupid film I have ever seen. I particularly liked Jesse and the tattoo part cracked me up completely.

Well worth watching! 10 and a half out of 10!!

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Fun, but not the best, 21 August 2006

A royal flush is an episode i have always wanted to happen, the Trotters meet royalty. And Del boy is, as usual, his wheeling and dealing self, selling dodgy spoons and ruining Rodneys big chance to become a friend of rich people. There are times i feel really sorry for poor old Rodders. I what to scream at Del to leave Rodney alone and keep his nose out. Rodney meets a fellow art student and they become friends. Rodney though, does the stupidest thing and tells Del that his friends father is extremely rich. OOPS!! Big mistake Rodders, as he finds out when Del invites himself to a swanky dinner with Rodney, his friend, her father and her fathers original guests. Trigger makes a slight appearance so you know you will get a laugh out of it.

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The best of season 5, 12 August 2006

This episode is the best, i think of season five's Only fools and Horses. Rodders has to write a story and make a film and Del boy decides to help him in every way he can, even if Rodney doesn't want that help! Del has this WONDERFUL idea of a rhino and a beautiful zoo keeper(I wont go any further!).

Meanwhile Boyce and Marline still cant have a baby and Boyce's darkest secret is revealed. Unfortunately its Del who finds out so soon everyone knows. Uncle Albert is very good in this episode and made me laugh a lot. Del boy is at his nosey, cheeky and interfering self. I cant believe Mikey Pearce isn't shown in every episode. Here he is like a younger Del. And thankfully he has a big part in this one. The ending is a bit poor and is hard to understand. But I got it about half way through the credits.

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Not one of the best, but still funny, 12 August 2006

This episode is funny and sad. Del is at his usual selling self and this time he wants to flog a baby! Unfortunately for him the mother doesn't think along the same lines. Boyce is the funniest I've seen him on this episode. He has the expressions and tones of voice that has made Del boy such a star. It all starts of in the old Nags head. A foreign lady is trying to get a hotel but cant speak English so old Rodders jumps at the chance to bring a girl back to the flat, only to discover that she is pregnant. Del isn't quite as funny as usual, and Rodney doesn't do much. But it is watchable. it still made me laugh and Boyce makes up for it by making hilarious faces and wonderful lines come out of his mouth. 7 out of 10

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Perfect in every way, 12 August 2006

This is masterpiece. Jonny Depp is just the best pirate there could have been. He is witty, slightly charming and a ferocious sword fighter. This is a film for all ages and all ages would enjoy it! It has the lot: Sword fights, an evil pirate captain, treasure and a terrible curse. Orlando Bloom is a good choice for a shy, handsome, young blacksmith, who falls for the governor's beautiful daughter (Keria Knightly), who is eyed by the more respected Comodor Norrington (Jack Davenport). This is ideal for family entertainment. A funny, exiting and enjoyable film

10 out of 10