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Legion (2010)
God could never be so blasphemous
22 January 2010
The premise of this movie is God has grown tired of man and his wicked ways that instead of sending another flood he sent a legion of angels to destroy mankind.

For even the mediocre religious person out there who even halfway understands the bible, you may find this movie a bit offensive if not just down right insulting to your theological insight. This coupled with a very very week plot and an ending that looked so pieced together it is best to save your $8 to $10 and go see Avatar again. The CGI effects are decent, and if you ignore the horrible storyline and just go for the action scenes then perhaps its worth seeing at the dollar movies or wait for it to come out on video.

I gave it 4 stars simply for the effects.
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Super-Crappy, but kids love it.
29 January 2005
My wife tortured me last night. She made me sit down with our two little girls to watch this drudgery of junk. She said our oldest, 8, wanted us to watch a movie with her. She certainly picked a dandy.

Anyway, I'm not going into how awful the characters were or how weak the plot was, etc. etc. Just know as an adult you'll hate it, but if you want to keep your kids (under 9 years old) out of mischief for an hour and a half then pop this in the DVD player. My 3 year was just mesmerized. Don't think she has ever sat that long while watching a movie.

I rated it 5/10 ... since I personally give it a 1 and my kids would say 10 ... so ... I just averaged it out.

Cheers! TT
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Cellular (2004)
Action packed drama with some humor mixed in.
15 September 2004
The movie will certainly keep you entertained. There's no lulls really and Kim Bassinger and Chris Evans do a great job with their characters. I've always liked Kim Bassinger and am glad to see her in a movie like this. William H. Macey is always great to watch in a movie and does a great job playing the "good cop."

The movie certainly isn't entirely believable, but I don't go to the movies expecting for reality. As long as I'm entertained and like the movie's ending then I feel my 8 bucks were worth spent. So, in a nutshell, it's worth seeing now and not waiting for it to get to the buck flicks or video. (8/10)
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Just not enough musicals like this anymore!
22 August 2004
After 36 years this movie is still loved by young children who see it. My 8 and 3 year old girls just love this movie and it's songs. Dick Van Dyke has done an absolute wonderful job putting out great quality movies for Disney and others. Sally Ann Howe sounds great and personally I prefer her over Julie Andrews anyway.

Anyway, if you have not ever seen this film and even if you don't have kids, it's very entertaining! My favorite part is when Caracus Potts and Truly Scrumptious pretend to be toys for the Baron and do a nice song and dance. The tune is just great!

I remember as a kid the Child Catcher scared the crap out of me. Robert Helpmann played this part very well. Who needs Freddy Kruger and all that gore anyway!
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Groundhog Day (1993)
Bill Murray at one of his bests!
15 February 2004
For those of you who have recently gone to see 50 First Dates and loved it, then go to your video store and rent this (or buy it since it's worth seeing again.)

It certainly was my favorite film of 1993. I've always been a Bill Murray fan and this one is one of my favorites (Scrooged is my favorite.) I fell in love with Andie MacDowell in this movie. I just dig her naive demeanor. And Stephen Tobolowsky plays a great obnoxious Insurance salesman.

Great movie, funny liners, and quite heartwarming as you watch Bill Murray's character change from a pompus prima donna to an actual caring non-selfabsorbing person.

8 of 10.
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Worth seeing 50 times.
14 February 2004
Ok ... maybe not fifty times, but this is a movie worth seeing more than once.

I'm guessing those who have given this movie a low rating are the skeptics out there who have never fallen head over heals in love with someone, and I don't think you can really get this movie or buy into it unless you have. I mean who would stick around with someone whom you knew wouldn't remember you the very next day, each day, day after day. Love makes you do crazy things.

I really enjoyed this movie. I even went into it thinking that this is a movie done before again and again and was pleasantly surprised. Rob Schneider was a great side kick (as he seems to play very well as oppose to starring in a film.) He'll certainly keep you laughing along with Adam and Drew in their quirky semi-romantic one liners. SO even if you've never been madly in love with someone, you'll get a kick out of quite a few secenes (especially in the beginning with the sick walrus -- one of the funniest scenes in a movie in the past year or so.)
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Hail Caesar (1994)
Hail Crapper!
13 October 2002
Any member of IMDB that says this movie was good, entertaining, or any other positive note should have their membership instantly revoked!

Don't buy into the well known actors that appear in this movie. It was obviously out of sympathy they appeared for Anthony Michael Hall's movie he directed. I like Anthony, but he sucks as a director and this script is one of the worst written ones out there.

The only good thing I could say about Mr. Hall in this movie is ... he actually sounds pretty good as a singer. I had no idea he that he could sing. He even wrote the lyrics to these songs, which are a far cry better than his ability in directing.
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I Am Sam (2001)
I don't feel so tough after this one ...
2 February 2002
There's only one reason why I don't like this movie right now. Because I have a splitting headache from being emotionally drained!

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE has been the top of my list for all time favorite movies, now I AM SAM has moved in right next to it.

I'm not saying that you have to have kids to understand the true meaning behind this movie, but I must say it certainly helps. I told my wife on the way back home from the movie that she was sooo stuck with me. She knew what I was referring to; our 6 month old little girl and our 5 year old little girl. I guess I'm just a good ole fashion softy. I came home and gave my 5 year old the biggest hug of her life and the tears just started flowing. I felt I had been impatient with her lately and just needed to let her know how much her daddy loves her.

I know this isn't a true rating of a movie. I'm not describing certain scenes that I thought were great or needed improving, I just wanted to express how it made me feel. And though I have a pounding head right now, I feel like I'm the luckiest dad in the world!
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A great ride.
27 June 2001
I was able to attend a free screening for this movie Monday night.

This movie certainly will make you think as you leave the theater. From thoughts of your own children (if you have any) to your own mortal existence. It's an interesting ride that Spielberg/Kubrick take you through as you view this film. Emotions go from highs to lows. The portrayal of our future certainly was done with a lot of thought and the the special effects and scenes are truly amazing. At times the movie may tend to drag a wee bit, but I think that's mainly with the dialogue involved (some of which isn't really necessary.) Overall there's enough "eye excitement" to keep your interest, and Haley Joel Osment does a terrific job as the boy "mecha". I gave this movie a 7 and perhaps upon a second viewing may give it an 8.
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Shrek (2001)
Very entertaining, but minor bouts with language.
4 June 2001
It's not often that you can take your little one to go see an animated movie and get caught up in the flick more than they. Shrek is one such movie. Being both a big Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy fan, I wasn't disappointed at all in either voices (Mike has always done a great Scottish accent!) You do, however, have to watch out for an occasional "damn" being thrown out, but it most likely will go right over your young one's heads.

You will certainly fall in love with this movie and its delightful message/moral at the end.
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