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"The Hills Have Eyes"- 9/10. Raw and Atmospheric, A Classic 70s Style Horror Film., 4 April 2004

The Hills Have Eyes

I love these horror movies from the 70s! They always seem to be good and have an effective atmoshpere. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre had a good atmoshpere, but it failed from it's acting abilities. Sure, it had some pretty shocking scenes, but it isn't the absolute masterpiece it is set out to be. The Hills Have Eyes has the same atmosphere as Texas Chainsaw, but I liked this even more.

I have never seen a horror movie set in the desert before I saw this. I liked the whole idea, I mean, the desert is kind of creepy. It's really quiet and even though you are surrounded by open space, you feel a sense of isolation. This movie is about a typical 1970s American family who become stranded in a vast area of a California desert. This movie has the style of Texas Chainsaw, and is essentialy creepy. The crazy cannibals in the hills are really disturbing.

Wes Craven is a wonderful director. Another good raw horror film of his is Last House On The Left. That is one disturbing movie. I actually enjoy Wes Craven's old school horror movies over his recent Scream teen type movies. An overall good horror movie. 9/10.

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"Secret Window"- 8/10. Effective Psychological Thriller., 20 March 2004

Secret Window

To start off, this movie wasn't really SCARY. David Koepp, the director made another film, Stir Of Echoes, which is twenty times scarier than Secret Window, but Secret Window has many thrill elements, and Stir Of Echoes has more jumpy ghost stuff. Anyways, I saw this movie expecting something decent, which it was. The title however, is misleading. The previews and television spots make it look like the film is about some haunted window or something, when the title Secret Window actually just comes from the book Johnny Depp's character has written in the film. Don't see this movie expecting hardcore horror. There are also some funny scenes in this movie that got a laugh from the audience. Expect a decent psychological thriller, not really scary, but just enough suspense to keep you tense and on the edge of your seat. 8/10.

EuroTrip (2004)
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"Eurotrip"- 9/10. Ridiculously hilarious!, 22 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This movie is absolutely hilarious. 'Eurotrip' is not afraid to show anything- and I mean ANYTHING. The movie is about Scotty Thomas, who has just graduated out of high school, and his girlfriend, Fiona, dumps him for a rocker played by Matt Damon. Then, he emails a really mean letter to his penpal in Berlin, Germany, after thinking that the guy wants to meet up with him- until his little brother points out to him that is penpal is actually a stunning gorgeous girl. So, Scotty and Cooper set out to Europe, and meet up with Jamie, and Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg), two twins who are spending the summer in Europe, and they all set out to find Scotty's dream girl, and they go through some pretty hilarious situations.

This movie will have Nickelodeon's jaws dropped when they see their former television star, Michelle Trachtenberg, do the things she does in this movie. She's really grown up. She is the biggest name in this movie, along side the cameo by Matt Damon, but the rest of the cast were pretty good actors.

This movie had some raunchy situations. We see Jenny and Jamie, the two twins accidentily kiss each other, and some other things I probably shouldn't mention, that are twenty times worse than that, but if you're curious, go see the movie. The story to this movie is pretty ridiculous, but you can't hate the movie for all of the good laughs it serves. 'Eurotrip' will give you some good laughs and fun, and doesn't leave an empty spot anywhere. This would probably be really fun to go see with a big group of friends, you will be constantly laughing together. 9/10.

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"Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway"- 8/10. Not scary but entertaining nonetheless., 11 February 2004

Witchboard 2

This movie has plenty of entertainment stuffed into it's 90 minute running time, but it isn't too scary. Witchboard 2 is about Paige, who moves into an artist loft apartment after leaving her boyfriend. While moving in, she finds a Oujia board inside a closet, and just for fun, begins to play around with it. But you can't play with a Witchboard as Paige soon learns, when she contacts the spirit who claims to be a former tennant of the apartment complex who was murdered. Then, people in the complex begin dying in weird ways, and Paige must uncover the spirit's true identity before it destroys her.

The actors here aren't too bad, and Laraine Newman is hilarious as the eccentric landlord. This film has some 'jump' sequences that jolt you, but no real horror to scare you with. The movie also has a good mystery to it. Good for horror fans, and not cheesy at all. Don't expect a super-cheapy movie, it isn't that bad. 8/10.

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"Catch That Kid"- 8/10. Good movie for the family to enjoy., 10 February 2004

Catch That Kid (2004)

When this film was released I knew it would get criticism, either by the premise of stealing money, or by it's similarities between Spy Kids and Agent Cody Banks. I do not agree that it is like Spy Kids, "Catch That Kid" is a lot better.

The movie is about Maddy Phillips (Kristen Stewart- The Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor), who loves to climb. After an accident on Mt. Everest, her Dad becomes paralyzed, and he can get an operation in Denmark for $250,000- but insurance doesn't pay for it. So, Maddy recruits her two best friends, Austin and Gus, to help her rob a high security bank whose security system her mother created. The safe is suspended 100 feet high, and Maddy must overcome her fear of climbing too high, so that she can save her father's life.

This movie had some really neat climbing sequences, good action, but it lacked a few laughs. Bart Fruendlich manages the security and heist scenes well, and the film has some pretty odd security devices for the bank.

Kristen Stewart is great, she gives a good performance, and her two best friends are also good. The parents are a bit one dimensional, but it doesn't really matter to the kids, which is the audience most likely to be attracted to this movie. When seeing this with your kids, just let them know robbing a bank isn't a good thing, and that it's just a movie. Don't let them take it too seriously, but hey, they're kids. 8/10.

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"Devil's Pond"-10/10. I'm surprised about all the bad remarks on this film., 8 February 2004

Devil's Pond (2004)

I was very surprised when I read all of the terrible remarks on this film. I thought this movie was great. I saw comments remarking that the film must have had a cheap budget because there was a small cast, but that's because the story was about two people all alone in the woods on an island. Who else would be there? I mean come on! Tara Reid gives a great performance. This film is about Julianne (Tara Reid) and her husband Mitch (Kip Pardue). The two are newlyweds and are on their honeymoon on a small island in a cabin. Mitch begins to go insane, and sinks their boat. Since Julianne can't swim, she cannot get off the small island, and as Mitch becomes more and more insane, she realizes that she may not make it off the island ever- and if she does, only one of them are going to be alive.

This film reminded me of Misery, and it was very suspenseful and entertaining. 10/10.

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"Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation"- 7/10. This is Silent Night? It seems more like Rosemary's Baby., 8 February 2004

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4 (1990)

As I watched this movie, I was baffled as why this film was in the Silent Night series. This movie was not scary at all, but was somewhat entertaining. The actors were okay. Clint Howard (House of the Dead) and Reggie Bannister (Phantasm) were the biggest names in this film, but otherwise the rest are pretty much unknown. Director Brian Yuzna (The Dentist) lacks the appropriate Christmas scenery, which would add to the film's intensity and horror. The movie seemed like Rosemary's Baby, with the occult, rape, and sacrificing scenes. Also those giant worm things were NASTY! This movie lacks some things, but it passes on okay. 7/10.

Thirteen (2003)
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"Thirteen"- 7/10. Good movie but filmed oddly., 8 February 2004

Thirteen (2003)

This movie was pretty good, but the way it was filmed, it looked like someone just used a video camera, so the shakiness and zooms sort of distracted you from the film itself, which is indeed brilliance. This movie really captures what most teenage girls are like, and it doesn't skip showing the raw things. The actors are good, Evan Rachel Wood gives a strong performance and is wonderful. Good drama film. 7/10.

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"The Perfect Score"- 8/10. Fast paced and funny., 4 February 2004

The Perfect Score (2004)

This movie focuses on six senior teenagers who decide to steal the SAT answers after the decision of the damage it will do on their futures. With the help of Francesca (Scarlett Johannson), whose father owns the building were the SAT answers are held, they plan a heist and try to steal the answers without getting caught.

This movie has some cheap laughs and good actors including Chris Evans (Not Another Teen Movie), Erika Christensen (Swimfan, Leave It To Beaver), and Scarlett Johannson (Ghost World, Lost In Translation). The film surprises you at the end, and it isn't what you expected at all, but it works out okay. The film starts in quick and fast and doesn't stop till the end. Roy was the funniest character in the movie, and you'll see why when you watch it. It's a great movie for teenagers, but adults probably won't enjoy it at all. 8/10.

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"Married... With Children"- 10/10. One of the greatest TV shows of all time!, 31 January 2004

Married... With Children (1987) TV Series

This show constantly fills you with laughs! It is about your typical American family- and if you are thinking The Brady Bunch, than you are wrong! Married With Children is absolutely the opposite. This show focuses on a dysfunctional family that is made up of Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill), the father of the family, Peggy (Katey Sagal), Ed's ditsy wife, Kelly (Christina Applegate), their partying daughter, and Bud (Dave Faustino), their son who can't seem to score with any chicks. Al Bundy, played by Ed O'Neill,is the funniest TV character I can think of. Katey Sagal is hilarious and Christina Applegate is talented and funny, as is Dave Faustino. This show has some wonderful and outrageous episodes that are sure to make you laugh every time.

This show is sure to offend goodie two shoes-sort of families, but to most of us, this is an absolute hilarious treat! This show is a classic to be enjoyed by everyone and anyone! 10/10.

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