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I was going to make a movies only list, but decided to put movies and TV shows together. That way, seeing something might trigger a memory of something else, and so on...

Updated nearly daily.
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Some women I feel have a certain "something" about them that makes them stand out from most. Some are universally recognized as knockouts, some are personal faves. (and some have NOT let themselves age gracefully, which is a shame [I'm looking at you, Priscilla Presley...], but I'm talking about at their peak, so to speak)

These are in no particular order. I just wrote them down as they came to me. (someone like Grace Kelly would be WAY higher, for instance)
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As I add to the list, I'm sure I'll surprise myself at the number of more modern actors I include. :p
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People that make me laugh, obviously. ;) Doesn't have to be stand-up.