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Shakespeare's greatest story,love's greatest story turned into a film what could go wrong?, 18 September 2008

Everything to be honest.

I'm yet to see a worse film adaption off a Shakespeare story in my life,i was frankly appalled after wacthing this utter mess off a film,and to have the title off this film as 'William Shakespeare romeo + Juliet'is disgrace as this isn't remotely close to the legendary William Shakespeare's amazing love story.The use of the laungues used in this film just doesn't suite or make any sense in the new punk version off the story.

I urge you please avoid this as if your life depended on it and stick with the classic and legendary William Shakespeare's book utterly disgraceful which would make William Shakespeare turn in his grave.

1/10....and that one is only for the quite good acting from Leonardo.

Jack is back, 29 June 2008

How this stand up only has a rating off 6.9 is beyond me.

After a disappointing 2002 stand up,jack dee really is on top form.On stage jack is never less than triumphant,there are few comedians who can sustain this rage,but he keeps the bile rolling and turns grumpiness into an form of art.You name it jack blames it.Fortunately his sustained ranting is jaw-achingly funny.Jack will make you laugh like your life depended on it.

This really is a brilliant return to form for the grumpiest comic around,any comic fan should buy this,and so what if he uses the c word once he does in all his stand-ups.

Jack dee lovers buy this stand up now,its not as good as the 1997 tour but its pretty close indeed

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One of the greatest performances of all time!, 7 April 2008

This film is now one of my all time favourites,never before has a film left such a big lump in my throat because of the brilliant and beautiful script,brilliant directing and the sensational and breathtaking acting by Pacino.This for me is pancino's greatest performance ever and one of the best performances off all time beaten only by Robert DE Nero's performance in the deer hunter.Off courses lets not forget the great performance by Chris O'Donnell as school boy Charles which unfortunately will not be remembered simply because pacino's role is so breathtaking and worthy off his Oscar he won,which is proved by his great speech at the end which is 6/7 minutes long and he didn't blink once like blind people and that is a sign off class.

So all in all brilliant & moving film and acting by all.

Grade A 10/10

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Rude,offensive and damn right hilarious, 26 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Animals was fantastic,politics was brilliant, but fame beats them my a mile,i love and adore Ricky gervais and everything he does but admit he is on of the biggest headed man on TV,so when i heard at this was called fame i thought it would be him talking about how famous and great he was.But i wasn't it was a funny look at fame and being famous not just all about him,and most of it wasn't really about being famous,but the bits what was where so funny.

But for me the highlight of this show was his little pops at dawn french had me crying and spiting but drinking out with laughter.

other parts off the show was Ricky talking about Charity gigs at the start off the show,and at the end telling a story about Sharon Osbourne on the x factor which i was in tears over.

love him or hate him you MUST see this so really only one word sums this up......genius

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A fine bit of stand up, 19 November 2007

This is a great show by one of the UK's funniest comedians,Jack Dee.He doesn't really tell jokes which some may think isn't very good for a comedian but instead he makes fun out of real life things i.e the Olympics,the England Cricket team and out of his life experience's.This is a my favourite stand up show because it make me laugh constantly,simply there is abit to laugh at every few seconds,jack is one of Britain's best stand ups going,so all in all I'm very pleased to have seen and own this stand up.

i would recommend this to anyone who wants a good laugh.

9/10 brilliant

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Quite simply the best soap episode ever, 13 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i remember wacthing this episode when 1st broad-casted,and i remember then think what a masterpiece this episode in a time where eastenders was on a low this put it back on all was based around Nana moon have a few weeks left to live and she wanted to go back to see her husbands grave who died in the war,so Alfie takes her and then we get the flash backs of the war and Nana moon and her husband how they meet at a dance in the 40's..and the whole episode unfolds from there,you find out every think about them growing and Nana having a baby Alfie's dad but then she gets a letter to say that he had died in battle,which was sad but then we go back to present time and Nana and Alfie are at the grave site,and Nana says how says that she will see him soon,but panics in case he doesn't recenise her in heaven and the whole thing was just great.

everyone in voled in this should be proud and I'm glad it got awards like it should have!!

Prue class!!, 5 September 2007

you've got the best British actor as the lead role in sir David Jason..another brilliant British actor in Nicolas mix that with the best support cast ever in a TV show...then take the world class writing of john Sullivan..and what do you have?? the greatest sitcom ever made!!although the 1st 6 i wasn't to keen on but it just got better and better,and in my opinion time in our hands is just the best sitcom episode made and i do think the last 3 was a mistake although i thought that there was funny especially the last ever one sleepless in peck-ham and it was a lovely ending...but for me the episode that really did show of john Sullivan as a brilliant writer and David and Nicholas as true great actors was granddads funeral just everything about it was brilliant and for me thats when the show went into a league of its own to other sitcoms and which made it Prue class!!

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gets better ever episode!!!!, 21 August 2007

I've only started wacthing this over the last few months and fell in love with it as soon as i saw it although i think it was slow starting this show was it really gets better each also can relate to the characters ie Antony is just like me and the whole family in away is like mine,and it because of Ralf little (Antony) that i wacthed this show cause I'm a big fan of his and I'm glad i did OK so there isn't a laugh every line like most comedies but then thats not real life and this is just like real life i love it and would recommend it to anyone and it is now my 2nd favourite sitcom made to date!!!!!!!

9 out of 10 is about right

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best episode of this show to date, 17 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The doll stands out as a personal favourite of mine because of the realism of this one...larry goes to the toilet and see's a little girl playing with a doll so he tries to make her laugh then she says that the dolls her is too long so larry being larry decides to cut the doll her cause its what the girl wants and from there,there is nothing but trouble for larry as the girl says to her mum that she didn't want it cutting so larry takes Jeff's kids doll and give to her,but Susan finds out and goes mad so they have to get it back and the attempts are brilliant to get it back....and its just the situration larry gets himself in is brilliant making it the best one to date!!!

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poor mans o'Gardy, 13 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

as soon as i heard of this show i knew it would be a rip of Paul o'Gardy and i watched it and i was right,almost the same format and very camp like the Paul o'Gardy show.I say that this show will end up like the Sharon Osbourne show panned by critics and axed after the 1st season,i do like cotton but he isn't up to being a host of a TV chat show and i think this will ruining his reputation,but lets hope not...but the show is him talking to 'nobodies' IMO and running around the crowd talking to the crowd,and the letter readings at the where have i seen that before??

i give this show 3 out of 10 and that is being nice

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