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A Study of a Killing Spree that Shocked America, 7 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I hadn't seen Tim Roth before this mini-series and like his future roles he plays a good "bad guy". Fairuza Balk plays his girlfriend as a hapless victim taken along for the ride. Since the real Caril Ann Fugate served her full prison sentence and has never talked to the media (that I know of), we will probably never know the extent of her involvement. If this killing spree happened today, as she is portrayed here, she would probably get probation with a good lawyer.

But in this story we are drawn in by the cold malice of Tim Roth's Starkweather. We are as shocked by his deeds as middle America must have been back in the fifties. We can see how the perception of strangers as possible enemies rather than possible friends started the paradigm shift to fortress America.

This movie should be required viewing for anybody studying criminal behavior.