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Trying to list all the movies I've Ever seen (in random order) good and bad. Just because I have waaay to much spare time.
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Just a list of some on my favorite movies - Random order!
There's no way I could compare these, ;)
Only English and mostly Comedy & Horror.
- More to come eventually
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I've seen aloooot of crap. But these movies I just wanted to burn and forget they existed. Soo horrible.
But I never regret watching a movie even if it sucks, cuz u learn from your mistakes ;)
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Random order!
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Yeah I'm very picky. And rarely feel such a strong connection between the characters on screen that I'm touched. But these are the ones for me ;)
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List of all my favorites shows I have followed under these 20 years of my life. English-speaking, non-reality shows only, also NOT including anime or cartoon shows. ;)
Totally useless - but i was bored.
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What the title says. Not necessarily people that are considers GREAT actors - but I find them interesting.
- No specifik order, (And yes the majority is women)
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NOTE! I'm not saying these are BAD actors or BAD people just because I don't like them.
Example: I dislike Christian Bale because he seems like a douche and his roles bore me - however i haven't seen them all. Example 2: I'm sure Chris Klein is a great person, but I think he's a pretty bad actor - alas I have not seen his entire body of work, so maybe I just missed something.
And sometimes you just have a feeling, you know? Not saying I could change my mind in the future =)
In no order