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The Rage (2007)
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Divoff Shines Once Again, 4 March 2008

This is definitely Andrew Divoff's finest work in the genre in over a decade since Wishmaster. He really chews the scenery like a champ and is a blast to watch. Kurtzman also redeemed himself for his disappointing effort from last year Buried Alive. Rage did have a few flaws though but first I'll highlight the strong points. For one this film keeps the action moving from the very first gruesome scene to the last. The gore and makeup effects are top notch with the botched medical experiments and mutated vultures literally disemboweling people and sending limbs flying left and right. I won't ruin the specifics but if you dig blood this film delivers. Nothing is taken too seriously in this film although Divoff's back story really added some surprising layers to the typical mad scientist role. Erin Brown (Misty Mundae) is really starting to show she's good for more than just T and A in skin flicks. Although a return to that genre wouldn't be un welcomed LOL. Erin has has some cool moments in this including going postal on a perverted transvestite dwarf mutant......Yes you read that right. On the negative side less than convincing CGI mostly with the vultures. It certainly didn't ruin the movie by any means but there were a few shots that didn't look to great. All in all a must see in my opinion. Get the unrated DVD.

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I Didn't Know what To Expect, But Didn't Expect It to Be Boring, 17 October 2007

Robert Kurtzman is a seasoned horror vet, no one can deny that. However he made a truly terrible film in this case. The new Dimension Extreme label has gotten off to a hot start with the excellent Black Sheep and Broken. In addition you have a good director and the always at the top of his game Tobin Bell in the cast. Who by the way the way does have a decent amount of screen time, as some have said it's just a cameo. Now if you look at my past reviews you can tell I'm a generous critic who makes an effort to highlight the strengths' of a film, but thats really a difficult task here. For one the film is quite boring. The cast is annoying with the exception of Tobin. They didn't make me laugh and they certainly didn't make me care about there fates'. Most of all Buried Alive goes a good thirty or forty minutes before anything scary or gory happens, and then you have another long wait to the end. Your just stuck with the lame interaction of the characters lounging about, really not doing much. Tobin Bell is the only bright spot here. Now a couple things barely save this from a one rating, and thats a few much welcome moments of nudity, and maybe two kills done much better in Wrong Turn 2. Still it's so awfully boring for so long that I was actually just looking at the back of the DVD case for the running time, to see how long my misery would last. As an easy to please critic I give Buried Alive a "very" generous 3 rating. Kurtzman's other new film The Rage actually looks quite good, so I'll forgive this effort.

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One Of Naschy's Finest, 23 September 2007

Night Of The Werewolf aka Retorno del Hombre-Lobo is without a doubt a must see classic in the Spanish horror genre. One negative I must mention first is an odd score in one early scene in particular, but that is a very minor complaint. Night Of The Werewolf is an absolutely beautifully shot film, with an amazing Gothic atmosphere. The look cannot be praised enough, such stunning shots and sets. Paul Naschy is in top form here, and I recommend Night Of The Werewolf to horror enthusiasts not familiar with Naschy's work. And lets not forget the drop dead gorgeous actresses', who are easy on the eyes, and deliver in there performances. Definitely makes one think "she can bathe in my blood anytime" LOL. Highly recommended to fans of Naschy, and fans of the genre in general. Get the new remastered DVD, which at Best Buy is available in a two pack with another Naschy film Vengeance Of The Zombies. It looks amazing.

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Terrifying Horror Superior To Most Any Studio Ghost Story, 23 September 2007

Dark Remains is a home run plain and simple. The film is full of creepy visuals, and scares' that will make the most seasoned horror veteran jump straight out of there seat. The staircase scene in particular, these guys are good. Although they weren't working on a huge budget everything looks good, and the actors come through. Dark Remains does have one of those interpretive endings which may be a negative for some, but I guess it makes you think. Cheri Christian and Greg Thompson are spot on as the grieving couple trying to rebuild there lives', however some side characters like the Sheriff didn't convince me. They aren't all that important anyways. I give Dark Remains a perfect ten rating for being ten times scarier than any recent studio ghost story/ Japanese remake.

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Fanboys Dream Cast In An Average Movie, 23 September 2007

Man I was hoping for so much more here. I am a die hard Buffy fan and eagerly anticipated a featured role for Marsters. Tony Todd in my view is one of the great actors working today in any genre, and Jolene was one of the bright spots of a dreary Enterprise. Not to mention I love the basic premise, and am a big fan of Cube. Sadly Shadow Puppets mostly falls into the average category. The acting is good, and there is a twist at the end that may surprise you. I believe the majority of the budget was spent on assembling the cast. I was okay with the generic smoke monster, it was what it was, and it was probably better to do something simple instead of a poor CGI creature. The film is never really that scary or suspenseful and there aren't any clever kills or gore moments so that may hurt it in the eyes of those looking for a Saw or Cube. Because of the cast I was hoping for more, but if it were Lorenzo Lamas and Shannon Tweed headlining my review would be less critical. Still it's a "slightly" above average film with a good cast.

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A Gritty Nailbiter Thats intensity Rivals That Of Any Recent Studio Feature, 6 September 2007

Hunting Season is such an impressive film, that is well worth seeking out. The intensity of this project rivals any recent studio effort. The plot is the basic young people go camping and end up getting hunted and tortured by crazy rednecks. However one thing that elevates it, is the characters aren't the typical stereotypes you normally see, and the viewer is given some back story, and a reason to care for these people and root for them to pull through. There are several scenes that will have you cringing and biting your nails, involving barb wire, steaks, and even a chainsaw chase through the woods. I never felt as though I was watching a low budget feature made by a first time director, which is saying something. Hunting Season delivers the suspense, and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Look for big things from this director. Highly recommended.

The Ugly (1997)
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A Must See/ Perfect in Every Way, 25 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Ugly is such a brilliant film. Paolo Rotondo, and Rebecca Hobbs are amazing actors. In fact it's a crime they haven't broken out and become huge stars yet. You all know the story, but the ending is whats really interesting. I've read different theories, but the one I tend to believe is that Paolo's character passed on his curse, or The Ugly if you will to the doctor. When I re watched the movie I really understood it better. Thats why he said " Don't Worry, I'm cured". Plus if you recall it was hinted that he had certain mental powers, hence the doctor seeing him in her dreams, and reacting when he touched her head. There are subtle clues throughout the The Ugly to back all this up. Still his powers aren't really focused on. At the heart of this film, it's a character study, about a disturbed, yet sympathetic killer, and his tormented existence. Still the last part of the story, will have you thinking, and debating with friends. For me I liked the way it ended, and didn't feel it was an artsy cop out like other recent examples of the genre. An absolute must see. This has been hard to find, but it was available in a Wal Mart DVD two pack recently, sadly with no extra features.

Delivery (2006) (V)
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Stickin It To The Man, 28 July 2007

I must say I wasn't expecting much from this when I bought the DVD, but ended up having an absolute blast. Matthew Nelson gives a surprisingly sympathetic performance. I found myself feeling so sorry for the character, and wanted things to work out for him and his love interest. Suffice it to say he finally slips all the way into madness, and seeks bloody retribution on his numerous tormentors. The best moments in this film come from Nelson really showing the characters pain. Nothing goes right for him, and literally every single person in his life is abusive to him in one way or the other. The dark humor here is hilarious, although some may find the side characters who torture Monty, to be way over the top. Still that makes all the more amusing when the movie goes all out slasher in the final 20 minutes or so. One negative a couple kills showed the films' low budget. Most of it is actually quite effective, but the sprinkler scene for example doesn't quite work. Still Delivery caught me off guard, and entertained the hell out of me. Definitely check this one out.

My Vampire Lover (2002) (V)
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Solid But I Have A Couple Complaints, 4 July 2007

My Vampire Lover delivers the required Girl On Girl action, which pretty much lasts the entire film. Thats a big plus, however there is little seduction to be found here. What I mean by that is I just didn't buy the love scenes. Our beautiful lead Vamp meets and then is making love to the neighborhood women all in a matter of five seconds. Generally there would be a little reservation at first, but not in My Vampire Lover. This film basically just goes from love scene to love scene which I like usually in my erotic films, but here it felt unbelievable and disjointed. I just felt the girls' were going through the motions, and it was sex scene after sex scene with no build whatsoever. Thats not to say it's all bad, Paige Richards is funny and extremely sexy as the lead Vampire, plus you have Misty Mundae aka Erin Brown as a Catholic Schoolgirl which was a sexy plus. So I recommend it to my fellow Seduction Cinema fans as the sex and nudity was abundant, just don't expect any real seducing to happen.

The Mad (2007)
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Amusing Zomedy Film, 30 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WOW, the Zombie comedy genre sure seems to be in style lately. I'll say this much, The Mad had a lot of firsts in it, and definitely entertained me, even though it wasn't quite as perfect as some reviews have made it out to be. first off, Billy Zane is a great actor, in fact this is totally his movie. I did laugh at his dialog, even though I felt his performance was a tad uneven at times. Some of the death scenes were just plain hilarious. I won't spoil it for you with specifics, but I will say look for a funny decapitation scene, as well as an attack from a possessed Hamburger Pattie.... Now that has to be a first. The Mad certainly has B movie classic potential. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good campy horror film.

Spoiler Warning- I do have some mild criticism. For one thing, I didn't care for the climactic portion at the farm. I felt the villainous father and son duo, were just kind of dumb, and pointless. I didn't find them funny, and certainly didn't find them threatening in any way. Second although the film did have a few generally laugh out loud moments, the comedy, and performances were a tad uneven at times, and just didn't consistently hit for me. But hey I can't complain to much about a film that has freakin Hamburger Patties attacking people. If you enjoy this check out the numerous recent entries in the Zomedy genre like Dead and Deader, Shaun Of The Dead, Stink Of Flesh, Dead and Breakfast, and an early example of the genre, Dead Heat.

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