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Loved the plot but come on guys the singing???, 16 April 2011

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Loved the plot but come on guys the singing??? You took it too far...

Maybe if you wanted to do a musical episode you shouldn't have exaggerated on the singing, only allow characters to perform who really can sing and do it in a less dramatic episode...

I know there's some kind of fever with music on TV like Glee or even American Idol but that doesn't mean we wanna watch it in series like yours, cause they are completely different and don't match, i'll give you the hallucination part but why when they where discussing what to do with Callie for example, she wasn't even on the room what's with the singing there? You are not a musical show and we love your show just as it is . I love Glee and it works for me cause that's what I wanna watch in that show but it would be weird if they started operating on someone wouldn't it?

I still love the show but sorry you ruin for me 2 of my favorites songs!

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What do u like about this movie???, 11 April 2008

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How can you like this movie??? The baby gets drop a thousand times and its just fine, Doug is like a bad version of superman he gets hit over and over again and keeps standing, the mutants doesn't have super speed but they manage to disappear in seconds and the decisions the family made are so lame! I mean for example if you are going against a bunch of dangerous crazy people, would you just take a bat to defend yourself??? and not only the family the mutants are not dumb but they locked someone in a box and take the weapon the person left behind and put it where they can grab it back without a problem??? I could go on for hours...

"E-Ring" (2005)
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Geography, 10 September 2006

Most of Hollywood directors should really take a geography class, specially one about Colombia... When are they gonna get Bogota is a LARGE CITY with a COLD weather not a freaking small warm town as they keep showing it!!!! I think this is a really interesting series, but things like that make me not wanna see it anymore, because if the director or whoever is responsible for knowing the facts about the country they are making the scene in, doesn't care about how the Colombians lives, why should they care about his TV show??? This is so offensive and needs to be change... Bogota is a city that deserves to be seen as it really is, just beautiful.

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Huge offensive geography mistake, 4 August 2006

I think it's really disrespectful and even kind of racist the way the people responsible of the south American scene showed the city of Bogota at the beginning of the movie. I'm not even Colombian and still i feel so offended by it, because as Latin I'm frustrated they keep trying to show us as a group of natives living in warm towns. Not all places in Latin America are like that, in fact Bogota its not one of them. At least they should have look for a picture on line (it's not so hard) to see the city before shooting the scene and read a little bit about the weather, architecture and other important facts. This shows the lame concept that some people still have about us and their ignorance!!!!