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Star Trek (2009)
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10 out of 10, an incredible reboot...!!!, 7 April 2009

So I managed to go to the world premiere at the Sydney opera house last night. While I will not ruin the film before its release by delivering a shot by shot review here I will say that JJ Abrams is quite possibly the smartest film maker on the planet. Managing to poke fun at some of the sillier aspects of the original series/movies while still being completely respectful, action scenes that easily rival anything in Transformers, and space battles that are breathtaking. Now let me just say that while I do consider myself a big fan of Trek in all its forms, i don't have a uniform hanging in my wardrobe and I cant speak Klingon, but having said that I will say the movie is F###ING AMAZING...!!! Honestly, incredible film, do yourself a favour and see it as soon as it comes out. thanks, the end.

Outlander (2008)
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not perfect, but damn close...!!, 5 February 2009

OK, so maybe the 9 out of 10 i gave this might be a little too high, its definitely a 7, at least, so i gave it 2 points for effort.

firstly this is a film for geeks and fanboys, i am whole heartedly one, anyone looking for lord of the rings fantasy should look elsewhere, anyone looking for a fun, well made, well acted sci-fi/fantasy, go no further.

jim caviezel is perfect as the not over the top hero, he plays the part very humbly, and well. john hurt as always delivers, sophia myles is absolutely stunning and completely believable as a tough viking's daughter, and ron perlman is...well he's ron perlman. (awesome) the creature is an original design, not borrowing heavily from alien or predator, although it did remind me of the creature from the relic, even still it looked amazing, and it left me wanting to find out more about its race.

FX were great all round, at no point did the CG fail to make me believe in the creature.

all in all, a totally enjoyable film!! sci-fi and fantasy mixed to almost perfection, we can only hope this flick gets a wider theatrical release so that we may get a sequel(but it mite head down a planet of the apes path, which may not be a bad thing) or possibly a prequel (id love to find out the details of why our hero's ship crashes at the start) watch it anyway you can!!!

Scorched (2008) (TV)
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rubbish...!!!, 31 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

apologies to all actors concerned , as they all did a decent job throughout, unfortunately the plot was weak, and the story appeared to be cut to ribbons. upon the death of one particular character we, the audience, are supposed to feel sad, but as we had only met this character once, and don't really care its a completely hollow moment. there is no real feeling of danger at any point in the film, and the whole affair feels like a watered down disaster movie. when we live in an age of films like, the day after tomorrow, the core, volcano and dantes peak (admitedly not great films, but still the spectacle in these films is huge) this below average telemovie just doesn't cut it. im all for Australia trying to branch out from the usual Aussie battler stories but this was a limp effort.

maybe the 2 hours added to the DVD will help the viewer care more about all the characters, but i wont be watching it to find out, good luck to those of you who do.

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no respect for an epic story, 24 September 2007

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OK, I'm a big superman fan and for that matter I'm a fan of just about every superhero. I'm also a big fan of all the DC animated projects, especially justice league unlimited, but this was totally screwed up! 80 mins is nowhere near long enough to tell this story for a start. its obvious that a trilogy would have served the story far better, superman dies at the end of the first movie, reign of the supermen for the 2nd and then the return in the last. it was ridiculous that not a single other hero turned up to help fight doomsday when in the comic every man and his dog made an appearance, which only shows how tough doomsday was to beat in the first place, i think it only took supes about 25mins (dvd time) to kill doomsday, thats crazy!, and then there is no mention of his body for the rest of the film. i also have to say i thought the animation was very average at best, it was too close to all the other DC animations, which look great, but the minor changes made in this film just brought the whole quality down. this film should have been all CGI. lets hope DC have enough sense to remake this epic story with the respect it deserves...

Aquaman (2006) (TV)
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a worthy successor to smallville, 4 August 2006

Aquaman is obviously not the most recognised or popular superhero around and yet this show managed to give him a fairly cool edge. fans of smallville will love this, as i did, i would even go as far as to say that the pilot is a better show than the pilot for smallville (obviously the creative team have gotten better since the beginning of smallville) anyway, with smallville apparently coming to an end in a season or two i think it would be crazy for some network to leave Aquaman dead in the water (sorry) solid acting from all concerned and very cool FX all contribute to this pilot being an obvious hit, watch it anyway you can.