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Criminal Hearts (1996) (V)
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It's a road movie and a darn good one!, 6 May 2001

Despite the acting of Amy Locane this road movie really works. If nothing else, the scenery will suck you in to an enjoyable experience. Pretty country, enjoyable characters (what movie with M. Emmet Walsh couldn't keep your attention), foot-stomping music, tight editing and strong directing make Criminal Hearts a movie worth seeing.

Alien Avengers II (1997) (TV)
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These aliens will steal your funny bone., 6 May 2001

Weird, wacky and wild fun! Laugh out loud performances from George Wendt and Julie Brown in this sci-fi, dark comedy, western hybrid. (Leave it to Roger Corman!) I¹m a big fan of the b-film. And this is a shining example. We¹ve got aliens, blood, boobs, explosions, torture, sex, social satire and a ton of comedy (actually intentional!) Dave Payne seems to understand what type of film he¹s making and stays dead on track with the tone. The shoot out in the finale is a crafty take on every great western street show down. The witty camera work and ricochet action owes a lot to Sam Raimi¹s ³Quick and the Dead,² but director Dave Payne makes this movie his own. Michael McDonald (lately of Mad TV) wrote this sleeper hit.

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If you were not a fan of the Addams Family before you will be now, 6 May 2001

This direct to video movie is coming from a completely different place than the Barry Sonnenfeld theatrical features. A place much closer to the original Charles Addams cartoons. Gomez is more the characterish type Charles Addams drew and less the suave looking lothario than Raul Julia. Daryl Hannah as the stunning Morticia appears to be channeled directly from Charles Addams inkwell. There¹s some really fun camera work, nice special effects, and great over the top performances that work quite well in the world the filmmakers create. All in all, a nice take on the Addams Family.

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The title says it all. I could have watch another couple of hours., 6 May 2001

What this movie has done is brought an already remarkable story to the next level. The use of relatively unknown actors to tell an relatively unknown story really works. The tone, locations, and camera work fit right in to the "darkness" of the story. Everyone associated with this move should be commended. Dave Payne has a style all his own(Addams Family Reunion, Alien Avengers 2 etc.)and it's a style of which I just can't get enough.