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The list of all movies with US releases in 2016 Rated from best to worst.
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yes i actually took the time to list every movie i have ever seen. Check out my other lists to see every movie i have seen seperated by year and in order
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Im still up in the air if its worth watching these. Ill take any advice I can get
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Hate all you want, but I have zero interest in seeing this. Granted I dont like fantasy so that will be a reason for alot of movies being on this list. If you have a reason I should change my mind I would be more than happy to hear it.
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These arent movies I wont watch, and these arent movies im too excited for either. This is a list of movies I might end up watching if a) I run out of the 1,700+ movies I want to see b) Its 4 am and I somehow dont have access to anything else but that movie.
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These are in order from best to worst. After that are movies I havent seen yet in order from which ones i think will be the best to worst
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So these are the worst movies that Ive seen and rated a 1-3. I know, most of them are very recent.
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all the movies ive seen so far are up top in order, the rest are pretty random. is it just me, or have the movies so far this year been pretty average at best? 38-46 are interchangeable
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1-10 are some of my favorite movies of all time. Just an amazing year for film. Thin Red Line is the worst war film I have ever seen.
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looking back, this was a pretty good year for film!
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an AMAZING year for film. How do you pick a number one with Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Ed wood and a comedic classic like dumb and dumber? lemme know what you think!!!
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This is a list of movies you have probably never heard of that are MUCH better than most of the trash that is in Hollywood now. Join the lucky few who dont just watch movies because they are bored, but because they are entertaining
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all the movies i am looking forward to in 2017 and on
please let me know any suggestions you have!!!!!
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Every movie, tv episode, short and sporting event I've seen.
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Every show, movie, short film, sporting event and anything else that I've seen in 2014. The most recent is on top.
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So I spent alot of time on this list...lemme know what you think! 1-7 are amazing, 8-13 were very good movies, 14-25 i enjoyed, 26-35 were good but missing something and the rest are just kinda...blah. oh and from 79 on do ANYTHING else besides watching those movies!!! for example, you can check out all my other lists!!!
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im still working on the list so bear with me...
the bottom of the list is belly 2, after that is all unsorted for now
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Please tell me if there is any carp in this list that shouldnt be anyone.
these are in the order that ive watched them, or if i havent seen them yet, the order i plan on watching them in (each page is in its own order)
Check out my other lists!
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Lets see if I can actually find enough time to watch 100 movies over the next 365 days and write a short review for each. If you have any suggestions on what to watch or stay away from let me know! My most recently watched movie will always be on top of the list.
NOTE: So i will be adding any shorts that i see during the year but they wont count towards the 100

UPDATE: THE YEAR IS OVER!!! I can't believe how many terrible movies I've seen this year.