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A look back at Best Movie Oscar winners that, in hindsight, should have lost to a different movie that was nominated that year.
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I thought since so many people were making lists of all the movies they have seen, I decided to make one giant list, so we wouldn't have to make any more lists of movies we've seen. You know, those stupid lists that people make like, "Every movie I have seen" list. They normally will list over 1000 movies. I don't have time to read these and I don't care. If you can recite every movie you have seen you need to get a life. Anyway I started with movies that begin with "A". It then occurred to me this would take too long. And, the more I thought about it, it seemed rather dumb. Just like an "Every movie I have ever seen" list.
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Movies and TV shows I, a middle age heterosexual male, will admit to watching.
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30 comedies that fly under the radar and seem forgotten, but still very funny
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A list of movies that are just plain fun to watch.
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This list is about movies guys should see. It's not a "Dude, you don't get your man card if you haven't seen it" list. It's just a list of movies guys can say, "Yeah. I've seen it. Good movie." If I am missing a movie, let me know and convince me it should be on the list. If you disagree with a choice, convince me it should go. In no particular order...