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Gang (2000)
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Good film Excellent direction, 3 September 2001

although the film has a repetetive story the way it has been made is excellent.Director LATE mazhar khan's unfinished dream this movie has been in making since 9 yrs.Actors Jackie Shroff,Nana Patekar,Kumar Gaurav,Javed Jaaffery have excelled in their roles.Best is the villon played my Amjad Khans Brother Inayat Khan.He even matches his brother in his acting.The movie has lots ovf voilent scenes that are more than satya or vaastav.ENJOY THIS ONE. it is one of my favorites.

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Great Piece Of art, 30 August 2001

Farhan U deserve full congrats and that the 3 actors are absoluty exellent and that its an excellent change for movie goers and that the director of photography must be thanked for his effots to entertain us he is none other than creative ravi k chanrdan. :) absolute entertainer

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Best Tamil film without songs, 8 August 2001

best work from cinematographer director PC sriram and KAMAL HASSAN,ARJUN.Film revolves around a anti terrorist team of slodiers their lives and thier challenges to come bye.Excellent direction and perfomances and a great film in tamil and thankingly not with a Song .