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wow!, 6 February 2007

now this is a movie. Stanley Kubrick made a movie that your not supposed to understand, but what you do get out of it is the questions asked by the movie. With many futuristic elements at the time, and revolutionary special effects, the movie changed movie making as we know it. This movie, featuring the infamous computer Hal, sparked a new thought on computers. this is a movie, of revolutionary ideas, special effects, and some of the greatest questions of all time. 2001 a space Odyssey is possibly one of the best science fiction films ever made. It shows us that by standing the universe on it head, we can begin to look at it it in a most peculiar way. 2001 is a movie must see

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Leslie Nielson in a sci fi movie? and its good too, 6 February 2007

i saw this movie and i instantly fell in Love with it, it is one of my favorite, and is timeless. No matter how you look at it, it was driven by action and adventures to a planet unknown. There Leslie Nielson meets a girl and falls in love with her. He also meets the girls father, a scientist, who explains to him the uniqueness of this world.

This movie shows us the good and bad in people. it shows how even the most brilliant people cant figure something out and that with some though and reason, the common man can lead. It has inspired all of the sci fi films of this decade, and is timeless, like i said before.

IF there are any movies you need to see before you die, this should be one of them

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Don't Panic!, 8 January 2007

the Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy. A Great Book and A great movie. though the movie misse4s some good jokes, all of the best ones are in there, but not reasons why you need a towel. his may have confused people. you really need to read the books before you watch the movie, and it will explain things. there really is no point to the movie or book, its just one of the greatest stories ever told. The hitchhikers guide movie portrays the character exactly how the are in the book, which is good compared to other movies based on books that I've seen, which almost butcher the characters or story. Now the movie is based on the book based on the radio series. The Movbie should be though of as a separate version of the Guide and not as a Based on a book movie. Douglas Adams wrote the script himself.

Fileed with witty jokes and wonderful deliveries form Marvin the paranoid , Brilliant, Chronically depressed robot, Aurthur ford and trillian, and the infamous slartibartifast, all hitchhikers fans will rejoice at the great and wonderful job the director did with the movie. Remember before watching this, Don't PANIC!

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horrible version of the book, 27 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i thought that this movie was terrible. How could they take such a great science fiction film and turn it into a drama? How could the get rid of the mechanical dog? how could they change Clarence Mckellens fate? How could they make a horrible version of this movie. i Mesan Oscar Verner's performance isn't even good, and how could they change the ending ? i mean they travel, they don't stay in one place. T? its a bad version of the movie, i hated it and the new one should be better and i hope it is. If i remake the movie again, ill make a lot of changes form movie to movie, god i hope this new one is better than this one, and i hope the get ray to work on it, to make it at least remotely well adapted

Sin City (2005)
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Sin city needs to find some law enforce meant, 26 December 2006

seriously. it does, it needs to find law enforcement, to make this movie have a point. Whats the point? whats the purpose of this movie, its nothing but some sequences about people, whom haven't even met, randomly killing people. they like don't even meet at the end. Just 3 random scenes. Purposely as a movie fan i felt that this movie sucked. honestly i cant say it enough that there was no point no purpose, just random scenes. Now whats with the color mixed into black and whiteness? choose one for god sakes, black and whit is fine, and so is color, but for god sakes , Choocse one. As a big movie fan, and liking tons of movies, i have to say that i hated this movie, its pointless, and purposeless, i mean i learned more form watching Caddyshack that i did from watching people shoot random people. the movie isn't even realistic. people get shot like 17 times and still live. what is with that

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Wow... what a film, 10 December 2006

One flew Over the Coo- Koo's Nest is the powerful story of one man, who gets thrown into a mental hospital and makes a difference n the patients lives. This person is Randle McMurphy, played by Jack Nicholson. Randle, who is an ex-convict being put in a mental hospital, tries to just be himself in the place and tries to break out. He has some smart remarks made to the nurse of the place, Mildred Ratched (Louise Fletcher) who is a cold nurse. A nurse who is not tempted into doing anything and I mean anything, unless it's "her way." The nurse's character is still considered one of the coldest characters in movie history.

The movie has a lot of action and always keeps you entertained. It has a lot of interaction between the characters, which is good, because you get to know them well. You see the change undergoing between the patients there after they meet Randle, and start rebelling against Nurse Mildred Ratched. It shows how they like to disagree with Nurse Mildred. One of the biggest characters to change was the character Chief. He went form doing almost nothing to moving around and even speaking but only speaking to Jack Nicholson's character Randle McMurphy.

The director of the movie, Milos Forman, had different actors in mind for certain parts of the film, made the right decision in the actors that he chose. The cast is very well casted, and most of them went on to so other movies, Including Danny Devito, who got his start in this film. Devito would later star in the hit TV series Taxi. Christopher Lloyd, who also appears in the movie, also starred in this series with Devito.

Though based on the book, the movie almost butchers it, according to the books author, Ken Kesey. He was saying that he would never watch the movie in its entirety. This is surprising due to the fact that the movie launched may careers and won 5 Oscars and was the seco9nd movie to win all of the main categories. The film in addition won 6 golden globes, in many of the categories it won Oscars for. The films success makes it one of the greatest films made, even by today's standards. It even ranks #12 on's top 250 films. The movie is very, very powerful.

The ending has big twist and you probably wont believe it to be true, but its really the ending that makes the movie what it is today. Without the way it ends, The movie would be next to nothing as a movie, and probably a waste of time for you to see. But that is why Milos foreman is a good director, and Jack Nicolson a good actor.

One flew Over the CooKoo's Nest is one of those rare movie that you watch and instantly fall in love with this one. It is a powerful and moving film that will forever capture you heart and really change you. It makes you see what's on the inside. This movie introduces a lot of talent, like Jack Nicholson, Danny Devito, and Christopher Lloyd. It's surprising how a movie like this isn't #1, but it good for where it's at. I personally would give this movie a 10 out of 10 and it deserves all of it

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I believe in you ...., 8 December 2006

A classic 60's musical aptly about how to succeed in business, filled with catchy songs and probably Robert Morses bes performance ever. Whats not to love about it? Ity has classic dance routines and stuff that will keep you occupied for hours and hours and hours on end. It it one of the better musical movies i have ever seen. and I am now starting to become a Robert Morse fan. he is such a great actor, and i wanna try to learn all of the songs. I watched this in my economics class and while everyone else was all blah about it , i saw the charm, and the love of the character that Robert Morse had. Plus i cant get the songs out of my head

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wow............., 14 November 2006

Im speechless, I am truly speechless, this movie, takes a little bit to get into, but when you get it, it is a great movie, filled with crime, action and drama. Each twisted and moved and swirled around in the movie. Major bonus point to the writers. Christopher Eccelson, who now plays the new doctor who, does a superb job in the movie. Even though hes like 20 something and he plays a 19 year old. The Court system that they used in the 50's style england is very accurate. Even right down to the wigs they use in the court. Let him have it is a must see. you may, or may not like it. It is a really great movie, that should be on the list for movies to see.

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My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump, 31 October 2006

Forrest Gump is the compelling story of a person whose IQ is below 80 and still has a very successful life. Forrest was a kid with problems growing up, and all the kids made fun of him, until they found out how fast he could run. After that he gained some respect playing football, for his high school football team.

That's just where the adventure begins, his long and compelling story, is one filled with drama, action, and a humorous line or moment every here or there. There are hundreds of memorable lines that come form the movie, like "Stupid is as Stupid does" or "Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get." The movie starts Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, and Sally Field, whom are really great actor, who really have great chemistry together. Though one thing, Gary Sinise had earlier worked with tom Hanks on the set of the movie, Apollo 13. Sally Field is a long time actress, and delivers a great performance as forests mother, in the movie.

The movie has a lot of life's lessons wrapped up in one movie, it shows that anyone, know matter how smart or stupid, can be a great person. In the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest is that person. He gets to meet 3 presidents, play for his college football team, Join the army, Fight in Vietnam, get a medal of Honor, make a lot of money, selling shrimp, and really lived a successful life. He Got married to a childhood friend, and even had a son. His life can be admired by anyone, as he actually lived the history back then. This is what makes him successful. Most people could have lived through those times, like most of our parents, but most of our parents just lived through the times. Forest experienced it first hand.

Forrest (Tom Hanks) as a character had many things going for him. For one thing he was a lovable character, whom you cans really connect with. You can see all of his emotions, and all sides of his character throughout the movie. You see him happy when he First meets Jenny (Robin Wright). You seem him get angry when he Sees someone beating jenny, you see him confused in Vietnam, and you see him confused. This is part of what makes Forrest Gump, such a powerful movie The movie has backgrounds to the book Forrest Gump, by Winston Groom. Though the two have the same title, the book and the movie are like two different tales of Forrest Gump. The book has more of his life playing foot ball, and before the army, and the movie just focuses on his life as a whole. Also the book doesn't have much of forests child life as the movie does.

The films director, Robert Zemeckis, does a super job bringing the screen play to life. His interpretation of the screen play is very well, and the camera angles he uses, with the real life scenarios, bring the movie to life. The houses he used, and the sets for all the locations, make it look like they were filmed there. Especially the New York Scenes where forest attends to Lieutenant Dan (Gary Sinise).

In total, Forrest Gump is a powerful film and really deserves the 6 academy awards it won. Though it says it's a comedy, its more a Drama, with a funny scene here or there. Thus it deserves everything it has

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WOW... what a movie, 24 October 2006

I first saw stand by me at either at 15 or 16 and i was impressed. I saw it again, and i had missed so much the first time. i long for the days of being 12 again. Doesn't everyone? The movie stand by me is about 4 boys, who were like the cool kids, who take their biggest adventure. THe film is all about the friendship that is shared along the way. Unrtil the very end. There are many hardships that they face through the course of the movie, and how they deal with them. The movie is based on the short story the body, by Stephen king. Though the movie is written by Stephen king, it isn't scary. With an excellent cast, lovable characters, great scenery, whats not to love about stand by me?

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