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Flashback to the days of cheesy horror hosts. Fun!, 15 August 2011

Our local cable access channel played this at the wee hours of the morning and happen to catch it a few times. Produced out of New Bedford, MA, the main host is Penny Dreadful, a 900 year old witch. She shows public domain horror movies and breaks in with commentary or a skit periodically. Her entourage includes her childlike werewolf friend, Garou and monster hunter, Dr. Manfred Von Bulow. I think it is very clever what they can do on a micro budget and the results can be very entertaining. There is one particular skit where they play the love story of Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden. (I think it is on YouTube) Again, clever and well done.

Heartbreaking but inspiring, 10 September 2009

This episode follows a neurosurgeon from London who periodically travels to Ukraine to consult and sometimes operate on difficult brain tumors that are outside the healing expertise of the chronically underfunded and underequipped local clinic in Kiev. Dr. Martin's generosity is extraordinary, but he constantly faces stark situations where he must ration the very limited health care resources to those that would survive. He has to inform some patients that their cases are inoperable, which is painful to watch. When he can help, it is with very primitive facilities compared to what we are used to in the West. The patients exhibit great courage in subjecting themselves to operations under these conditions, but what choice do they have?

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Not what you would expect, 29 July 2008

If you are going to watch this expecting lots of steamy sex, think again. It mostly focuses on Heidi's downfall and attempts to rise back up again. She purchases some land in Nevada to build her Stud Farm to serve female clients and the focus is on her interactions with the locals and her own chaotic, lonely life. It is actually kind of sad and poignant. Not something you would expect from the Madam of Hollywood, who did business with some of the most powerful people in the industry. Now, she's alone and we see her flailing about, trying to resurrect past glories, shamelessly promoting herself, but it comes off as kind of pathetic. By the end, you are pretty certain she will not succeed in her original quest, but maybe she will find a little serentity along the way

An amusing take off, 16 January 2007

Like much of the MTV programming, Super Adventure Team was not given a chance. They only aired a few episodes and seemingly never at a predetermined time, which was MTVs habit back then. The premise does sound off the wall, but the writing was sharp and well executed. It was very amusing and hopefully it will be released on DVD someday. Although a parody of the marionette shows of the 60s, a younger audience would appreciate the humor, just like many of the Adult Swim shows cater to a wide audience. That being said, Super Adventure Team is not one for the kiddies! There was a reason it was shown on MTV. Maybe we can get this added to the Adult Swim line-up?