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Spectre (2015/I)
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Contents packed still consistent Sam Mendes&Daniel Craig JamesBond movie, 2 January 2016

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Love to share fear; Love to share scares in lost "love" to occupy. Contents packed but there is consistency all thought the film: love and taking risk. Compassion in policing to protect human rights for the people for the nation for the people and safety. Love versus disguised "protecting world". SamMendes Daniel Craig 007 series tell what is JamesBond like as human? The shivering of happiness in finding someone he might love. The taste of lost. Fines's M clearly tells what police/MI6 is for what is 00(double o project about). As Sky fall, MendesCraig team thoughtfully describes reality of this world where policing is difficult when police is serious about protection of every people's safety and human rights. The theme "Taking risk" is ironically very real for anyone in a position to protect everyday national safety & human rights. And that is more serious for police for every people especially if police intends to work for/national interest is on safety and human rights of people of anti-violence anti-gang real antiterrorism. I trust in Mendes & Craig, and Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux& regular cast Kinnear, Harris, Whishow and all the cast will be there every year to tell more about JamesBond, the difficulties of police &deepen the former so called "spy movie" 007 series.

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depends what you will see or expect into this film, you can see many level of depth in this film. interesting and un-closed in a sense., 28 February 2007

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This is a film not about crime, well - no matter how the film was seen as a crime story in surface. For me this film is, all in all, about the style of life and belief in which you stand and the attachment into humane. As always Tony Leong expresses his warm depth of care and his affection into humane which give certain taste in the deep sorrow and meaning of life... That goodness could not be sometimes easily prevailing in a real sever world but could be... In total, as a film with the direction, all casts and crews, and strongly with Tony's sense as well - I strongly assume so, within the sensitive balance between the sever perspectives into the reality and the genuine belief into goodness, certain encouragement for another belief into the goodness was not certain. I will and each should tell the answer in real life in keeping their goodness with his/her very best that is my answer to the uncertainness or un-closed ending. ps(The vote is between 8.5 or near of 9 around actually! by the way!)

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What you need to watch in this "sort of" a bit scattered action film is the hidden exquisite subdued expression of human darkness with quick dry satire humor by Tony Leung, 11 May 2005

Seoul Raiders is a drama with dark humor, satire reflecting some dark side of human in violence or ego that that could be converged into something different form of expression as well. In this film Seoul Raiders, Tony vividly indicated the sheer fact that it is true there are some people who cannot feel be content with himself/herself without indulging in the form of some sort of "violence" or "forceful position" in order to merely protect his/her ego and bring back his/her mental balance despite the fact that such violence or forceful position merely accelerate his/her thirsty of seeking some pain in feeling dark – mal-conditioned self-destructive - nature of harming others. The core of this film is, I assume, that the dark feeling Tony expressed. Lam was about to soak into the sea of irrational excessive hate at the verge of humanity as if Lam was tired of being only moderate and good. I suspect that Lam had felt useless in solving/helping something/someone or situations - say, at the beginning of this film- if Lam was being only humane good and gentle, which may have had undermined his sense of direction of his life. Lam was, however, somehow, recovered from the verge. Lam completed his job and brought back his confidence then recovered his damaged ego and reputation in his carrier.

But psychological pressures and some shadows in Lam's character seemed to have remained, which is enough cruel to torn Lam's humane goodness apart and to bring him back to the indulgence into the pain in harming which is, in fact, a simple biological chemical response in human brain to the stimuli of seeking some sort of feeling of achievement – in fact doing harms by violence is not anything achievement but is merely a result of simple physical power from body movement - nothing more than that. However, unfortunately, some people are wrongly confused by malice-manipulation AS IF some violence to others or harming others are only tangible unattainable achievements which are only be able to be done by someone who can be real cruel only with non-humane sense, which utterly wrongly puts force on people to the verge of humane, which inevitably devastatingly completely destroys his/her humane goodness in its original nature. That humane goodness is, nevertheless, only key to survive on this globe. That humane goodness only made people humane. However, somehow, people are/were forced to be put on the helpless non-exit unnecessary competition in "achieving" such simple violence and non-humane sometimes when people feels something helpless in his/her situation in seeking self-destruction or seeking numbness in pain in harming others which means harming himself herself with 'spotless mind' in recognizing/analyzing what s/he does – as in this film Lam did. (well, besides this film and Tony, I should say though …Some people who are not able to understand – or say who are not even trying to find out what s/he is doing in harming others cannot be seen as same as Lam or someone like that. Such people are simply lacking in courage of facing with what harming others irrationally unreasonably only for fun meant to himself/herself and others at the end of the day) ...then What would happen to Lam - Tony's expression in Raiders series- in next Raiders????

The subdued and thick darkness in the Tony's expression in Seoul Raiders about the risk of human nature was, that was why, essential core in this film as a warning to anyone who never thought of being indulge into any violence.

If there is any another version without the last plane battle, the onsen scene....for dialog between Tony and other actors actresses in order to concentrate on deepening the Lam's character because Tony expressed that tone (and other actors/actresses too) although I think I can imagine how much and how far action scenes are hard and difficult for any stuffs, not only for actors/actresses. But I just felt that this film could have shown something more than the film shown.... Deepening the Lam's character is, I strongly believe, a quite right direction of this film in maximizing and enhancing the prospective attractiveness in this script and film by the excellence in the depth in expression as always by Tony that differentiates the series from any other 'action' film.

All in all, a lovely dark quick wit film Besides the drama nature of the film, what I was impressed was that I simply love many scenes in this film since those Tony's real quick wit and genuine parody of "action film" …… I will not tell which scene it was but I especially loved one parody sequence in the film very much. All in all, I think the Raiders series and this is lovely and dark.

SHU CHI (as she was in Gorgeous) and Ritchie added the tone of drama as well, as Hiroshi Abe (impressive caricature of Yakima as a human with humane weakness that was very memorable co-play with Tony)(and Toru Nakamura) did in Tokyo Raiders I guess.

I guess if someone who is found of tasting the later series of Detective Crusou, you may like this darkness as well.

there must be an exit if you want to reach mutual love, 29 April 2005

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Well, I watched this film in 1997 or 1998...and last month again. I have slightly different impression between the time when I watched before and this year (last month).My feeling when I watched before was full of unshed some sort of anger or frustration...until the moment of the psychological relief at the stint of light for humane mutual understandings and affection. That was my impression when I watched this film in 1997 or 1998 firstly.

Next time, this time, I could be much patient with the suffocation in such sort of unfairness in love. In my opinion, I believe that love is NOT power struggle, not game of who suppressed or not… Love is serene mutual understanding and sharing each moment with joy, angry, pain, sadness and pleasure…equally, freely, taking each other as s/he is. Well, some may say... oh no! Love is not supposed to be fair or equal! It is all about political power struggle...There must be someone who loves one sided and who to be loved one sided...! BUT I don't think so. Love can be, and actually should be, equally mutual. If someone may say, there must be someone obeyed and someone rules in love, which is not, in fact, love, instead, is some sort of different form of helpless attempting in seeking some completion of incompleteness of a personality of whom is desperately persistent with forcing and enticed others as knowing/taking advantage of how much deeply the other is caring about and understanding such incompleteness and hollowness.

Or say, there could be some sort of mal-catharsis even in the form of obsessions in non-mutual relationship. One always tears; other always cares.... and is happy? pretending happy?Responding in affection to harmful humiliation helplessly, hoping love can be exist in such unfairness…., which can be assumed love? No.

Wonder…. Is everyone qualified to love and to be loved even without determining to give love but seek love from others? I don't think so. Love is not qualification. Love happens. Nevertheless, some sort of determination must be there before anyone is going to be love with someone, mustn't it?

But still the former part of this film persistently pressed everyone to ask himself/herself….. Is there any pocket for anyone or everyone to seek someone whom forces and take advantage of you to give in? Is there any place in heart in everyone in indulging into love others even knowing the other is fully conscious about how far s/he is only interesting in using others? The answer is, for me, no.... but for anyone else, I don't know.

As the time when I saw this movie first time, the later sequence indicates some sort of answer, there must be still lots of hope in love if you seek while the movie delicately avoided what is wrong or what is right… cause love must be seen and accepted as it is, or was or say love cannot be judged maybe. But some sort of genuine self-judgment or judgment can be, must be, reached to any harmful intentions in such guise of form of love, in fact.

And there must be, always, exit for something different that makes you believe in the existence of love that accept you merely as you are equally, mutually, unconditionally.

And such persistent deep hot thick suffocation finally lead to the real relief. At the near of the end of the film, the beginning of the real mutual love. Splendidly opens up with the melody. Happy together…

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He wanted to see what was it, why was it, how was it ...for digestion of irrationality., 20 April 2005

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The film is very much exquisitely vividly highly composed. Each cut strictly sticks to each depth in aim to shoot one cut tells what, well say any film is or should be though.

Shall I call the film the beauty of the completeness in composition in filming.

In the mood of love, Chow (Tony Leung) was in the middle of the process of digestion of his hate and anger in his body. The hate leads to, maybe sadly, strong will to search the answer to his why. At the end of the day, what the Tony, or Chow, meant to reach was that some sort of understanding in struggling to see the point where the woman he loved had wrongly reached, such irrationality. On the way in reaching to the point, Chow diverted his way and found himself in reaching to his rationality. Tony, Chow, finds that, in digesting hate/anger, aiming at reaching to the point of irrationality is no use since Tony wants to love, not hate. He wants to love in rationality. But he faced with another why at the time when he thought he found and determined divert from irrationality to ANOTHER rationality. Chow digested his hate and surprisingly cherish remained after his hate in his body. His cherish was crossed-over with love.... near of the love which reminded him/her the love paralyzed him/her before. She, however, just confined herself into the feeling of cherish because of fear. His cherish gives her - Su Lin, ironically, some conviction to live more with her rationality in irrationality. His cherish gives himself more strength in loving more than before. Ironically? For her – Su Lin (Maggie Chan), maybe yes. But for himself, no. You will see.

2046 (2004)
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Anyway, wherever you go, wherever you live, any wound cannot mar your goodness and humane love.., 29 January 2005

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2046 is a journey of recovering, or exactly saying of wondering to know if he can be recovered or if he wants to recover from the wounds that he made. The wounds he made in his love, in his yielding into his lost in his ideals or his unblemished hearts. He faced with his irrationality in his love then swung not to recognize himself good then found himself to be still good in himself. Living in mess, trying to, very carefully intentionally, with his strong willingness, detach or afloat from any intimacy, real love and belief in himself. He may had been recovered and but he intentionally has not been recovered although he was pushed into re-founding himself good in supporting or committing to others, while he has been still sneaking into, or living in the room 2046, the feeling of the warmth in heart with her, his only love. At least, the wounds cannot beat him or his humane love and goodness that is good to re-find. Although he thought he lost in his ideal in love, however, what remained is still goodness and his humane love,ideal in himself.

Will Chow want to leave the room 2046? But seemingly, Chow won't start to open another door yet. And, it is not sure if he should start to open another door anyway. He may remain still there. That is his decision. At least, Chow seems to want to go out from the door but at the same time, he is not prepared yet. He cannot go out from another door; at least, otherwise, he will need to come back to the door, of the room number, 2046.

Tony Leung (Chui Wai) well expressed very clam craziness' in wise in mess aftermath of love and showed the travel and the beautifully sad trace in rebuilding of himself (Chow in film) from the craziness to the humane nature of love. Even lost can make people stronger only if s/he can be willing to stay and live in good of human nature. I saw interview of Tony Lung after I saw 2046 and "In the mood of love". Tony commented that this is a movie, 2046, about love. I think Tony is true, this is a movie about love, or of love in much deeper sense. I think that is quite true. And I love this movie most at the moment. PS: Furthermore, what I need to say is, it is not necessary to watch another movie, "In the mood of love" although you will find the "to be continued" from the film. I was lucky not to watch the movie before the time I watched this film despite the fact that I have been a big fan of Tony Leung and Kar Wai Wong since "Chong qing sen lin" (AKA: Chungkin Express) 1994!!!! Off course, though, it is good to watch all, including "days of being wild", as Tony and Kar Wai Wong roughly mentioned in making DVD (!), that I watched in Bungeiza theatre at Ikebukuro long time ago, around 1995, but I actually merely remembered the whole film but the last scene!!!! Then I will re-watch the film called, "Days of being wild" in DVD.