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nonsense, 8 August 2007

How one can translate the best attempt ever made to create a world with language ( I am always surprised at the interest of every sequence, of every word, in Don Quixote)in an empty and pompous movie.

To let the characters, who kind of founded modern castillan, speak catalan is the most stupid idea I have ever seen (or heard). Not to have understood that they exist almost only thanks to their dialogs is another one.

Just as an example, after the long, long, minutes of silent and obscure introduction, you hear Don Quixote calling Sancho, saying good morning, or something to that effect. Sancho doesn't answer. This is totally out of place: generally speaking, both men are set as equals in dignity and intelligence, and very often the master praises the servant's brains, as the reader does secretly. To destroy this balance is simply destroy the essence of the plot.

Don't mention that the original novel is a masterpiece of comic, as this film is one of boredom.

Maybe the filmmakers should try an adaptation of Beckett, or film Bhuto theater, if that is their genius.