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Not exotic but decent fun and even a little inspiring, 22 May 2013

When I read a New Zealand series had been remade my curiosity was intrigued. A dramedy about a family of criminals trying to play it straight sounded both entertaining and interesting. Moreover the original is often better than its remakes and in fact I generally disapprove the idea of adaptating foreign productions. Instead let's open our mind and appreciate their unique flavors and educative differences !

A creative title sequence is always an exciting way to dive into a fictional universe. Characters turning into sketches ? Let's get ready for some serious comedy ! In that department the pilot didn't kill me but delivered a few funny scenes. As the production is cheap they're more reminiscent of sitcoms but when it ended my heart was already asking for more. She has what it takes ! It's what you should think of Cheryl West after the energetic and inspiring speech she gave her family. Taking the decision to respect the law when you had always done the opposite wasn't easy and overall Robyn Malcolm's performance was good. I also sensed a feminist vibe after what her husband, Wolfgang West, said. What's next ? That women can't buy drinks ? The character is played by Grant Bowler and I was quite surprised to see him as these days he's Joshua Nolan in Defiance.

As for the other characters they can be seen as ultimate clichés and if I was Shrek I would point out their onions don't have enough layers. The hot blonde with the brain of a bird ? The yin-yang twins ? The smart daughter skipping school ? In an other context I would probably hate them but their respective arcs made Happy TV™ and I enjoyed how they all fueled the main story. Moreover the goofy brother made so many dumb moves that you can only laugh.

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Decent premiere and promising psychological arc, 15 May 2013

Despite its cult status The Godfather is definitely not in my favorites list. I'm just not stimulated by these gangster-driven productions. That's why it took me so long to finally check out The Sopranos. Now that I have seen its pilot despite a few interesting elements I'm convinced that I could have spent the hour doing something more important.

If conventional mob stories bore you to death, move on. The pilot featured everything you can expect from the genre : Murders, explosions… So it's probably entertaining to many people, otherwise the show wouldn't have been so successful, but it lacked the creativity and boldness some premieres have been remembered for. The production is good, it's immersive, but not a single scene wowed me. Only a surprising lighting in an outdoor scene caught my attention. The rest felt like déjà vu and it also applies to the characters.

The story is really about Tony Soprano's struggle as a criminal, husband and father. James Gandolfini's performance was convincing but his part wasn't demanding. However I'm sure he was hired for a reason and that some of the upcoming episodes put him in a whole new light. In fact this first installment also portrayed him as a normal man, the nice neighbor next door. The psychotherapy sessions were specially enlightening to comprehend what's going on behind the curtain and at times it was hilarious. They also served to joint the different sequences and delivered an interesting way to introduce the protagonist. Lorraine Bracco made a decent shrink as Doctor Jennifer Melfi and her dynamic with the patient was quite good actually. The ducks metaphora was thoughtful and well exploited all along the episode. So even if her seduction factor makes her less believable their relationship is by far the most intriguing element.

Beside their arc I was also moved by a discussion Tony had with his daughter in a church about two of their ancestors who had built it. She mocked his words but he explained that they were among a crew and she realized how proud they must have been. It opened the Soprano family history book and revealed a certain potential behind the action and neverending manipulations. Even his wife mentioned something about spirituality so maybe the series deserve a second look.

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Irresistible and charismatic leads, inspiring and entertaining story, delightful fan service and immersive production (Bonus : versus Smallville), 1 October 2012

While following Smallville I noticed some references to Lois & Clark but more important I couldn't help comparing both shows. When you're a teenage boy resisting to a weekly dose of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane is an impossible mission. It's specially true considering how excellent Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher were in their respective roles. I have tremendous respect for Tom Welling and Erica Durance but this very pilot proves that Cain and Hatcher's chemistry eclipsed theirs. The man couldn't be stronger and the woman is both smart and gorgeous. To sum things up, they're just irresistible as Clark and Lois !

Beside the timeless duo as its title implies the series is also a lot about Superman. It's the key difference with Smallville as even in its finale we don't really see Welling suited up as the Man of Steel. It leads us to his nemesis, Lex Luthor, played by John Shea. He's actually 17 years older than Cain and it's definitely a quality as his maturity makes his character far much more believable. A worthy villain ? Absolutely ! That's probably why I compared his performance to John Glover, Lionel Luthor in Smallville, and not Michael Rosenbaum's one. But their respective stories are entirely different as in this case Clark and Lex are everything but friends. The cliffhanger clearly states what the first season is about.

Flying with Superman is one thing but in my heart I have always been more into the romance between Lois and Clark. In Smallville their relationship is slowly developed when here the pace is way faster. I understand that the writers intention was to seduce the audience but I wish things had been a bit more subtle. Still even if the working girl and new guy in town are clichés I instantly related to them and developing an empathic connection with these two is natural. Clark finds a job way too easily in my opinion but in Smallville it's the contrary. However I prefer struggling characters, inspiring and realistic ones. Otherwise this Kent is not a teen, it's a fully grown up man who's ready to embrace his destiny. Don't get me wrong it's obvious he doesn't know yet where he belongs, as Hercules (1997) almighty protagonist, but he definitely has what it takes to become Superman. And during his journey he can count on his parents, Jonathan and Martha. The performers are so nice and complementary that you can't help smiling when they're on the phone with their son. I don't know how their work compares to the comics but it's slightly sitcomesque, so miles away from John Schneider and Annette O'Toole in Smallville. However in both cases Jonathan incarnates the father figure a superhero needs, with strong moral values and a stimulating wife.

In order to support the talented cast and entertaining story the show is enriched by many other elements. The first of them would be Lane Smith. His performance as Perry White is both energetic and hilarious. He also demonstrates how superior an intergenerational cast is compared to the "all young and pretty" people hired in the last seasons of Smallville. Phil Morris appearances as Martian Manhunter weren't numerous enough and with Schneider and Glover gone the show failed to fully educate its younger audience. An other thing I enjoyed was the production quality. Don't expect an episode aired in 1993 to blow your mind but most sets are well designed and the visual effects are decent in general if you're not too demanding. All in all it's immersive and it's all what matters. Moreover it's not everyday that you can see Superman on TV ! It leads us to Clark Kent's transformation because it's what the pilot is mostly about. I found it awkward and not just because I'm a huge fan of Smallville. I mean how is it possible to forget installments like Identity ? As for the Pretty Woman (1990) sequence it was entertaining but not respectful of the seriousness surrounding the myth. Even the way CK dealt with his glasses was quick and dirty. Why didn't they decide to make them fall as he was taking off for instance ? Something like that. At the opposite I really enjoyed the way the beginning and ending mirrored. Indeed Lois first appearance can only wow if you haven't already seen the pilot. All along the episode there're breadcrumbs to help Clark shape his new identity. Let's also not forget the cult dialogs and scenes. Most of the ones between Lois & Clark are funny, like at his apartment, when the parts involving Lex are darker and smarter. The scene featuring a cobra is quite intense and reveals him as a fearless predator. The diner was in the same vein and served as a pivotal character developer.

To sum things up this pilot has aged well and not just because the two lead performers are exquisite. Cain fueled his character with strength, wit and wisdom. As for Hatcher focusing on her gorgeous body, from head to toe, would be a fatal mistake as her Lois is feminist, cunning and curious. Add humor to these qualities and you get two of the best role models on TV !

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Worthy finale built on a rock solid foundation so fragilized by a few slothful and sluggish ideas, 22 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ready for the finale ? Season 2 had its ups and downs but overall it had been good so far. That's why I didn't worry at all about this last episode because the show, contrary to the 2nd Mass, clearly knows where it's heading. However it desperately needs warfare and military consultants because watching the Captain talking to Tom on the enemy field was absurd. Stop under estimating the audience intelligence and find more realistic and TV-friendly ways to represent such actions ! What about some simple eye contacts and meaningful hand signs ?

Extraordinary ! It's the first word that popped up in my little big head because somehow the magicians behind the show found a way to push the immersion barrier even further. A group of CG Skitters in the base ? Nice ! One six legged creature interacting with objects in a room while walking then talking through Ben ? Wow ! Skitters running on cylindrical walls and jumping aggressively like giant spiders ? How exciting ! The sets and ambiance were also top notch. I mean the weapon room was well designed and full of sci-fi candies like glowing cocoons, metallic tiles and a strange orange lighting.

Double combo ! When the previous installment was weak in the action department this one focused more on it. However it still managed to deliver an eclectic story. That's probably why it felt longer than forty minutes and in equilibrium even if a few shortcuts tainted the picture. The most annoying one was the teleportation from the base to the cave. I also found the ending way too rushed.

Eye of the Skitter ! Mind gamers have already solved my little puzzle but seriously I almost cried when Red Eye died. He's definitely a character model for other shows because he blurred the lines between the protagonists and antagonists. The efforts made to develop relationships also paid off during the torture scene. I wish I had been Hal when Karen French bugged his mouth but Maggie's reaction seemed believable. Still I'm disappointed that she didn't get the same treatment as Tom and the Captain. Nothing would have made me happier than watching her suffer ! A joke that leads us to Anne's pregnancy. It was inevitable and I almost mentioned it in one of my critics. But what could have been a cliché was deeply empathic as I sincerely care for her and Lourdes, specially after what happened to Jamil. Can you believe that they're still referring to him when he died two episodes ago ? How respectful ! Last but not least Tom will make a great father, what a lucky guy, and his reply to the nurse's question proved again that the series has moral values. Reproduction, so love, is the key when it comes to survival !

Yak ! The writers laziness just makes me sick at times. Matt left all alone with a harnessed girl in Death March. Tom's suspicious return in Shall We Gather at the River. And so on… That's why I couldn't believe that they made the stupid decision, sorry folks, of letting Hal lying in a bed unconscious. Of course he had been bugged ! The scene before the mirror was spooky and I can't wait for him to plot against his own people but such bad decisions are unacceptable. I mean season 3 has to be obliterated from these cons. I have no doubt that the talented individuals behind the show will keep learning from their mistakes and improving but I worry that the attention to details will never meet my expectations. Come on guys, you can do it !

Epic cliffhanger ? My opinion is mixed because in the one hand the new race looks exciting but in the other hand their arrival was questionable and the alien's face wasn't neutral. Don't get me wrong I always enjoy apocalyptic situations specially when stormy dark clouds are featured. The scene reminded me of WarCraft III : Reign of Chaos's opening cinematic, when a violent fight between an orc and a human is interrupted by a rain of mysterious fireballs, and the film Starship Troopers, when the infantry is sent on planets infested by bugs. However the dumb way they all gathered to check out what was going on was painful to watch. That's the 2nd Mass ? A group of survivors supposed to save the world ? I almost wish that the creatures are enemies that will wipe them all out in a single shot. Strike ? We'll see !

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Decent guest of the guests, conventional story, educative topics, excellent character development, 21 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How vicious ! We had to wait nine freaking episodes for Terry O'Quinn guest performance ! I wasn't highly expecting it, I was craving for it ! He blew my mind as John Locke in Lost and his fascinating role all season 6 leaded me to constantly jaw drop and specially when I watched the cult Sundown ! So I'm definitely obsessed with both the actor and character. You can call me Alicia Baker I don't mind. Seriously his role as Arthur was interesting but not as captivating as I hoped it would be. As often I blame the conventional writing as all along I wondered where the sci-fi elements were. An underground base turned into a city with an upcoming election ? Just read George Orwell's Animal Farm. I'm into politics but there were many other exciting and surprising ways to develop the plot. What about a fake society, some sort of hallucination created by a guild of overlords ? It would have at least mirrored the elegant reference to The Matrix when John Pope tasted his succulent meal. From the red apples to the meat everything should have been a fantasy ! Or the aliens could have found a way to control people without harnessing them or at least better hide the devices like in The Puppet Masters ! To sum things up the events they experienced weren't bizarre enough.

Still diverse topics were covered and it can only help us better understand our own world. As for the character development it was excellent. First Tom had a hard choice to make again and as expected he didn't disappoint when Arthur was his mentor. Second the Captain's girl speech was feminism powered and I just love these moments when women shine on TV ! Third, Anne rocks ! She didn't let Doctor Jerk dominate her and quickly set things straight. Last but not least I have received complains that I'm not a Maggie fan but this time I really enjoyed what Hal told her. Let's put your mistakes in the past and move on together. Have my back ! What's the point of punishing yourself ? Now let's just hope she'll die in the finale to make some room for a hot geeky brunette specialized in ninjutsu and juggling !

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Weak military aspects II, awkward character development, weak storytelling and immersion breakers but enigmatic harness and staggering cliffhanger, 16 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm quite fond of pace changes but only when they're properly executed. Overall this episode was weak compared to the others and specially the latest. Focusing on character development was a wise decision considering the 2nd Mass had to travel a long journey before reaching their Babylon. However beside one minor arc I wasn't moved nor shaken by anything we learned.

The first complain I would like to file concerns Matt. The harnessed girl they knocked out made things a little more exciting but sadly she was badly exploited. Again they made the mistake of under estimating our expectations by letting her unwatched. Lazy solutions lead to bad results. Tom's youngest son was allowed to freely communicate with her and basically revealed their plans. The Captain and his men should know better than trusting kids because the ability to carry a gun doesn't make you a soldier ! In fact my prediction was that Anne would examine her harness, to diagnose why it shut down, and elaborate some sort of cure to disconnect the hosts from the invaders neural network. Still covering the relationship between Skitters and infected humans was interesting. The little girl didn't see the creature who took care of her as an evil alien but as a parent. So apparently the harness doesn't turn you into an emotionless zombie. Still her brother creeped me out. Is he some sort of glass cleaner ? I suppose he was kept in the dark to avoid hiring a new actor. But his few B movie-like appearances were more laughable than pathetic so let's just forget them.

As for the other characters my heart oscillates between high and low places. As usual everything Tom & Anne is welcomed but I wouldn't mind if the writers decided to take their feelings to the next level. I mean wouldn't it be epic to turn them into a couple as mythic as Lois & Clark (Superman, Smallville) or Jack Sheppard & Kate Austen (Lost) ? Give us some real, passionate and timeless love ! On the Captain and Maggie sides I'm disappointed by what we saw. The soldier's story was educative as there's a lot to learn from military experiences and leaders. Otherwise until now his role had been anecdotic so I was unable to relate to him. Am I heartless ? Probably because I felt the same way for Maggie. What's next on her list ? Giving birth to a half human half Skitter baby ? The poor girl is only thirty something but she has already endured the worst traumas. Moreover Sarah Carter's acting wasn't convincing enough. The team behind the show, who I sincerely respect, should be wiser and avoid throwing random ideas performers can't handle because forcing the audience emotions isn't the way. And the best example of my theory is Lourdes because we only saw her for a few split seconds but the subtle reference to Jimel, by only showing his toolbox, was heartbreaking !

In general their road trip wasn't dynamic enough and the numerous arcs were unable to fuel it. They should have made them collide like in the film Crash for instance. It would have been so much more captivating ! Moreover the absence of Ben revealed how much his role had contributed to the success of the series so far. Let's hope he'll be back soon and that his arc won't be butchered like some scenes from this installment. One switch from Hal at night and the Captain in bright daylight was brutal ! Add the annoying TNT watermarks and you have way too many immersion breakers. I understand the necessity of advertising other programs but what's the point for a network to slap its viewers when more appropriate methods exist ?

Last but not least I'm always curious about what you guys think of the inevitable cliffhanger, even if I don't mention it. When it was revealed that the destroyed city was actually a fake I instantly pictured a new one built right beneath it. The first references I had in mind were Neon Genesis Evangelion and Robotech : The Macross Saga. I'm sure there're plenty of similar examples but these two have imprinted my mind forever. As for the dreamy berries they reminded of apocalyptic works like Hokuto no Ken as growing vegetables is vital when it comes to survivalism.

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Thrilling from beginning to end ; full of wit, twists and glowing fingers, 6 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The show continues its astronomical course among sci-fi fans and now I'm convinced it won't stop until the finale. Indeed season 2 has proved that Falling Skies is capable of contenting both hardcore and casual viewers. It still has plenty of questionable elements, already reported in my previous reviews, but they don't ruin the experience. Moreover even if I already suspected it this 7th episode has opened my eyes on something very important. The characters have changed but so has the team behind the series. It's obvious their skills have improved and quickly checking the intergalactic database I've noticed veterans like Greg Beeman (Smallville, Heroes) at the direction and fresh writers who have replaced some people who worked on the first season.

After Ben and Karen's departure at the end of Homecoming I was expecting the story would be split in half in order to also follow the 2nd Mass' side. But it would have slowed down the pace and probably made things less exciting. That's why their early encounter with an overlord, a Mech and Skitters really surprised me. And what a disgusting feast for the eyes to have our favorite parasite back. In the film Starship Troopers we learned that a good bug is a dead bug but apparently in Falling Skies they have the tendency to creep late at night in the woods.

Taking an overlord hostage couldn't have been more thrilling because it was a double-edged decision for the them. In the one hand Tom didn't have much choice and in the other hand they quickly learned that its people would try everything to save it. That's why I welcomed the Captain's anger when he faced the tall creature. By the way the rendering of its visual effects shined even more at night. From its textures to its animation without forgetting its seamless integration to real settings it's absolutely wonderful to watch. And trust me when it comes to computer graphics and filmmaking I can be picky ! So as usual the production was cosmic but as often in the end it was really about the story. And this time its development was even more stellar than its beginning. First covering hard choices was interesting because it allows us to relate Tom's issue to our own. He tried his best to avoid the separation with Ben but as he explained, it was his decision to make. How inspiring, specially for the young audience !

However it's really Tom's confrontation with the overlord that amazed me. Using characters around it as vessels to make it speak is a smart move and the shooting sequence a bold one. Release me ? You're the boss ! I didn't see it coming but my only regret is that such an intelligent being should have predicted Tom's desperate action. I know we're just mere mortals so it's complex to imagine how a superior race would think but I still believe it would be possible. As for Hal and Maggie I'm glad we finally learned why she repelled him. It made sense because she just thought he was still in love with his girlfriend Kate. It leads us to the fascinating dialogs they had as he was conducting her to the agonizing master. It was so captivating and well staged that it actually reminded me of Caprica's The Imperfections of Memory. Karen's speech was related to physics, specially the atomic particles that compose the universe, and organic communication as they're apparently all connected like neurons are in the brain by synapses. It's reminiscent of novels like Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead and Robert Heinlein's work of course.

Last but not least this critic wouldn't be complete without mentioning what happened on Anne's side. Trapping her with Tom's younger son and Lourdes was conventional but it worked really well. Seychelle Gabriel is charming as a young nurse and even if her role is only minor she represents a complementary talent to Moon Bloodgood. As for the son considering what he had to do in order to save them I was slightly disappointed that the writers didn't make a subtle reference to John McClane's cult catchphrases in the Die Hard film series. More seriously last time I mentioned Jamil was one of my favorite characters so I was shocked by his death but also pleased by it because I'm quite fond of unpredictability ! The robotic spiders coming out from his mouth were frightening and reminded me of The Blue Lagoon, when the children discover the old man's corpse. However just one would have been enough because when it comes to the horror genre it's not the number that counts ! Still I'm glad they were outnumbered by them because it served as an excuse to turn Anne into an Angus MacGyver on heels. DIY flamethrowers ? The ultimate weapon of mass entertainment when it comes to a metallic bugs invasion !

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Inspiring Tom & Anne, I've joined the 2nd Mass, intense parallel stories, exciting confusion and wowing action but slightly predictable, 27 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anne, would you marry me ? The first minutes sounded like a siren song destined to lure the innocent viewer to its doom. But it's Noah Wyle & Moon Bloodgood's lair we're talking about here so there's nothing to fear. Wait, was Red Eye under their bed ? Probably but what matters is that Tom looked like a mess, as he hasn't shaved for months not taken a bath in weeks, when Anne was screaming "Sleeping Beauty doesn't stand a chance against me". Seriously beside their charming personalities I was also quite moved by their discussion about past and present. How their lives used to be, with their respective partners and children. Moreover it was inspiring because I couldn't agree more that surviving is a lot about moving forward despite all the traumatic experiences we have endured. Tom lost his wife for instance but he still has his three sons. As for Anne she represents the future of their "colony" considering the number of people she has already saved.

It leads us to Captain Weaver's mysterious illness. I wasn't surprised his leg got infected by an alien parasite considering his wound already looked disgusting in the past episode. I didn't really worry about his fate because killing him would represent a risk I'm not sure the producers are willing to take. We lost Jimmy a few weeks ago so please give us a break. Yes your devoted servitor is in fact a proud member of the 2nd Mass ! But I'm not ready to tell you my name because it would compromise the future of my extraordinary mission. That's why I did my best to support Tom as he had to take charge and deal with our fuel crisis. And as usual we could count on our jack of all trades, what a great guy, as he was even able to build a machine to boil up our Captain's blood. In my subjective opinion a kiss from Anne would have done the job nicely but it would have made me jealous so let's just welcome our brave leader into the world of the living. This is Falling Skies, not The Walking Dead ! Remember ?

But the highlight of this week was definitely Karen's arrival. When Hal came back from patrol with her in his arms I smelled trouble or "big badaboom" as my muse Leeloo would say. Enduring Maggie's lunatic behavior is already annoying, even if I envy their relationship, so we didn't need an other blonde to lower the total IQ of our group. Just a little joke to welcome John Pope's return ! However this time he wasn't the bad guy but the one who warned us about Karen. Otherwise I saw it coming from miles away considering how viciously she stared at the camera. What was the point of revealing her true nature to the people watching us ? It should have been kept a secret until the last minutes ! Moreover she was locked into a room when "Benalien" can move freely just because he's Tom's son. I also wonder if he has the same abilities than Karen because thanks to the camera I had discreetly placed I was able to witness the surreal moves she executed to knock out Maggie. Remember Trinity in The Matrix ? Not as mind blowing but definitely entertaining ! Last but not least my favorite part was when I heard Ben getting all paranoiac about Ben when he was actually the one under the influence of Karen. Once again someone let negative emotions take over but lucky for him cowgirl Maggie was around and decided to face her illegal doppelganger !

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Rotten Lilith arc, shred story, Arlene must die but Supersam, exciting werewolves, playcop Jason and empathic Sookie, 23 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In my review of Hopeless I defined the Authority arc as disastrous but I still hoped that it would improve. Sadly "In the Beginning" wasn't this season "Cold Grey Light of Dawn". Lilith and her followers have reached the bottom of the barrel. Seriously who would be stupid or crazy enough to forgive Russell Edgington ? And the man isn't sane enough to hide the fact that he belongs in an asylum. Of course I understand that the writers intention is to criticize religion and terrorism but this time I couldn't find a single scene to save things. From the ridiculous party in the street to the B movie part featuring an unidentified blood drop turning into a naked woman (Species XIII ?) and a ghost whispering at Eric "Melinda Gordon" Northman. And what the hell happened between "Russell trapped in a silver fishnet" and "Russel in a black suit" ?

Don't get me wrong I don't hate True Blood as much as Hoyt hates Jessica now, even if I didn't really believe what he said. The show still has plenty of potential but sadly I can't take its flaws anymore. Indeed most episodes and specially this one seem like if they had been shred by enraged bats. Seriously I can't comprehend how it's possible to so badly tell a story. The editing is just an abomination and deserves a Razzie award ! The worst of the arcs ? It's probably the one with Arlene and Terry. It's sad because I care for the second and the smoke monster isn't such a bad idea but his wife drives me crazy. I didn't time her scene where she watches videos from her marriage but it was so dead boring that I thought I was hallucinating. What was the point of these precious minutes that felt like hours waiting for an haunted bus that never arrived ? We already knew they were friends and how much they love each other.

All in all it was impossible to enjoy the great supporting arcs and our immersion was constantly broken. Yes the werewolves and shapeshifters couldn't be more exciting and the best is yet to come. Sam sniffing all around and scratching his back on the ground delivered super fine entertainment ! As for Alcide's fight with the brunette it was both well choreographed and sexy. Jason making breakfast for Sookie and their declaration of love as brother and sister was heartbreaking and inspiring. Her fairy crisis is quite interesting and it was clever to use Jessica as a reminder of Jason and Hoyt friendship. And how shocking and cool was it to see him shoot Jessica right in the head ? If only the technique was applied to other characters in order to create a network of connections as captivating as Lost's one ! Instead the story tasted like a rotten milkshake where decent arcs like Lafayette's one are decayed by vicious greed.

For the moment I feel like giving up on the show so this could be my last review. The matter what my decision is I hope you guys enjoyed reading my past critics. As for the fans who will keep on watching True Blood I can only wish them to have as much as fun as I did. Indeed despite my deception I'm not ready to forget the fangtastic adventures of Sookie and her gang ! Ryan "Jason" Kwanten, Kristin "Pam" Bauer van Straten… Thanks for the inspiration, talent and overdose of killing humor !

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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Dumb and annoying ideas saved by a 180° slide, 20 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First I'll give you three reasons to throw mutant tomatoes from outerspace at your TV screen when Falling Skies is running. Then I'll explain why it still deserves the attention of starving sci-fi fans.

I. Tom's older son rejected by Maggie after he kissed her. Of course she's broken but come on !

II. Mechs, formerly referred as "robots", are idiots. Remember RoboCop's failed Enforcement Droid Series ? Two noisy humans hiding in a car, let's pretend we haven't detected them. We've only been conceived by highly intelligent creatures after all.

III. It's dark outside, let's send a distress signal by switching on the lights of the hospital to make sure the friendly aliens nearby will rescue us.

How is it possible to write and direct such scenes when others are so exciting ? It feels like the heads behind the show don't know how to say… No way ! I mean turning some Skitters, specially the one we thought was an enemy, into resistants like the 2nd Mass is very smart. It actually reminded me that in the premiere Tom implied these six-legged creatures could be soldiers controlled by superior beings. He was right ! As for his discussion with their leader it was quite interesting : Slaves, home planet, overlords… Otherwise that part was flawed by a major mistake because asking Tom's men to leave them alone didn't make sense. I mean how can you expect people to trust you after such a request ? Moreover let's not forget that Tom is still not to be trusted. John Pope, please come back ! At least the shocking massacre he escaped was explained and I'm definitely intrigued by Ben's next move. When will he leave and where ? Tom and Captain Weaver are also growing on me thanks to some moving dialogs about respect and following orders.

Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

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