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Classic example of how to turn a great book into a terrible movie..., 7 February 2017

I loved the book Girl on the train and the movie more of less follows the book, but that is the problem you have hours to enjoy the book and the screen play for a two hour movie does not work.. also Hello!!! The book is set in London.. not everything in the movie industry revolves around the US.. why does it have to be reset there. The movie reminds me of the us version of the girl with the dragon tattoo.. the Swedish original movie was far better. Its a pity because the actors are good, its just very very badly directed. So Hollywood please wake up and do something original that does not evolve a franchise with ten dozen sequels. Fedup with these movies.

Silence (2016/I)
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Harrowing, brilliant and will leave you moved, 12 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is what Martin Sc will be remembered for, the whole movie is extremely moving and at times very hard to watch. The Catholic theme is central to the movie and the actors play their roles perfectly. Its a movie that questions how faith should be put into practice and those difficult moments when hard decisions are needed. The closing scene will have you crying. There is also incredible cinematography in the movie. If you are not catholic or religious its a good history lesson to many who don't know about the slaughter of thousands of Christians in japan. Its a worthy adaptation of the novel, and will be a classic and a legacy to MS.

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Bourne is.... boring!!, 5 August 2016

:-( what happened to bourne.. He is getting slow in his old age. No drama, no grit, no plot. No... Bourne. And how could they kill (.. ..) come on!!. Loved the first and second movie. but this one was just too predictable, Hollywood is scrapping the barrel with these sequels, after no 3 things go downhill fast, esp when the divide a movie. (like the hobbit) anyway if you are a die hard bourne fan you MIGHT like this movie, I didn't, it was OK but the DVD would have been fine or netflix at some stage where this movie will end up. sadly that is the height of me review for this movie. Also adding Tommy Lee Jones did nothing at all for this movie.

Deadpool (2016)
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Playboy meets Hollywood, 22 February 2016

Where do I start. This movie seems to be scripted by 3 17year old boys. The Gay sex and masturbation inuendo as boring. It was bad from start to finish. Here is the review for those you fine tactless sex seems boring like myself. I'm not saying there should not be sex in movies, but this just makes the whole thing a farse. it was awful, no wonder it has a 16 rating. Don't bother wasting your money, just wait for it to appear in Nexflix in 6 months. It was a failed xmen movie or a paridy on the xmen? if they want to show playboy in the cinema they should just say so and I would avoid it. Apart from the failed script, there is the failed actors in the movie (in my opinion). There are no redeeming features to the movie. I'm sure some will love it, I didn't.

Burnt (2015/I)
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Like watching a piece of toast turning black., 25 January 2016

I could not stop mentally vomiting. This movie is so clichéd it should never have been made... 3 michelin star chef eating in burger king.. come on, product placement has ruined the movie industry. There was NO story line, no script, bad acting. The only good thing about the movie was its name. Burnt. And its a pity they did not burnt the manuscript. Why do the make these movies. At least we have a good contender fort he razzes. Also the film industry needs to stop taking money from British American tobacco.. Its 2016, the general population does not smoke, yet in the movie all the main characters did. It was just bad getting worse.

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Great Movie about Michael Glatze, 28 December 2015

Great movie about Michael Glatze. Getting a lot of mixed reviews from the LGBT community, the reality is we have to be open to everyone and not just those who share the same views as us. It would have been easy for Kelly to direct a feature which depicted Glatze as a self-hating gay man who hurls himself back in the closet, but the truth may be more complicated (some have suggested Glatze may not have been gay in the first place), and the film attempts to present the facts of his life at the time without making judgments. Its a great movie. The movie may be uncomfortable viewing for some (Gay and Straight) but its a movie that is worthy in its own right.

No Escape (2015/I)
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Not what I expected at all, 28 December 2015

The actors a better know for their comedy light actions movies. There was NO comedy in this movie and lots of action.

Its a very tense movie from start to end. Its well made, plausible. If you have kids its a hard movie to watch, would make you think twice about taking an expat job. I haven't seen Owen Wilson so serious in a movie ever. He actually did a great job pulling of a convincing role as a serious actor. Its a little unreal watching him after seeing him in so many comedies. its really intense. Pierce Brosnan seems to be an after thought in the movie. He is good, but not really needed. Anyway you won't be bored in the movie, its pretty fast pace.

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True to its heritage. Star wars wins again, 23 December 2015

It was brilliant from start to end. I don't need to hyper analyse it to love it. If course there is that moment when you say NO!!!. (no spoiler) but what a way to exit. Unlike the hobbit which is really unwatchable again. I really liked the movie, I would see it again. I wasn't sure what JJ abrams would do with the movie, but he has been pretty faithful to the force. Pretty emotional at times. But a pleasure to watch. Felt like It was 1983 again. Its great to see this franchise resurrected. It seems like a natural continuation and not a forced project.

One thing I don't know what 3D does for the movie.

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Brilliant...!!! Just as good as the book, 14 October 2015

I read the book the week before the movie. I loved the book and the movie. Not going to spoil the movie for you,, but it pretty much follows the book except for 2 parts. However the movie has a brilliant and better ending than the book. what more can I say, I could watch this movie again. and again. it was just so well done. Please make kids watch it, make them think about science. I'm glad they toned down the language in the movie. there is so much detail in the book and movie you really have to see the movie again. Its edge of the seat stuff. I loved every minute. I wish Hollywood made more movies like this. It really wants to make you run up a mountain and breath in earths air.

The Intern (2015/I)
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The Devil Wears Prada II, 3 October 2015

So, its 7 years since she abandoned Meryl Streep in Paris. She has setup her own internet business selling cloths. (My imagination filling in the details). Honestly I didn't get this movie at all. Robert De Niro was good, some good laughs. But the whole story line was terrible. Do women honestly think this happens in real life??? At the end of the movie you are there wishing you have a bucket.. PLEASE get real. It was cliché after cliché.. The actors were good, but the script was bad and just got worse as the movie progressed. I think any successful women in business would find this movie a work of fantasy fiction. The first half of the movie is OK.. and then it gets worse and worse.

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