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One Amazing Show!!!!!!!!, 29 July 2006

I just recently went on a website where people were saying how the think that the show is all fake and that they don't think people should be watching it. Now I'm no expert in the arts of forensic science but not everything on the show is going to be accurate. It's the changing of reality is what I think makes the show what it is. I've just recently gotten into the show and it seems amazing. This one comment that I read was from an attorney. He thinks he knows everything. It's just a show. It's to keep people entertained. PErsonally i love it. I find it fascinating the way they portray the crime scenes. And even if these murder stories aren't based on real life it's still makes for good TV. But the truth is that murder, theft, crime, etc, do happen in real life. And the way the creator of the show makes a personal background for each character is amazing. And I like the fact that they do not show too much about the characters lives because it leaves me eager to know. I love all the characters in the show because of the way they cooperate and the way they occasionally portray some emotion to the case and the fact that they try their best to solve the case. SOmetimes it makes me happy to be 14 because I don't know what I'd do if I came close to a dead body. All I can say is that it makes for good TV.