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Jayne=Goddess, 5 May 2001

I saw this movie years ago in high school in my drama class. Thats when I came to know Jayne Mansfield. Like a lot of people I only was familar with the Marilyn legacy. If Loni ever became a character in a movie this was the one. The effect of this movie made me a huge Jayne Mansfield fan. If this movie ever repeats on tv its a must see! I wish I could buy it. I would give it a 10 but it has Arnold you know who in it! It could have done without him. 1-10 (9) Z.

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Jayne!, 5 May 2001

This movie was okay. I saw it about a year ago real late at night. I only watched it because "THE JAYNE MANSFIELD" was in it. She is so beautiful. The kind of person you just want to have sit in front of you and stare at all day to study each feature. The movie lacked interest though. If you are a Jayne fan, see it. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, don't see it. 1-10 (4) Jayne 1-10 (10) Z.

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Pleasant Movie!, 5 May 2001

Every once and a while movie "get in a slump". It was one of those years and then *poof* out of no where this unusual movie comes out! This was a good movie and if it would have had the right promotion it could have been a classic. Black and white meets color...interesting! I don't own this movie but I would like to. 1-10 (7) Z.

Paper Dolls (1982) (TV)
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dolls, 5 May 2001

made for tv movies normanlly are a bit dramatic for me. not this one though. i like this movie a lot. i did know this movie but i did know the tv show that was a comedy when it came out around 1990. it was pretty much the same thing just funny. later on, i saw the movie on lifetime! i was impressed. 1-10 (8) Z.

morning charlie!, 3 May 2001

i have every charlies angels episode on tape. when i was in high school in 1992 they played the show every day at lunch time. i went home every single day to tape it & would go back to school at the end! now years later, the movie! i can't handle all this!! the movie was incredible! i can now add alex, nat, & dylan to my list of the MOST beautiful women in the world. thanks charlie! 1-10 (10+) Z.

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VIP meets Cagney & Lacy, 3 May 2001

V.I.P meets cagney & lacy? yes, thats exactly it. i was a big fan of lynda carter on wonder woman & i liked loni anderson on wkrp. out of no where they team up to be the beautiful crime fighters in this funny show. the humor is soooo much like VIP its uncanny. & yes, in the end of each one hour episode they solve the crime! it only lasted one season, but i think it could work in television today. 1-10 (8) Z.

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here's a story..., 2 May 2001

the fad comes & goes. ALOT! but you can't help but to fall for the brady magic. if your like me though, the brady bunch was my least favorite. i actually enjoyed the many spinoffs this phenomenon has produced. the brady brides was not that bad! i also thought they came up with a good idea when they made the series in the 90's appropriately titled "the brady's" which was a drama showing a WHOLE other side of this perfect family. it didn't work though. if i was rating some unknown show called the brady bunch it would get about a 5 or 6. but due to the cultural following it has become(including me) it gets a 10. 1-10(10) Z.

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funny!, 30 April 2001

this is a funny one! it is one of those "porky's" kind of movies. the stoners,the bimbo,the dork,the cook,the jock, & the killer make up 2 hours of silly fun. zane buzby has to be the best part of this movie though. on scale of 1-10 & keeping in mind that its pure fun. (7)

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next best thing, 30 April 2001

i really liked this movie. being a yoga instructor i was impressed with madonna. being one of the biggest fans of her has nothing to do with it. i will be the 1st to say, as far as acting, well, lets just say she could be the weakest link. BUT, that only pertains to the earlier films. due to the fact that all & all the movies were bad scripts. shanghi what? next best is the right movie, the right direction,& a wonderful cast. rupert was great. benjermin bratt, aside from being beautiful, he did really well too. but it all comes down to madonna's cute dark humor that steals the show. 1-10 (9)

The Cell (2000)
nightmare on elm st 2001?, 30 April 2001

this movie was bizarre! i loved it! the opening alone makes it intriguing. jennifer, as beautiful as ever, did a nice job in this one. if i do have any objections on this film its that you dont really understand where the people came from. the best part about it is the costumes. but, if you dont like scary movies then dont watch it. its not a slasher film. its more like "nightmare on elm street 3" with class. i always rate my movies 1-10 & this one gets a 9.

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