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David and Lisa (1998) (TV)
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WOW! Kimiko Gelman, 19 November 2001

I don't think I would have ever even heard of this film if one of my favorite actresses was not in it. Kimiko Gelman that is. Thank you Kimiko for having me watch such an incredible story. If this movie ever airs, my advice is "WATCH IT!!" 1-10 (10)

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Models..., 10 July 2001

The ONLY reason what-so-ever that I saw this flick was because my friend Gregory Van Dam was in it. I worked with him a couple of years ago & he did warn me about how awful the movie was. He was right. The movie is all the 80's teen movies ala Porky's wrapped in one, but with horrible writing. If this airs on a syndicated network at 3:00am on at Friday & you have your best friend hanging out for the night eating chips & there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else on (including the red, blue, & green screen that plays the "star spangled banner") then go ahead & watch it. Z. 1-10 (1)

Dark...., 9 July 2001

Bjork is a woman who is going blind. She works in some type of disgusting factory. She works numerous hours to save up money to get am operation for her son in hopes that he will not have to suffer the way she is. Always dreaming of being a broadway star, Bjork lets her mind wonder off in which she imagines she is on broadway. The movie without a doubt appeals to the more artistic kind of person. But, I do recomend this movie to everyone. Yes, she does break out into song & some people just can't handle that, but the story & the astounishing writing makes up for it. Personally, I love Bjork & her music. If there was ever a movie written for a certain star, this is the one. Z. 1-10 (9)

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RuPaul, 5 July 2001

The famous "Supermodel of the World" brought to VH1 the RuPaul Varity Show. In this day & age it is extremely hard to pull-off a variety show. RuPaul aka "Foxy Lady" managed to do it & do it with style! In tradition of other great variety shows like Carol Burnett, 3 Girls 3, The Jacksons, Dolly Parton,& Cher...The Rupaul Show had many big guest stars that ranged from Diana Ross to Patti Labell & even Menudo. RuPaul's energetic comedy, style, & gracefulness is what made this show a "Snapshot." The show normally ended with Ru & guest doing a great duet. The show should have lasted longer but in the world of music television you are guaranteed one today, gone today...which is sad because Rupaul who makes many women look at themselves & second guess what they look like, as well as acts, sings, dances, & entertains in many other ways is one sizzling HOT sexy momma! If the show ever repeats, it is a MUST SEE, even if its to see what Ru is wearing! Its an eye full of STUNNING looks & beauty that not many can't match!


this is officially the best written show to date. just when tv was only doing shows with young fresh actors...surprise! here are 4 women with so much spunk & energy that you would think they were the new fresh young stars! being that three of them were from huge hit shows before, they along with Getty made up what is truly the "fantastic four". a brief story line is dorthy has divorced her husband stan & has moved in with widows rose & blanche in blanches nice miami home. dorthys mother(ma) comes to live with them after shady pines nursing home burns down. season 1-6 are the best. the last season brought in newcomers to spice up each characters life. miles was roses new flame & dorthy found love as well. the last episode is so emotional that it leaves you sad, lonely, & somewhat angry. i always pretend the last episode never happened so that the fab four will be together forever! 1-10 (20)

WHY?, 3 July 2001

the story of a boy who wants to be real. why didn't they just put a long wooden nose on him. i understand that it wasn't steven's fault though. the late stanly kuburt (eyes wide shut...aka eyes wide shut due to the movie being boring) had something to do with it. i thought this was going to be the next ET. boy was i wrong. okay, story is a little boy wants to be real. feel real. act real. guess what, he's not! the movie didn't stink but it was dry. Z. 1-10 (3)

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when you go from rags to..., 25 June 2001

Rags to Riches was such a great idea. TV needed something a little light at the time. Aside from the facts of life, everything seemed so serious. Rose, Diane, Marva, Patty, & Mickey sang their way through problems in their lives. The drama every week included stories like, Rose & Diane fighting over the same guy, Marva opening her business, Patty going thru puberty, & Mickey stuggling to sell girl scout cookies. Unfortunantly NBC wrote in tv guide that the show was to expensive to keep on. After 3 movies & two season-run it came to an end. I am so glad I managed to tape the movie, along with a few episodes, & my favorite two hour movie "rags to riches in vegas."

Jack,Janet,Chrissy..., 5 May 2001

great show!! it was sad when chrissy left. when cindy replaced her i still enjoyed the show a lot. it lost it's power when they brought in terri. i understand they couldn't bing "another dumb blonde" on, but they took it all the way in the other direction with the super smart terri. it just didn't work for me anymore. & then there were the "spinoff's". my favorites are the spinoff's! the ropers. three's a crowd. loved them too. i always thought three's company deserved a reunion though. 1-10 with chrissy (8). with cindy (7). with terri (5). rthe ropers (7). three's a crowd (6). Z.

Paper Dolls (1982) (TV)
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dolls, 5 May 2001

made for tv movies normanlly are a bit dramatic for me. not this one though. i like this movie a lot. i did know this movie but i did know the tv show that was a comedy when it came out around 1990. it was pretty much the same thing just funny. later on, i saw the movie on lifetime! i was impressed. 1-10 (8) Z.

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Pleasant Movie!, 5 May 2001

Every once and a while movie "get in a slump". It was one of those years and then *poof* out of no where this unusual movie comes out! This was a good movie and if it would have had the right promotion it could have been a classic. Black and white meets color...interesting! I don't own this movie but I would like to. 1-10 (7) Z.

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