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Chicago (2002)
& all that jazzzzz..., 10 February 2003

Astounding! That is what I say to Chicago! This is the movie version of the long-running broadway hit. Although I have seen many other performers do a much better job than boring Rene Zellweger so unconvincingly did, it was still worth it and then some! The story (of you don't know) is of two women who battle at being the bigger starlet and have the most thing though, they are in prison for murder! Loading with sexy moves, great songs, and Diva action coming left & right! Great Film-Instant Classic! Z. (10)

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Playing Mona Lisa, 2 January 2003

I never even heard of this film... It just happen to be on last night. All-star cast drenched in good writing, & flooded with comedy! Lots of good points are made throughout the entire movie. Storyline is girl loves boy. Boy dumps girl. Girl must pick up the pieces & move on...? EVERY SINGLE ACTOR in this film will carry you through life's little problems in the most humorous way! (9)

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Don't forget your rubber (gloves), 27 December 2002

This was a funny one! Everyday woman living in everyday suburbia. Part time job- A dominate matriarch who is pushed over the edge by other problems going on with a phone that she has. The aggression from the call shows us how perfect she is at what she does for a living... entertaining men. Great performance from the cast! Funny, short, & to the point! (9)

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B-movie?, 27 December 2002

Of course it is! This is the type of B-movie that you'll enjoy. I didn't expect to see HANNAH in this role. But it was fun in a corny kind of way. Although it is still the classic story just like the original, it is "made for tv." But thats okay because Hannah leads that "glamor blonde bombshell life" that her beauty stops the film from falling apart. (5)

The Gift (2000)
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This would make a great GIFT..., 10 December 2002

I wouldn't mind getting this twist-filled film in my stocking for Christmas! I never heard of this movie, but I just happened to watch it on the Sundance Channel, & I'm glad I did! Annie Wilson is one of the "Gifted" people in this world that is helping in a murder case. An all-star cast, a great story, perfect direction, & SUSPENSE, SUSPENSE, SUSPENSE! See it. (10) Z.

Wonder Woman (1974) (TV)
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I "Wonder?"where she is..., 4 December 2002

I actually sat through this movie waiting for the real WONDER WOMAN to pop out at any second. She never did?!! At first, I hated this horrible-not-even-close version... But about 3 years later I read how they were trying to market towards the working women's lib instead of the "superhero" fanatics. So, I pondered on that for a while thinking that yes, it was & sometimes still is a male dominated world. On that note, I sat through the movie again... but, again, it wasn't good. It didn't suck! But it's not the Wonder Woman we all know, love, & at one time or another pretended to be. Or pretended to be Superman with Wonder Woman. If I sat through a film called "The Wonder's of a Woman" then I may have given the film a chance...But thats not what it is. This is Diana Price who is from Paradise Island. She is smarter, she is keen, & she is a knockout. But where is the leaps, the strength, the spinning around letting your hair fall gracefully down her back & then changing to the stunning costume (& always hoping she would wear the cape or the swimsuit!) Nope, not in this movie! She changes at the hotel! Sorry, don't think so!(4) Z.

007, 3 December 2002

One of the better Bond films... James Bond is back in Die Another Day. I have never really seen 007 take so much abuse in the beginning though, I thought it was his "Day!" But anyway, this time around James Bond teams up with Jinx (played by Berry)to track down the bad guys... Not much of an original story here, but great FX can sell a movie. & great FX is what this film is made off. There were some fun surprises in there as well (the little gadgets that Bond gets to play with, a well-acted Madonna looking stunning I must add, & of course the diva of the hour, Halle Berry.) There has been lots of talk over this Jinx spinoff... I guess that would be a good idea considering Bond has reinvented himself five times to date... Maybe Jinx could be the new breed & some childhood star now can play her in years to come! (8)

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Angel 101, 22 November 2002

Charlies Angels was one of those shows that was ALWAYS on in my house while growing up. I wasn't really old enough to understand it until daily repeats started airing. This is a classic! Spelling did his best work here! Three beautiful ladies who are crimefighters... doesn't sound like much but it is... After a five season run, the show came to an end. Some say it was due to Kate Jackson leaving, some say it was Farrah's fault, & then of course there are those who blame new cast member Shelley Hack (who happened 'along with Smith' to be my favorite.) I think five years was a blessing for a cop show (not to meantion it was mostly a female cast which was rare at that time.) The show itself is based in LA. The Angels work at Townsend Investigations (owned by Charlie played by Forsyth.) It normanlly kicks off with the crime being performed & then moving to the girls speaking with Charlie on the phone about it. They come up with covers & off to work they went... good writing & good acting led to the big finale each time.(10)

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*Spellbound(again)*, 22 November 2002

The two magical kids Tony & Tia return for another adventure in Disneyland! Tony finds himself powerless & abducted... so sis(Tia) comes to the rescue! Fun, cute, family movie. Bringing it only like Disney can. Don't see one without seeing the other... personally, I liked the 2nd one better... due to Tia (played by Richards) being the star and the hero! (8) If you like these: Watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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*Spellbound*, 22 November 2002

What a cute little Disney film. Two kids, both with powers, go to battle against the bad guys while on a quest. There talents include, ESP, levitation, & exciting things like that! I can't really say much about the movie except that it's classic Disney... & it is one of the better ones. (7)

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