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Joanna Peabody & The 7 Wishes, 18 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this when I was in the 1st grade. The teacher (Miss Hollie whom later became Mrs. Wyatt because she married but I refused to call her that) played it on one of those projector reels... it was the story of a sweet little girl who lived in the ghetto & was very very poor...kinda like the show "Good Times." One day, her wheelchair bound fairy God-Mother appeared on her TV set & granted her 7 wishes. Joanna, who had always daydreamed of material riches, started wishing for the best clothes, jewels, etc. But her nagging/whinning little sister wouldn't stop screaming & crying so Joanna wished her to "shutup" in which later she had to use another wish to let her talk again... That making her realize that material things are not the key to life, treating people with compassion & respect is. Joanna used her final wish for the fairy God-Mother to walk again. Sweet little story huh!

Roses are red!, 14 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Emily Rose was a pretty good film. It was a horror movie from the intellectual view. It sure wasn't a film that is going to scare the crap out of you...but it was far from Cher in Suspect! Emily Rose is based on a true story in which a girl has 6 entiny's in her body. During her exorcism Emily dies. The priest who is there to help is actually accused of her death & is on trial. This spooky tale is a glimpse inside the eyes of those around Emily & their interpretation of Emily's story. ***Major spoiler- The story ends (as it did in real life) with Emily's gravesite becoming a well known gathering place for those who believe she is a saint. It is a powerful story although there are some slow spots in the movie. It is worth seeing though.

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This ain't no Tae Bo!, 7 September 2005

I don't think I have seen a movie this funny in a long time! In this day & age it is hard to have humor, action, & twists all in one that can be pulled off...BUT Kung Fu Hustle has it all. The landlady makes this entire film a delight. The story follows the Axe Gang vs. Pig Sty Valley. The Axe Gang is one of those gangs who is fighting for territory...once they arrive at Pig Sty, things take an interesting turn of events! I can't wait for Kung Fu Hustle 2! I will be sure to run (just like the chase scene) all the way to the theatre in order to be the first to see it!!!!!! If you see any movie on the big screen, on DVD, or on TIVO, make sure it is KUNG FU HUSTLE!

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What It Feels Like For A Girl, 5 September 2005

Excellent tale of little Ludovic who is sure he is really a she. It's a must see!! Unfortunately, we live in a world where each individual thinks their way is the right way...which is wrong. With that being said, Ludovic's family has to deal with their judgmental neighbors who should be "cleaning their own kitchen" so to speak. The comedy/drama dives deep into the trials & tribulations that this poor kid has to suffer in order to feel like he/she fits in. The funny thing is, back in the roman times, green was actually considered the "feminine" was changed to pink when fashion changed many years later. Maybe they will make a sequel with Ludovic & call it "My Life In Green, The College Years!"

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The Manor, 8 August 2004

I like the fact Sharon Stone was in this. I like the cinametography of the film. I even like the title! I just hate the fact that Touchstone

Pictures tried to make everyone think this was a "horror" film.

To be honest, this movie was reminesant of "Cape Fear." Aside from the glamour of Stone, there is some nice eye candy by the name of STEPHEN DORFF... this guy is right on the verge of becoming the "it guy for the minute" but its just a matter of time. Then we're blessed with a ASTOUNDING ACTRESS-Juliette Lewis who has done classics like "The Basketball Diaries" & "The Other Sister." Anyway, about the movie... the film is about a family that is fed up with living in New York & decides to move to the country (How that is possible, I will NEVER know, nor do I want to know hehe) But I digress... So they move away & buy Cold Creek Manor... then a "difter" shows up (Dorff) who previously lived there before them & forcefully tries to reclaim his home. The movie ran dry when it bacame obvious who was behind everything...major problem though, it became obvious early on in the film. 1/10 (6)

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A Different World from where you're coming from!, 8 August 2004

WOW! What a show! I grew up watching A Different World... Okay, like most people, I first tuned in to see the beautiful & talented "rebel of the Huxtable family" (Denise) played by Lisa Bonet. Bonet was one of the hottest & most controversal stars making headlines throughout the late 80's/early 90' it was only apparent that she would draw in millions of fans weekly on this Cosby Show spinoff... & of course, it came without shock (even though it made HUGE headlines) that she would walk away from the show just after one year... it was sad to see her go because the show she made a hit grew into a 90's phenomenon! New cast members were added & that just added more flavor! Cree Summer being the standout... They could not have casted someone better & more fun than her! & as far as the hated Whitley Gilbert (played by Jasmine Guy) well she ended up carrying the show through it's high rated long run. This show touched on all topics from racism, to abuse, lies, cheating, & of course love. & the "love" section is what kept viewers coming back...WAAAYYY before Ross & Rachel on Friends did, Whitley & Dwayne were keeping the ratings going strong every Thursday night! A show not to missed as it evolved into an educational experience.

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Classic! (Spoilers), 8 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stumble out of bed & stumble through the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition!! Meet Violet, Judy, & Dorlee... three working gals in the DREADFUL corperate world under the sexist-egotistical-lying-hypocritical-bigot aka F-Hart! When these worker-bee's get together & have a little "Maui-Wowi," they share their inner darkest secrets about how they can get rid of the boss...when each fantasy becomes a reality the laughter is NON-STOP! The scene with the body in trunk & the girls relize that it's not Mr. Hart is the funniest part in the film...just look at the expression Dorlee (Parton) gives to Judy (Fonda) & Violet (Tomlin)... & I can't forget to mention "the eyes-ears-nose-&-throat of Mr. Hart...ROZ (played by Elizabeth Wilson) because anything she hears, he hears!! One final note: Marian Mercer is divine in this as well. Classic film with a VERY strong cast! A must-see! 10+

The Village...SPOILERS**, 3 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With the publicity & name attached to this film, it is obvious that it would have a HUGE opening. But living in The Village made me want to be evicted! Where is the fear here? Because it was not in this movie. This was such a "done-to-death" mixture of The Twilight Zone meets that little "happy-town" that Ewan McGregor visits in BIG FISH, with a little piece of Leo Dicaprio's THE BEACH that it is tired! To top it all off, what was that crap with the "so-called monster" falling into the hole?? Hello! We saw that in DOLORES CLAIBORNE!! Believe me, I got the picture, the poor world we live in is just so bad that these people tried to create the perfect place, but come-on... if they had time to play "dress-up" & scare the neighbors, then they had plenty of time to go to the "town" & get medication from "those we don't speak of." BUT NO, instead let's send the blind girl who doesn't have a clue of life outside the open field with 6 houses & skinned sheep! Even though Bryce Howard was THE highlight of the movie, I would have had a scary time driving through the Ghetto as opposed to the two hours I wasted in The Village.

Fast Food=Fat Kids, 2 March 2004

The fast food chains have gone to an all time low the past decade with King sizes, Up sizes, & the one that started it all, Super sizes! Spurlock spent months eating nothing but McDonald's & filmed every last bite. In this compelling reality look at America & the obesity problem that continues to dominate people with every drive thru window, Spurlock's body becomes one big giant Big Mac in itself. It is extremely sad that after watching this, I took one look around & almost EVERY child & each one has a pot-belly! A movie that took over the Sundance Film Festival & will hit the big screens throughout America (2004) will "hopefully" make people wise up! 10+

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She-Bo-Cop, 2 March 2004

Yancy Butler as the Bionic Woman? The star of Switchblade played a robotic woman of the future who fought off the bad guys... Mann & Machine was a filler show that only lasted about 9 episodes. I remember getting very excited about this show coming on (as I LOVED the Bionic Woman) but this one just couldn't measure up. It was actually yesterday (March 1, 2004) that I came across the pilot episode that I taped back in 1992...after watching it (12 years later) I see a lot of the hit show "Alias" & the motion picture "Laura Croft" mixed in it. Still, it wasn't a great show, but maybe in 2016 (12 years from now) I will watch again & give it another shot! For now I'll give it a 5 out of 10.

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