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would be advantageous for you to give this a look, 12 August 2015

What a pleasant surprise this film was. While trying not to get too much into detail, as not to spoil any of the intricacies of the movie, I'll say that while this is in the realm of sci-fi, the movie has much more on it's mind than merely that. It conveys as much in it's beautiful nuances and a refreshing subtlety that is sadly missing from many newer films of it's ilk. The film is also wonderfully acted across the board. So that doesn't hurt.

This mini-review was inspired by a haiku that I wrote on twitter, which I shall also include here for the sake of posterity (if for nothing else) Also in revised form as the original was sadly incorrectly in 5 7 6

Character driven

Well crafted slice of sci-fi

Deliberate pace

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Kane this guy make a good movie ?, 31 December 2014

The only possible 'good' thing that I can attribute to this train-wreck of a film is that it almost makes me want to retroactively change my rating for the similarly atrocious first movie in this franchise and give it another star just so I can rate this one lower.

Anyways, Jacob Goodnight (WWE's Kane),comes back to life to kill incredibly dumb teenagers in a morgue, while contending with flashbacks to his overbearing religious nut of a mom The film's haphazard, illogical and doesn't have a scary bone in it's body. Not recommended except for perhaps the most lenient of slasher fans.

My Grade: D-

Ulli-ful, 17 October 2014

Oh Ulli, why do I still act like a cinematic masochist by continuing to watch your unwatchable 'based on a true story' (albiet EXTREMELY loosely) waste of celluloid. Perhaps I've answered my own question. I AM a masochist, either that or the last true blooded optimist. Perhaps this one will be better. Maybe i won't long for the sweet embrace of death to keep me from viewing until the movie's end. Alas no. No such luck. i had to suffer through this spectacularly awful movie. Atrociously acted, shot worse than a student film. Unentertaining even in it's insipidness. DO NOT watch. DO NOT even let the idea enter your head.

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Summon a better film next time, 17 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Four college friends who one night summon a demon who readily inhabits one of their bodies, have to figure out a way to defeat the demonic entity.

To say this is Writer/Director Alex Wright's best film is damning it with faint praise indeed, as the only previous films of his that i've previously seen were the abysmal "Wishmaster 3" and equally abysmal The "First 9 1/2 Weeks". At least this one starts off well-enough, if still stilted and unoriginal, before collapse in on itself and limping to it's conclusion. As it stands, the movie is still worthless, yet better than those two aforementioned stinkers.

Eye Candy: Cortney Palm is briefly topless (but as a cadaver, so....)

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in order to twist, the film has to have a brain in the first place, 17 October 2014

Silly me, I thought that "Blood Trails" was the worst film that I'd have the misfortune to watch today. But lo and behold, here comes "Brain Twisters" to again prove me wrong, oh so VERY wrong.

This relatively bloodless tale of an insane scientist (but aren't they all) who's experiments with a video game make his student subjects into mindless murderous psychopaths, has nothing going for it. Insanely bad acting, and horribly disjointed storyline that at times I think was merely jotted haphazardly on paper cocktail napkins. This stinker not only scrapes the bottom of the proverbial barrel, but permanently resides there. It can't get much worse than this.

Trailing off into obscurity, 17 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anne cheats on her boyfriend with a deranged cop who turns out to be a psychopath by stalking her and her boyfriend while they're taking a mountain biking trip.

Predictable, unoriginal tripe that features unlikable characters doing idiotic things that will make one yell at the screen in disbelief. Not only did I glance at my phone to check the time while waiting for this film to finally end, thus putting me out of my misery, but i actively hated that i wasted the time watching it. Yes the movie is that bad.

Eye Candy: Rebecca Palmer gets topless (although it could possibly be a body double)

Mine Games (2012)
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A mine is a terrible thing to waste, 16 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A group of friends stumble across an abandoned mine, while on vacation. There's something eerily peculiar about said mine though and it wastes no time getting the group all discombobulated with it's timey-wimey shenanigans

Highly reminiscent of "Triangle", but not as nearly accomplished as that film. The insipid number has a group of unlikable characters and a script struggling too hard to be clever that it falls over it's own feet several times. Shame as it had potential, only to flounder it all away.

Eye Candy: Lindsay Lamb as Sarah gets topless

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This film is a clown, 14 October 2014

A group of kids are methodically stalked by a killer in clown makeup while they are cleaning up an old opera house. Who lives? Who dies? Who cares?

Say what you will, but clowns are just inherently frightening for some reason. Furthermore, it takes some serious talent to make a killer clown that's not scary in any way, sense, or from. Not one iota. This robs the viewer of even silently cheering while the group of stereotypical, asinine, unlikable characters get slashed. A real chore to sit through.

Eye Candy: Liz Crawford as Ashley gets briefly topless

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I want to be chasing a better movie, 14 October 2014

Patrick takes a trio of TV paranormal investigators with him to observe a couple's daughter, who appears to be suffering from the same possession that Patrick's own sister had suffered from before her untimely suicide, in this low-budget horror flick that's firmly in the 'found footage' sub-genre.

I didn't particularly care for the 'found footage' sub-genre, as in my mind, most of the films can come across as cheap, lazy, badly acted & sloppy. This film suffers from it's faults yes, but it's still marginally better than other swill that populates this genre. Still not enough to rewatch it again anytime soon (or ever) though.

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Carrie on our wayward son, 11 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rachel Lang finds herself in a fowl mood after her best friend commits suicide. So what can a faux 'goth' half-sister of Carrie White do? Let the telekinesis fly in this unnecessary belated (by a few decades) sequel to a iconic horror classic.

This film might've fared better had it been a stand alone film rather than a sequel to a beloved classic. However this IS a sequel (a point that this movie with constant callbacks to the aforementioned classic NEVER lets you forget) This is one of the two main minuses of the film (the other being Zachery Ty Bryan acting quite poorly)

All is not awful as Rachel coming into her full revenge in the third act is entertaining, although not enough to sit through the rest of the film in my mind. That being said, this film IS STILL a million times better than the theatrical remake of Carrie.

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