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Simple yet captivating movie which speaks a larger message
7 July 2008
This film is quite possibly the most unpretentious and heartfelt film I have ever seen. There are no "dirty" scenes which seem to pop up in so many movies nowadays, and retains a certain pure quality to it. The pace may seem a bit slow sometimes, yet director Majidi draws a plot-line so tightly focused that my attention practically never strayed. In my opinion, the pace is necessary to absorb the "feeling" for the characters & to allow them to grow on you.

The main character truly is blind in real life. The acting comes across as more genuine. The characters surrounding him both magnify or serve as a great contrast to developing his own personality to the viewer. Therefore, some characters may appear quite simple in their presentation, and their characters left a bit undeveloped, but that draws us even closer to the emotional depth and plight of the main character (the blind boy).

We are given an intimate look into his character's earnest search for love and acceptance, and how he readily gives it to those around him. Even though this boy is very young, I think that even older age groups can somehow relate to his search for pure love and acceptance, especially from the one being that everyone is blind to (at least physically) -- God.

On the surface, the acting may seem somewhat simple, but that makes the underlying message even stronger. It makes the movie seem more like a surreal blur between a fantasy fable and real-life. Not knowing how to clearly draw the line adds to the beauty and magnetism of this movie. There is a strong universally spiritual yet non-denominational component to this. It is not preachy, in my opinion, because it makes mention of God without constantly waving a specific religious denomination in your face. I was deeply touched at certain scenes that I believe will stay with me for a long time. If you are looking for a movie with a solid storyline and emotionally-moving message, check out this movie.
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La Strada (1954)
Pure, surreal, a treat for the mind and heart
6 May 2002
Often it is hard to find a romance which does not include actual romance - i.e. - liplock, hugging scenes. The viewer is overflowed with emotion because the film itself focuses on human emotion, and is a pure amusement to watch because of the many symbols. When Zampano tries to steal a silver heart from the church and Gelsomina pleads with him not to, we can only think of the cold silver heart, his sad action of trying to "steal" such an emotion as "love", Gelsomina's soft nature - this film overflows with such subtleties, but such subtleties! so impactful in conveying emotion..

Gelsomina's faith to Zampano is heartwrenching - she is presented with opportunities to leave Zampano, such as leaving to the nunnery or joining the circus, but she declines all. This fidelity builds up, only to have.. well, let's just say that Fellini is especially skillful in drawing your sympathy and then channeling for it in a single scene.. he knows how to focus and concentrate your emotion, I felt sort of violated after watching the film, since I rarely cry for movies! Also, if the symbolism does not stir a reader to interest, the amazing cinematography will. The tightrope act atop the city buildings, the motorbike rides, the Christ ceremony-

This movie is unpredictable and is interesting to watch, since it keeps the mind afloat with the different scenes which are packed with symbols and metaphors, wonderful puzzles to decipher. Since Fellini does not present it straight-forwardly, and rather wraps meaning in several layers of symbols, uncovering the truth becomes fulfilling for the viewer.

The way Fellini develops his characters is unforgettable. We feel their demise, but urge to see and understand more. I feel only Fellini can accomplish such a remarkable quality. And in case you didn't get the gist of my rating (and my ranting).. 4 stars. Please rent this and enjoy, Fellini's incredible! :o)
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29 April 2001
I'm glad I was bored on a Friday night and decided to browse the foreign film section. I randomly picked Time of the Gypsies, and now it is my favorite. The soundtrack, as well as the movie, is amazing. This film is unique in almost every aspect. It was moving without being too gushy or fake--I highly recommend seeing it. The other commentees have said pretty much everything else about this film in an nicely eloquent way, so I feel I need not elaborate. :)
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