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A Perfect Pitch that ends up being a home run!, 3 February 2013

What a great movie!! I LOVED this movie! I really do love A Capella music, first of all. I really enjoyed this movie on many different levels, even though my girlfriend did not. I knew this wasn't supposed to be Rent or Fiddler on the Roof, I assumed that, going in. I thought it looked like a spoof of some sort with actual singing. It exceeded my expectations. I found myself laughing out loud during many scenes and the singing was absolutely sublime. The casting on this movie was dead on. Anna Kendrick was great in the lead role, opposite Skylar Astin. Anna Camp turned in such a superlative performance that I wanted to throttle her beautiful neck 30 minutes in because of her stubbornness. I have to say that Rebel Wilson absolutely stole the best laughs, though! That girl IS talented. I can't wait to see her next role. So, even though I kind of thought this would be a chick-flick going in that I would just have to tolerate to listen to the singing, I was very pleasantly surprised. This was a great movie for the comedic acting AND the vocal performances.

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One of the best movies of the year!, 22 August 2012

Wow! I already liked Dax Shepard before watching this movie. He really does shine on Parenthood. The chemistry between Kristen Bell and he was great. Kristen Bell absolutely excelled in her role. Tom Arnold was over the top as Shepard's inept US Marshal handler but, we expect that from him. That's what makes watching Tom, fun. Micheal Rosenbaum was great as Kristen's jealous ex boyfriend. I haven't seen him in anything since he portrayed Lex Luthor on Smallville. Bradley Cooper turned in his usual fine work as the villain that's attempting to get revenge on Dax Shepard for testifying against him. Joy Bryant was a good addition although she wasn't given enough lines or action. Beau Bridges. Let me repeat that, Beau Bridges. I liked watching him meet his son (Dax) at the door with a right overhand to the jaw. Watching him pond on Bradley Cooper's henchman was also fun. I know I'm not articulating this very well. The movie was lot of fun and my girlfriend and I both enjoyed it, immensely.

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Shatner hits a homerun!, 10 October 2010

I found this little comedy engaging and fun. I wasn't sure how William Shatner would pull off comedy when I started the pilot but, I was very satisfied. His timing was perfect. Jonathon Sadowski is very funny as his neurotic, out of touch younger son. Will Sasso is ALWAYS funny to watch. Nicole Sullivan is over the top but, that's why we all love her. I watched the pilot episode and then, begged my girlfriend to watch it with me, again(we have 2 dvrs in my house). She laughed so hard that she said her sides hurt. And this is someone who has never been a fan of William Shatner's. This show is absolutely on our "Must Record Weekly" list. I'm really hoping this show gets picked up for several seasons.

Cop Out (2010)
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Cop out was a PERFECT hit!, 24 March 2010

This movie had you from the very first when Tracy Morgan wanted to do the suspect interview. Watching Morgan run through all of the famous movie one liners was hysterical! Bruce Willis' viewing of it was perfect. When Morgan quoted Willis' signature catchphrase from the Die Hard movies and Bruce deadpanned, "Yippee ki-yay? Never saw that movie..." Kevin Pollack was pitch perfect in his own snarky way. I thought I was going to pee my pants. I knew the movie was a spoof. I knew Kevin Smith directed it. I research my movie picks before seeing them. I wanted a movie that would make me laugh, this one did, consistently. My girlfriend loved it, too!

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A Good Successor to the NCIS name, 21 November 2009

I watched the crossover (call it the NCIS:LA premiere) last season between the two NCIS casts and really enjoyed it. Chris O'Donnell has grown up and yet, there is still that juvenile offender on the loose quality to him. Teaming him up with LL Cool J was a stroke of genius. They play off of each other so well. Pulling in Oscar winner Linda Hunt to play Hetty was a masterstroke. This show is well cast and the writing is solid. I have to disagree with other reviewers about Adam Jamal Craig and Daniela Ruah. I think they put in very solid performances as supporting team members. And Barrett Foa is perfect as the somewhat geeky technical assistance. All in all, a fun show to watch. I look forward to it marking as many seasons as it's forerunner, NCIS.

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A surprise hit!, 12 October 2009

I wasn't sure about this show. I liked Ed O'Neil and wanted to see him succeed in another comedy. I talked my girlfriend into watching the pilot episode and we laughed uproariously. The casting was so good. Ed O'Neil's delivery is absolutely pitch perfect. Ty Burrell is annoying but, in the perfect over-compensating way that you would expect from a dad who feels his Life has aged while he has remained a teenager. Julie Bowen manages to under play her role as Ty's annoyed and insecure wife. Sofia Vergara is absolutely gorgeous as O'Neil's younger, Latina wife. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet are hysterical together. The show ties together so well each and every episode.

"Castle" (2009)
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Why this show should run for 7 seasons!, 23 April 2009

This show is AWESOME!! It has a lot of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in it and even a dash of Captain Hammer. Not a plug, honest but, if you haven't seen him in Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, you've truly missed something. I must say that I like the casting for this show all the way around. Stana Katic is outstanding as the female lead! Susan Sullivan as Castle's pushy mother is perfect. The writing is crisp and the directing allows each actor to shine in their individual roles. Molly Quinn is also quite charming as his daughter. Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever play very well off of each other, too. This show really does deserve a second look for anyone out there that is looking for a little something different.

"Chuck" (2007)
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One of the more interesting shows on the air., 31 March 2009

I like this show. I like it for all that is and all that it is not. The show has developed very nicely allowing for some richer character development all down the line. We know that Sara really does care for Chuck but, is torn between her feelings for him and doing her duty. This may sound trite and it is, a little. It's also real. How many times do we, the audience, feel that conflict in our daily lives? Choosing the right thing versus helping a friend... Is it really the right thing if it dehumanizes us? These are questions that are being asked of us when we watch this show. Seeing Morgan move past the "sidekick only" stage has been great. Watching Lester and Jeffrey move into their portion of the show... Deciding that in certain circumstances that Emmett, the BuyMore's Asst Manager is not that bad of a guy, really. And, just watching John Casey played so over the top by Adam Baldwin week after week is enough to drag me back if nothing else did! But, wait! There's more. Seeing Awesome with flaws that make him less Awesome and more human. How many people have that guy for a brother-in-law, already?? The cast is extremely likable and I hope this show is renewed for many seasons. That's my two cents.

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One of the must-see's!, 6 July 2008

This is one of those shows that if given enough time will develop a loyal following. I have watched 5 episodes so far. I talked my girlfriend into sitting down for the pilot and she was hooked. Mary McCormack does an excellent job of showing a flawed character struggling with a dysfunctional family and the evils of her job(protecting and hiding criminals in Witness Protection). Fred Weller is excellent as her laconic partner. Paul Ben-Victor is dead on as the not-quite-aware section chief of the U.S. Marshall's Service. The shows are well-crafted and allow Ms. McCormack ample opportunity to zing her co-stars with great one-liners. The developing back-stories on her family show great promise. Lesley Anne Warren is an over the top version of the mother no one wants to claim as their own. She's a hard-drinking "good-time" girl who likes men, a LOT. Nichole Hiltz is her sexy, ditzy sister who is attracted to trouble. The cast is a lot of fun to watch and I am going to be rooting for them to be renewed for a second season.

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Not a bad start., 27 September 2007

All in all, it was pretty good. I was a fan of both "the six million dollar man" and "the bionic woman" of the 70's. Is it perfect? Nope, but, it has a lot of potential. Miguel Ferrer always brings a hard edge to his roles. He's playing a little over the top here but, it will smooth out. Michelle Ryan was a good choice for the role. She seems comfortable and familiar with the earlier role her character had. Will Yun Lee's character I haven't really figured out, motivation-wise, yet. You have decent bad guys chewing on the scenery in the background. What more can I ask for? Anyway, would I recommend this series? Yes, indubitably.