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A slice-of-life seemingly unscripted view of the acting life, 3 December 2012

Jane Adams, who has been in some two dozen movies and TV series over 20 years, plays an actress much like herself who is about 40 years old. She lives in a row house on the beach in Malibu and goes board-riding every day she is not working. She is not portrayed as a star and is no longer in demand for the juicier parts as much as when she was younger. She has a young friend, a woman barely in her 20s, coming out to California to be in movies- the new sweet young thing about to be exploited. They compare their figures, their roles, their experiences, their men, and how time treats them. Meanwhile, the people who hang around them who talk about global warming and how the places built along the beach are going to be gone in ten years, washed away by rising sea levels. One guy who has bought a row house says he knows it will be gone but he might as well enjoy it now. The film suggests a parallel between the earth and nature wearing down, and individual lives wearing down. Beautiful women, beautiful place, beautiful photography.

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My all-time favorite Christmas TV program, 25 January 2007

Dragnet a Christmas favorite? Yes. As the detectives search through the inner city neighborhood asking about the missing Baby Jesus statue, more and more people give testimony about how much the image of the Baby Jesus at Christmas means to the Hispanic community, including a presumably Jewish second-hand dealer or pawnbroker and skid row derelicts.

I won't spoil the ending here, I'll just say I cry whenever I describe it. It was so strong I remembered the episode from seeing only once over 50 years ago. A year ago,I found it on DVD. Funny, I "remembered" some incidents that weren't actually in the show...

I have found more than one version of a DVD, different collections, etc. Both contained this show, "The Big Little Jesus." I would recommend for Christmas viewing or anytime.