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Beneath our patriotism is a sad excuse, 25 April 2010

Promising so much and delivering very little is the current crop of Australian cinema. Having so many ideas and stories to tell, Australians should take the lead in creating well developed movies. Lacking the same financial support as larger countries does indeed hinder the films production qualities. But it's the WAY you tell the story that is compelling. ALL is lost in Beneath Hill 60. (Firstly, I am a lover-Encourager-Partipant of Australian films) The Film began in the dullest of all dulls with a tedious & cheap score to the exposition that is blurted out in such raw form you cringe at the actors who have given what they must try and perform.

The story is unbelievable in history and yet completely lifeless in this production. Instead of focusing on the event we are dragged through a watch-checking *Aussie Story*. the characters are skin deep, we know streaky is a good runner but thats the obvious set up- there is no exploration in the script. It's sad to think of the money spent to show us such tripe which in a simple form with a director that could have the balls to put together his own cut of the film, instead of this reduced(90min) version, we miss vital scenes that would actually keep us from staring endlessly at the clock. But then again, if the director added more *Dinkum* footy songs/ Crying of the Young Diggers / Extremely Clichéd "Army general" characters, then I must thank you. Thankyou for not destroying money nor time. I think we both know you have destroyed your fair share- along with Australian Director Reputations.

(Also - Why on Earth would you cast the voice over guy for Village Cinemas in your movie??? This idiotic decision creates a huge problem taking the character seriously-when all you think the next line will be "THIS SUMMER..." (movieguy voice)

Undead Pool (2007) (V)
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Is it Delicious? Is it?, 17 May 2009

Even though this film's production vales are low and you can see it's failures clear as day- It somehow engages you in a way that you want to see where this all goes.

This film is somewhat a softcore porno that is doubling as a Zombie Horror. It delivers on NEITHER of these areas, leaving you feel a bit glass half empty after watching, not knowing if you should go all out in one direction.

This movie is dull and slow, but it has heart as well a lot more body. If you have Nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do-This is Perfect viewing for you!!!

Haze (2008) (VG)
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NOT at all FUN!!!, 5 July 2008

This Game is a good looking First Person Shooter. -----------Hang on......

But of course a story must be put around this genre, so a quite innovative plot about soldiers now driven by drugs to save the world and kill the terrorist, Nectar is the drug of choice which creates a super soldier.

Great, now just give us some fun, challenging missions, throw in some great new weapons and free terrain vehicles that can be driven at our leisure and I will be quite content.


The maker's of this game decide to create a propagandish, military driven game, that tries to make sense of our fears of terrorism and embracing democracy. The game has twisted ideals that just re-enforce morals that we learned when we were in primary school, nothing new is told to us, but "Drugs are bad...mmmkay". Then pushed in a type of ....Yvan eht Nnnioooojjjjj! (join the navy) of how standing up for the common good, given rants on normality and abnormality, right and wrong....GOOOOOOOOOOD WE GET IT! LET's KILL SOMETHING!!!!


You can't, You are forced to endure extremely long gaps of completing BULLSH!T objectives such as "Run to Helicopter"......."Go to group of Troops" .....Then once this is completed.........CINEMATIC takes over.........You sit there for at least half of the game watching little scenario's played out by the characters, one's you CANNOT skip, but sit and wait, sometimes when people aren't even talking, we sit and wait for a helicopter to land!

Bad game, by a laughable group of programmers! Don't bother making another because I will rather see the movie!

Jumper (2008)
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Bit of a dud!!!, 15 February 2008

Keep your expectations low!

First off, Im not a huge Hayden fan, nor the director! I took this film at Face value, Seeing it under the impression that it was like exploring the life of the character Nightcrawler-From X-men (The actor Alan Cumming who to me will always be BORIS from Goldeneye "INVVVINCIIIBULLLLL")

This Film starts off pretty corny, with the whole schoolyard crush/bullying. Then got a bit more interesting! Im not saying I loved it: Actually I had watched both No Country For Old Men/There Will Be Blood the day before, and going into this I needed to take my expectations down!!!

But overall its a good Escapist film. It makes you want to have the power and use it for good and evil! Great Special Effects, and extraordinary locations! It Beeped me off in many sections, especially the climax with POOR decision making!!! >>>. I think everyone should get on BILSON's back! She was a dud! The little Millie was WAYYY Better! and then turned into garbage! BUT JAMIE BELL is a RISING star! He will be Big, VERY BIG! Great effort, Better than previous!

Hidden (2005/I)
Short Comment, 15 September 2007

To be honest, I didn't know what I was in for when I rented this film. Sometimes you come across the most unimaginable films, with p!ss poor story and even worse dialog!

It was around 1am, I put the DVD. {The cover is bit chilling)....... but no horror/ thrills came, nothing... It was like when you rent a movie from the local shop thinking its just an underrated film, but instead you have been tricked by the cover and it's one of those painful amateur films that the shop made the same mistake purchasing it to rent!


I thought the intensity was there, it kept racing along! I really enjoyed the camera work, and a few days later after watching the behind the scenes I really admired the director for the choice of camera mounts!

I thought the film as a whole lacked a little substance/climax, but great work considering budget and actors! The dialog was interesting at parts, and some characters really grabbed me, even made me laugh out loud! There were enough characters for at least one of them to work! Great job on the final sequence and also the stunts!

Thought that it was well put together and had a flow! Keep going, and would like to enjoy another film from this type of artist!

Hot Fuzz (2007)
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-:::::HOT FUZZ:::::- Don't Have High Expectations & Come Out Laughing!!!, 2 April 2007

Hot Fuzz is a brilliant new Britsh comedy that really hits its mark!!! Hands down this fantastic film is the new benchmark in British comedies!

Simon Pegg throws you into the extremely tongue in cheek narrative with its quick pace edits, booming sounds and terrific camera work that we have come to expect from Edgar Wright since Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg has really exceeded my expectations and credit must also go to Nick Frost who plays the classic sidekick which he accomplishes so well. The aforementioned crafty work by Edgar Wright proves that his style creates some of the best action sequences in the business. Whether it be the shoot'em ups, chase scenes or the jump out of your seat surprises, Wright can really make a film move and does this one ever!!!

This is definitely one of those films you have to watch at least twice to come close to getting every single joke, because they come so hard and fast it is sometimes hard to stop laughing at the previous one in time to hear the next.

Even though the film does take a lot of twists and turns there isn't really a moment where it lacks energy. Sure there are parts that slow it down, but it needs this to build momentum to one of the most climactic and hysterical pieces in film history.

Speed is the key! It keeps this insanely funny narrative flowing while at the same time giving a huge insight into the extremely detailed characters. Each character brings something to the table. It is an inventive yet classic comedy that reaches most audiences with its tongue in cheek and witty humour.

People who thought the cop-comedy genre was finished should definitely see this creative film which will pluck those heart strings and have you slapping that knee while feasting your eyes on the adrenaline fueled action!!!