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"Friends" (1994)
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A great show...going down the wrong track.(contains spoilers for season 8), 18 November 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If I had to decide the salary for the friends cast based on their worth it would go like this: Chandler - a million dollars, Rachel - $500,000, Phoebe-$250,000,Joey- $200,000. Monica-$200,000, Ross - 5c.

The heart and soul of the show is chandler played by the brilliant brilliant Matthew Perry. All the other characters are just plain annoying. I have got to the stage where I watch Chandler's parts and go and make a cup of coffee while everyone else is on. However in season 8, my cup of coffee visits are getting more and more. Where is Chandler???!!! The poor man is barely on! A plea to the writers: Do not under-use the best thing you have and overuse the worst thing in Ross. and another thing - when you have one cast member dressed as a potato and another dressed as a pink bunny rabbit hitting each other with a carrot, then this kind of smacks of desperation in my mind.

In order to make the show great again then we need chandler and joey scenes back, Monica to stop being such a complete b**** to her husband - have C&M act like a married couple as opposed to two people who seemingly met for the first time last week, just more Chandler scenes, and Ross to emigrate. Apart from that its a great show!!

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Funnier than Friends!!, 27 April 2001

This short lived sitcom from 1993 was about a newly divorced woman in her mid 30s (Dana Canova) with 2 kids (the Mcphees) who moved back in with her mother (Mercer) and younger brother (Perry). The idea of the sitcom was basically about how the family got on under these new circumstances but it quickly became apparent that the star was Matthew Perry and most of the storylines revolved around his character. This was a really funny programme and didn't deserve to be cancelled so quickly, especially considering the drivel around nowadays :). The writing was sharp and the acting was always consistantly funny and real - even the dramatic parts were fantastic. It's easy to see why Matthew Perry became so famous eventually - his performance in this sitcom was a sort of "Chandler with Confidence" and he stood out from the rest of the cast in terms of comedic ability, timing and everything we associate with him through Friends and his movies - but he was occasionally also allowed to flex his dramatic muscles, again at which he is superb. He was also given excellent support in the guise of Mercer and Dan Schneider who played his best friend and work collegue Walter Peters. All in all, 10/10 :)