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The IT Crowd (2006–2013)
Graham Linehan tackles another genre of comedy...
22 November 2006
This time, he's dealing with technology. The IT Crowd, with it's old-skool computer game style opening credits, immediately catches the attention.

Roy and Moss are two IT staff working for a big company. But despite the size of the company, the two seem banished to the basement of the building. However, they seem to enjoy their locked-away existence, occasionally being tortured by moronic staff asking why their computer won't work, which is usually answered with, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" The characters are likable, and the script is a joy. Further proof that Mr. Linehan has a good eye for great actors and actresses, and that his writing skills have not waned with time. After all of his previous successes (including Father Ted, Black Books and material for Harry Enfield And Chums, The Fast Show, Big Train, Coogan's Run, Brass Eye and Jam) The IT Crowd is another triumph.
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Animal House (1978)
Classic fraternity comedy.
24 October 2006
A much talked-about movie, not just because of the stars like John Belushi, but also because of the insanity and taboos broken (lecturers smoking pot, promiscuous sex et al), Animal House is easily one of the best wild comedies ever made.

Merely watching the movie makes one relish for days of skipping classes and wreaking havoc everywhere. Smashing golf balls randomly is one such insane act, along with riding a motorcycle up some stairs. Many instances like this occur, while all the time there is a storyline building up in the background which could decide the fate of everyone in the errant Delta House.

Yet despite their antics and insanity, we all know deep down that there will be a good ending, and I leave it to you to see it for yourselves.
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One of the all-time classic school movies... about skipping school.
24 October 2006
An all-time comedy classic, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" has something for everyone. The witty, scathing character of Ferris will keep anybody amused for one and a half hours.

The premise is that the wily high=schooler Ferris Bueller decides that since it's such a beautiful day outside, he'll take a day off school by feigning illness. And despite his performance being "one of his worst", he still succeeds in convincing his parents that he needs rest.

Cue lots of antics involving him and his best friend Cameron, involving "borrowing" Cameron's father's Ferrari, going to the top of the Sears Tower and foxing his poor put-upon principal at every turn.

The movie is full of fantastic scenes, and is a fantastic movie to sit and watch again and again. It reminds you to either enjoy your youth while you have it, or reminds you what it was like to be young. A truly joyous movie.
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The Grudge 2 (2006)
Mostly faithful remake of second in the "Grudge" series.
23 October 2006
I first enjoyed the horror of the "Grudge" when I saw the first remake. I then delved into the world of Japanese horror movies, discovering the "Ring" trilogy and a couple of kooky classics like "The Happiness Of The Katakuris".

Yet out of all the horrors I've seen, "Grudge" got me the most. And after buying the originals, I must say the remakes so far have been impressive, mostly thanks to Raimi's close work with original writer and director Takashi Shimizu.

"Grudge 2" throws us straight back into the story left over from the first movie, with Karen in a Japanese hospital after attempting to burn the house down where the curse of Kayako began. Her boyfriend Doug is dead, along with many other people, at the hands of the curse. Her sister is sent to retrieve her, and then we see multiple stories linked together. Simple people brought together in a mind-numbing web of fury, anger and resentment.

Cue the same old story shown to us in a brilliant way by Raimi. People enter the house for some reason, whether it be to try and untangle the truth, being pulled in by an unknown force or even just as a dare. Yet no matter what the reason, the end result is always the same.

We also learn more about Kayako's past, in a scene that didn't appear in the original "Grudge 2". But I won't divulge too much information on that subject, suffice to say that we see Kayako's mother.

All in all, if the first movie and the originals got your fear levels rising, this movie will do the same for you. And as always, the ending is brilliantly depressing, yet equally scary at the same time.
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