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Cancellation, 17 February 2007

I can not believe that they canceled this series. I've heard nothing but positive comments. I am very disappointed, could they not at least tie up all the loose ends? I think they owe the faithful watchers of the series at least that. I certainly hope they could give us at least one more season, or a least one more show, to do just that.

I was just watching the marathon on Logo, figuring they were doing this because the new season would start next week. Imagine my surprise when I decided out of the blue to go to Christian's web page, to find that it was canceled? I just don't understand. Is there any way that we can get the show back? I'm not understanding how shows can be popular, even win awards and one so-called network person can say that the want it canceled and it just goes?

Not fair guys.

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Finally a show I can be excited about, 5 November 2006

OMG...can I love this show any more??? I never miss and episode, and I own both seasons 1 and 2...I'm a Numb3rs junkie. The casting of this show is perfect...The three of them really do look like a family...

David Krumholtz is the one that got me hooked...but they all keep me coming back for more.

Wasn't that so cute at the end of Blackout how the "classic" they were watching on late night TV turns out to be "Taxi"?. I thought it was wonderful.

My only complaint....please please PLEASE let Charlie and Don grow their hair back. Charlie was so sexy in the second season, now it looks like they are trying to make him the "nutty professor" again, like he was in the first season. The one thing I admired about the way they write Charlie's character, is that they made him a very hot guy with brains, that has no trouble with women. Unlike the nerd characters you see in other show and it's the shorter hair, the troubles with Amita and his whole persona now, seems like that are changing him completely. Please keep Charlie strong, and a little of the cockiness from the first season....

um...can you tell I love David Krumholtz?....ha ha ha My next post...I'll drool over Rob Morrow...then Alimi Ballard....I think I need a bib for my Friday nights.